The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 7, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) When the Washington ComPost is warning you you’re about to get drubbed, you’re about to get drubbed.

2) While the New York Slimes says, “Republicans are Doubling Down on Trumpism. It’s Going to Work.”

-Why, yes. Yes, it is.

3) Blake Masters took his first lead in a reputable poll in AZ.

4) In New Hampshire, DemoKKKrat Maggie Hassan is sinking like the Titanic as Don Bolduc increased his lead. Still close, but trending R.

5) This is extremely important, and it had drifted back into the shadows, but after January, Rutabaga’s ability to appoint whackadoodle leftist judges is gone.

6) God intervened at a rally for Fetterman Massacre, the Human Ox, sending a wind gust that blew down an entire line of American flags as he spoke.

7) Trafalgar’s latest Wisconsin poll has R's Ron Johnson (senate) and Tim Michels (Gov) ahead.

8) The great Rush Limbaugh used to say, “They will tell you who they fear.” It ain’t Ron DeSantis. “Trump’s shadow is looming.”

9) Now the DemoKKKrats are at the “sniffing hopium” level, desperate they “could pull off SURPRISE wins.” Um-hum.

10) Meanwhile, Stacey M1 Abrams, the Human Planet, is blaming black men for the DemoKKKrats’ upcoming loss.

11) Republicans just dropped a 1,000-page report saying the FascistBI is “rotted at its core,” that it manipulated statistics showing “domestic violent extremism” for political purposes, and downplayed the Hunter Biteme crimes.

-Yes, and tell us something we don’t know.

12) The U.S.S. Rhode Island, the world’s largest nuke sub, headed for the Black Sea. More escalation from Rutabaga.

-BTW, in 1984, when it was just beginning, Prof. Doug Dalgleish and I wrote a history of the Trident subprogram. In case you wanted to investigate further.

13) A ChiCom op promoted an anti-Trump PAC for the midterms.

14) The Mr. Botoxic, Paul Pelosi story gets weirder. NBC has reported that he told cops, “everything’s good,” and another report says that the hospital found no head wounds.

-So, are we back to the you-know-what sexually-related story?

15) Donna (Braless) Brazile says what many DemoKKKrats think: abortion is an economic issue.

16) New Yorker warns, “the GOP is poised for a blowout.”

-Why yes. Yes, we are.

17) Concerned about fraud? Here is a great summary of 18 states that changed mail-in voting rules after the Big Steal.

18) Well, well. It appears the new Republican House will investigate the Witless Protection kidnapping. I don’t really think the leftoids want this investigated. FascistBI involvement, you know.

19) Yes, Zero did have 30 million classified and unclassified docs moved to Chicago.

20) Lessons from the Ethiopian conflict. See especially #1 and 5.

21) Col. Macgregor offers a grim outlook for the Uke War.

22) Cities in the U.S. and Canada are engaging in a crime crackdown after loosening the floodgates.

23) Good news. Yertle is looking to resign before his term is up. Bad news: He has a list of preferred successors, none of whom should get the gig.



24) Twitter has been sued over its plan for mass layoffs. Um, I think libtoids already established that you can fire almost anyone at any time for any reason, including a stupid vax. So good luck.

25) The U.S. inflation report after the mid-terms is expected to be at 7.9%.

26)  . . . . and U.S. mortgage rates hit 7.35%. Just keep going up.

27) Fascistbook/Meta (“Meta” means death in Hebrew) is planning “large-scale layoffs” of thousands of employees following a 70% fall in share price this year.



28) The Telegraph worried that the “world is plunging towards societal collapse” due to inflation.

-Er, no, it’s plunging toward sanity.

29) The ChiComs say Biteme’s “extreme MAGA” speech shows he has no courage to face his “slew of fiascos.” And we have to believe the ChiComs, cuz, after all, they are commies.

30) The U.S. privately urges the Ukes to negotiate with Pootie-poot.

-Oh? I thought the Ukes were winning.

31) Questions arise about the Brits constructing a secret terror army in Ukraine.

32) The Huns are seeking ties with the ChiComs. What could go wrong?

33) Italy told the Huns to beat it when Germany demanded that Italy allow 1,000 migrants on NGO ships be allowed into the nation.

34) Oddly, the Russkies are now more free than many western nations.

35) Greece’s Supreme Court has ordered a probe into a wiretapping scandal following claims that PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis “used state surveillance” to spy on dozens of political rivals, journalists, and businessmen.

-No, no, guys. We already established here in America that that is just fine. No crime there. Our FascitBI does it every day.



36) My friend “Mattress Mack” McIngvale became the biggest winner in sports gambling history with a $75 million payout upon the Houston Astros winning the World Series.

37) The only band/musical act with a #1 hit in the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s, Duran Duran, was inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame minus guitarist Andy Taylor, dying of stage IV prostate cancer.



38) Oh? Finland has become one of the first nations in the world to expose a massive China Virus reporting scandal in which 40% of the China Virus cases were fraudulent.

-The door to the gallows for these perps just opened a crack more.

39) Steve Kirsch has offered a $1,000-per-error bounty to show a single error of fact in The Real Anthony Fauci and Turtles All the Way Down.

40) The Scottish gubment ordered a review as neonatal deaths are higher than expected.


And Finally...

41) The feds paid nearly $1.2 million to study if poor sleep is caused by racism.

-I coulda saved them the trouble. Two culprits: old age and dogs.



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