The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow October 21, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Once again, folks, I will be hosting "This Week's News" on Brighteon TV, "America Unhinged," Friday at 9:00 EST.


1) You can start playing Roy Orbison’s “It’s Over.” U.S. voters believe the DemoKKKrat Party’s position on abortion is “more extreme” than the Republicans’ by a 2:1 margin!! (But “muh Dobbs”)


2) A Faux News/Insider Advantage poll has Fetterman Massacre, the Human Ox, and Wizard of Oz tied in the PA senate race, Shapiro’s lead over Mastriano narrowing. If Faux is saying this, Oz is ahead, and Mas is tied.

3) DemoKKKrats are failing across the board. All signs point to a red wave on election day.

4) Ruh roh. More evidence, or rather, lack thereof, of climate change as the earth’s “warming hole” shows no abrupt climate change.

-What will the environmental weenies do without Global Warming?

5) Small landlords have hit their limit with Hochul, back Lee Zeldin in NY.

6) The utterly horrible Arizona Sec of State, who is going to be a non-person after November’s election, has sicced the feds on people watching for voter fraud.

7) The FBI Agents Association rewarded agents who took a knee for BLM, showing the rot is all the way down. Disband this evil organization and scatter it to the winds.

8) The CIA is losing agents. Good. I hope it loses all of them.

9) More polling in Oregon shows Republican Christine Drazan narrowly leading the DemoKKKRat.

10) Robert Cahaly, echoing Richard Baris, says parts of the Republican electorate are “just not getting polled.”

-Oh, they will be on election day.

11) Even with that, Real Clear Politics average now has the Wizard of Oz beating the Fetterman Massacre. This means, based on Vance winning easily and Laxalt winning, Rs would be, as of right now, +1 in the Senate with AZ and GA to be determined, but with Rs tied or leading in each.

-Next up, NH!

12) BWA HAHAHA. The Sham J6 Patriot Day committee cannot issue a subpoena to Trump because it can’t identify his lawyer.

13) James (Van) Clyburn, who seriously named his daughter after a slab of meat (Mignon), knows how to attract voters, saying they are “fools” for trading their voting rights for cheaper gas.

-No, they are trading YOU spoogepickles for cheaper gas, and it’s a steal!

14) After declaring a state of emergency, New Kabul (NYC) unveiled a shelter for “single adult men” (illegals) with TVs, X-boxes, and 24/7 food and drink. All food is “culturally appropriate . . . South American fare.”

15) Justice Amy Coney Barrett has rejected a bid to block Biteme’s student loan relief plan. Actually, not a bad path. Anyone who takes this relief is subject to massive taxes. Let ‘em feel the pain. Meanwhile, this issue has a huge backlash from voters. Let ‘em choke on it.



16) Mortgage rates have climbed to 7.2%, the highest since 2000, and 5.2 points higher than under Trump.

17)  . . . while existing U.S. home sales fell 23.7%.

18) Why Social Security isn’t looking so hot. And yes, the stock market has tanked, but even at that, we’d all be better off in the market with its returns than with SS.

19) Texas has sued Google for capturing biometric data without consent.

20) American Airlines is discontinuing first class to expand business class. Well, the China Virus killed almost all the amenities.

21) Kollyfornia’s economy could be heading for disaster as companies flee in droves.

-The more, the better.

22) Elon Musk says he’ll fire 75% of Twit’s workforce after admitting he and his investors paid too much for the company.

-They won’t be missed, Elon.



23) The Biteme administration is funding drag performances in Ecuador. Yes. The State Department is giving $20,000 to an Ecuadorian cultural center to host “drag theater performances.”


24) The UK government is in chaos as the Chief Whip Wendy Morton resigned following a fight to contain a “parliamentary rebellion.”

25) Brit PM Liz Truss stepped down after only 44 days in office. At least she went out alive, unlike William Henry Harrison or James Garfield.

-But she lasted 4.1 Scaramuccis.

26) The WHO says 500 million are at risk without more physical activity.

-Like this?



27) “Andor” is better than “The Mandalorian,” but no one is watching. Reportedly, this show is ok, but there is no interest.

-“Andor’s” audience demand is the lowest of all Star Wars shows. Kathleen Kennedy destroyed the brand and still has a job.

28) Actor Kevin Spacey was cleared in a $40 million civil sexual assault case.

29) Can’t we get away from this woman? Megxit is attacked by Whoopi Goldberg for making “other women feel bad” by calling working women “bimbos.”

-Choosing between these two is like having to choose between Hitler and Stalin. Can’t they both just go to their eternal reward?



30) As expected, the ACIP committee has approved mRNA vaxxes for kiddies. Nope, nope, nope.


And finally...

31) And finally, a Long Island social worker was arrested after 300 animals, including snakes, tortoises, and 100,000 cockroaches, were found in her feces-ridden home where she met patients.

-Dang, now the New York DemoKKKRat Party will have to find another headquarters.

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