The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow October 18, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Once again, folks, I will be hosting "This Week's News" on Brighteon TV, "America Unhinged," Friday at 9:00 EST.


1) In what has become the modus operandi of DemoKKKrats with their losing issues this time around, Sen. Maggie Hassan has backed out of a debate with her challenger Don Bolduc who is rapidly gaining steam.

-This was clearly a strategy memo sent out from the DemoKKKrat National Committee after they saw even the Warlock get toasted by Herschel Walker.

2) The Department of InJustice has recommended a six-month jail sentence and a $200,000 fine for some unknown crime that Steve Bannon purportedly committed.

-If they follow through with this, it will be a massive miscalculation. He will become MLK in DC jail, a Nelson Mandela with a MyPillow.

3) The Washington Compost is trying to shift the battlefield from Trump to “Trumpism.” They are two steps behind again!!


COMMENTARY: These squidpickles have been behind now for six years. They won a tactical victory in 2020 with the steal, but strategically they are on their heels. They still haven’t figured out how to deal with populism, especially since today it includes nearly a majority of Hispanics, on whom the DemoKKKrats were counting for their 21st-century majority. That has vanished, and white college gals ain’t gonna make up the difference. So now they try to broaden the attack from Trump personally to “Trumpism,” and they are two to three years behind the curve. We are winning. Advance, advance, always advance! L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace.

4) New Kabul (NYC) defied the U.S. Supreme Court, declaring Times Square a “gun-free zone.”

5) Speaking of crime, our own Wendi Mahoney reported (and I’m sorry I missed this one) that former eBay executives were imprisoned for cyberstalking an EcommerceBytes blogger...

6) And more DemoKKKrat crime as an Arizona school board member and former mayor was sentenced to 30 days in jail for... you guessed it... election fraud.

7) Children everywhere celebrate as 66 U.S. abortion mills have closed up shop.

8) As always, the only ones on the Russkie payroll are DemoKKKrats. Hunter Biteme got a $40 million investment from an oligarch on top of a $3.5 million consulting fee.

9) Alan Dershowitz: “Colleges are now a breeding ground for mediocrity, not meritocracy.”

10) These people are certifiable. They are now trying to limit sunlight hitting the earth by spraying particles into the stratosphere.

11) I am breaking the rule of not ever referencing anything from the hate-filled National Review to post this: Independent women are swinging hard toward the GOP despite the DemoKKKrats’ obsession with abortion.

Er, because of the DemoKKKrats’ obsession with abortion.

12) Yikes! Female hair-straightening products may double the risk of womb cancer.

13) The new “equity chief” at the Pentagon—a position that should never exist in a sane world—praised a “social justice” kids’ book by an anti-cop author who labeled 9/11 first responders “not human” and “menaces.”

14) In North Carolina, Ted Budd holds a 6-point lead over the DemoKKKrat. As I told you some time ago, this is a safe seat.



15) Big tech’s Hoax News economic division is hard at work showing why we shouldn’t cut off chips to the ChiComs, saying it hurts U.S. firms more than China.

-Maybe in the short term.

 16) Over 1000 stocks are down 80% or more so far.

17) The Demented Pervert has wiped out $2.1 trillion of Americans’ retirement savings.

18) Up til now, Rutabaga has clung to these phony job numbers (with people taking on more jobs per person to pay for his inflation). That’s about to end, says Bank of Amigo, which prophesies that the U.S. economy will soon start losing 175,000 jobs a month.,the%20New%20York%20Stock%20Exchange%20in%20New%20York.

19) Bloomberg Economics predicts a 100% chance of recession this year.

20) Uber Eats in Toronto has begun delivering marijuana to customers’ doors.

21) Kanye West to buy Parler.



22) Out with the old boss, same as the new boss: Jeremy Hunt in the UK, the “de facto” PM, has reversed the 32 billion pounds in tax cuts and instead promised “scary” spending cuts and pain.

23) Pootie-poot has declared that freeing Brittney Griner from a Russkie prison is not a “priority.”

24) It has now spread to Compton-on-Mt.-Fuji as a brawl involving more than 100 customers broke out at a Tokyo skyscraper.

25) An Indian analyst says that India “should expect the defeat of the U.S. and NATO” in Ukraine and reject a U.S. alliance, just three years after Trump had developed a very strong alliance with India. Thanks, Rutabaga.



26) Singer Michael Benjamin (“Mikaaben”), age 41, dropped dead on stage in Paris. Need we ask? Was he vaxxed?

27) The Senior Skank was loudly booed at the Dallas/E-girls game in Kinshasa on the Delaware. (E-girls won).

28) Can the Flash outrun a charge of burglary and stealing rum, vodka, and gin? Ezra Miller pled not guilty.


And finally...

29) And finally, a strange object speculated to be a whale’s penis washed up ashore in northern Queensland. Researchers speculate as to how it got there, but Lorena Bobbitt had no comment.



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