The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 3, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Rutabaga’s dementia is getting worse. He “fumbled” twice during a campaign trip in Florida and has, for the second time, said his son Beau died in Iraq (he did not. He died in the US).

2) And right on schedule, there is an article in the DemoKKKrat mouthpiece, The Hill: “Is there a 25th Amendment in Biden’s future?”

3) And the lying Rutabaga said he spoke to the man who invented insulin . . . who died before Biteme was even born.

-Take this turnip out of the office, please.

4) A prominent New Kabul (NYC) transoid activist was charged with soliciting sex from a minor.

-Who is surprised?

5) New Kabul’s largest Orthodox Jewish voting block has endorsed Lee Zeldin for governor.

6) Did the FascistBI tamper with the frame rate of the Patriot Day (January 6) pipe bomb footage to avoid showing an agent? Yep.

7) The U.S. Capitol Police had a video cam feed at Botoxic’s home but “didn’t notice” the break-in. And Epstein didn’t kill himself.

8) The Pennsylvania Supes has ruled in favor of the RNC and ordered counties to refrain from counting any absentee or mail-in ballots “that are contained in undated or incorrectly dated” envelopes.


9) Republicans are targeting 74 DemoKKKrat districts to take back the House, each with an average of Biteme +6 in 2020.

(Robert Barnes’s latest prediction is 40 House seats, and four senate flips.)

10) Top DemoKKKrats, too late, questioned the abortion-first strategy. Next time try climate change. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

11) But this plays into the notion, advocated here, that the DemoKKKrats’ problems are due to “messaging” and not freakin’ evil policies.

12) Homeschooling continues to grow. Thanks, Lockdown-Lucies.

13) Americans back the end of affirmative action quotas and want race kept out of college admissions as the Supreme Court is expected to ban it.

14) The Evil Rutabaga had to walk back claims HE was responsible for the largest Social Security boost in 10 years, as it was a legal requirement tied to inflation.

15) The Meg, Meghan McCain, said Biteme’s DemoKKKrats are guilty of the great American cover-up—lying about crime, immigration, and the economy.

-Ya forgot the biggest one: They lied about the big steal of the election in 2020. Now, back to the buffet. They brought out eggrolls.

16) Portland’s squidpickle mayor Ted (17) Wheeler wants to replace homeless camps with pickleball courts and a skate ramp.

-And I wanna replace my Honda CRV with a Ferrari, ya cuckleubutter.

john pinette



17) A moronic Reuters squidpickle “can’t for the life of her” understand the obsession with high gas prices.

18) Southwest Airlines have ignored the recent Supreme Court decision against it, issuing new Big-Brother regulations.

19) As expected, the Fed raised the interest rate by 75 basis points to 4%.

20) As more businesses try to limit competition through non-compete clauses, laws spread barring non-compete clauses.



21) A tale of two Islamic states. One is liberalizing, one is massacring its people. Guess which one the Rutabaga is supporting and the one he is pushing away.

22) The Russkies rejoined the grain shipment deal with a UN-brokered agreement.

23) The Saudis have reiterated their commitment to China, saying “biteme to Biteme.”

24) Little Rocket Man, whom Donald Trump had under total control, has unleashed his biggest 1-day missile barrage, causing the South Koreans to respond with missile launches.

25) That didn’t take long. New Brit PM Rishi Sunak has reversed course and will attend the “climate summit.”

26) Kind and gentle proponents of the “religion of peace” ® dragged a protester into an underpass, beat him, ran over him with a motorcycle, then shot him.



27) Former CBS head and Paramount will pay $9.75 million to shareholders over sexual misconduct claims.

-Folks, can you imagine how rich Marilyn Monroe would be today with all of her litigation against these randy spams?

28) The world’s greatest actor, “Awwwwweeck Bawwwwwdwin” cannot escape a lawsuit from “Rust” script supervisor Mamie Mitchell.



29) The vaxxes never prevented the transmission of the China Virus. As we knew.

30) No amnesty for the pandemic tyranny. Amen. They should be broken like Mao’s Cultural Revolution victims.


And finally...

31) And finally, ever think about what will baffle future generations? Like floppy disks, cassette tapes, fax machines, and mimeograph machines?

-Wait, I think I still use all of these. Likely they’ll also wonder what the heck this “climate change” crap was in 2000 years.



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