The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow October 27, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Once again, folks, I will be hosting "This Week's News" on Brighteon TV, "America Unhinged," Friday at 9:00 EST.


1) The “Morning Briefing” reminds us that Cankles is America’s worst drunk and a psychopath.

-Mrs. LS was on target with her cake the night Cankles lost.

2) Has Portland had enough? The Socialist Mayor Ted “Seventeen” Wheeler said he has a plan to ban unsanctioned homeless encampments.

-Believe it when I see it.

3) “Far-right skeptics of the GOP may soon have a state’s worth of Senate power.” (Note: “far-right”) They are terrified.

4) Pundits were stunned by a “painful” performance of Fetterman Massacre, the Human Ox. Oz: Fetterman “thinks the minimum wage is his weekly allowance from his parents.”

5) 82% say the Wizard of Oz won the debate. He was merciful. He didn’t ask Fetterman Massacre what happened to the 80 men he took on that wood-cutting expedition.

6) Funny, I had just tweeted this: the most important elections of 2022 could be in state legislatures. That’s right. Because they are going to ignore Rutabaga, ban abortions, build the border wall, and tell the climate weenies to take a hike.

7) It’s getting worse for the city council members in New Calcutta (LA) as the LAPD is investigating a recording of racist audio between them and a labor leader.

8) Lowering blood pressure can prevent dementia.

9) The GOP eyes an Indiana upset amid a national push to diversity the party—as if the GOP isn’t already more diverse than the racist DemoKKKrats.

10) Darrell Brooks murdered six and injured dozens after driving an SUV through a holiday celebration and has been found guilty of murder.

11) DemoKKKrats are scrambling to avert a shocking senate loss in Washington state.

12) The streetcar # in New Kabul grows, as police say 25 people have been shoved in front of subway cars. Two killed, 20 nearly died.

13) Patriot Day J/6 committee finally got someone to accept the subpoena for President Trump, but he will ignore the summons and says he’s “never going to show up.”



14) U.S. mortgage applications decline another 1.7%, the lowest since 1997, but refinance applications are predictably down 86%.

15) New York and New England have begun rationing heating oil as stockpiles slumped by 70%.

16) Advertisers have hit the brakes amid economic uncertainty.

17) Twit, and its most active users are in “absolute decline,” and there is a “devastating” loss of interest in fashion and celebrities.

18) File under good news: Fascistbook (now Meta/Beta . . . Meta means death in Hebrew), lost $650 billion this year as its stock plunged 11% and the quarterly revenue fell for a second straight time.

19) Elon Musk, new owner of Twit, made his entrance into headquarters as he changed his profile to Chief Twit.



20) Green Screen Zelensky wants $2 billion in Euro tax money every month. Seems the Zelensky Foundation’s coffers are low.

21) In his first phone call with Britain’s Prime Minister for a Day, Rutabaga has urged the UK to exit Brexit.

22) Speaking of an evil, stupid PM, the new Brit PM Sunak will reinstate the ban on fracking.

Please, Lord. Please let them freeze.

23) The US/UK may soon pull back on arms for the Ukes.

-We’re simply running out.



24)  Jules Bass of Rankin/Bass Production passes away at 87.

25) Amazon rumored to retool “Rings of Power” as it sucks so bad, sidelining current showrunners.

26) New CNN boss Chris Licht told staffers he is accelerating his plan to slash the woke workforce before 2023 and said “unsettling changes” won’t be easy. You know, like actually reporting facts.



27) Dr. Joseph Mercola asks, “Is the China Virus crumbling?” Why, yes. Yes it is, across the board.

28) This is why Japan is not a serious state: they are vaxxing kids six months to four years. Like they don’t have enough of a population problem already.

29) Heart attack deaths jumped sharply among young U.S. adults in the China Virus days.  You know. After they got the vax.

30) The Rutabaga, just weeks after declaring the China Virus pandemic over, says that it is a “global health emergency.”

31) Pfizer is cashing in on the vax, with plans to sell it for a 10,000% markup. The CEO pocketed $50 million during the China Virus crisis.


And finally...

32) And finally, “Friends” actor Matthew Perry said viewers could tell what drug he was on by looking at his body type. “When I’m carrying weight, it’s alcohol.”

-That goes for me too. You can tell I’m abusing handsome drugs and natural steroids. It’s just that obvious.

And Finally, Finally...




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