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The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow October 12, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Once again, folks, I will be hosting "This Week's News" on Brighteon TV, "America Unhinged," Friday at 9:00 EST.


1) Pretty big deal as Congresswoman Tusli Gabbard (Hottie-Hawaii) has left the DemoKKKrat Party.


2) And more good news, as now 538 (which admittedly is terrible at predictions) has Lisa MurCowSki losing to Kelly Tshibaka. This would be essentially a half-seat gain for Rs in the Senate.

3) Meanwhile, in Rhode Island, Republican Alan Fung is now up 8 on his DemoKKKrat rival for the House seat in RI2.

4) Still more good news: The Hoax January 6 Committee (the Patriot Day committee) will not put out its report until after the election. Gee, why? Cuz dey got nuttin. NUTTIN. If they put it out now, it would only further illustrate what a sham/hoax this useless bunch of tortalportals is.

5) The Mayor of New Kabul (NYC), Eric the Red Adams, admits the migrant crisis is “unsustainable.” Yeah? Have you undeclared New Kabul a “sanctuary city” yet?

6) Cowardly Kevin McCarthy whimpered, “they’re trying to [effing] kill me” when the guy in the Viking helmet came into the Capitol. These squidpickles were thoroughly terrified by the people, and well, they should be. (In my best Yoda voice, “Well, they should be.”)

7) Arizona’s next Secretary of State said in a CBS interview that a whistleblower came forward on “35,000 manufactured votes in Arizona.’ Yep. At least.

8) A federal judge has ordered the FascistBI to turn over the info on Seth Rich’s laptop.

-“Amos Mazzant has made his ruling. Now let him enforce it.”

9) Ex-national security adviser Victoria Coates said the Rutabaga has inflicted “generational hits” on our international prestige.

10) Speaking of the FascistBI, it looks like the FBI brass who warned Fascistbook (Meta/Beta . . . Meta means death in Hebrew) about The Post’s Hunter Biteme laptop reporting were all DemoKKKrat donors.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya!

11) A DemoKKKrat in New Calcutta (LA) resigned as president of the City Council (but did not resign from the council) after comparing a black child to a monkey.

12) Congenital syphilis rates soar in Kollyfornia as public health funding dwindles (unstated: and as med professionals flee the dictatorial un-scientific profession).

13) The Warlock, Senator from GA who is on track to lose in a month, is a slumlord whose church owns property that is trying to evict the po from their homes.

-Fine people, DemoKKKrats.

14) Robbie Mook, Cankles’ campaign manager who spread the Alfa Bank story, was involved in Homeland Security’s election censorship.

-At least this rectalpolyp was responsible in part for Cankles never ever being in the Oval Orifice.

15) The media’s “Far Right” obsession.

16) In wonderful news, the Supreme Court has vacated an appeals court decision that required Pennsylvania to count mail-in ballots even if there was no date on the envelope.

17) Truly, I am shocked: St. Louis, Fort Lauderdale, and San Bernadino are rated as the most unsafe cities in America. What happened to New Kabul? New Mogadishu? New Calcutta,? Benghazi-by-the-Lake? and Kinshasa on the Delaware?



18) The rail workers union has rejected Rutabaga’s labor deal, raising the prospect of a rail strike.

-Wait til after the midterms, guys. We got this. Need more coals heaped on Rutabaga’s head later.

19) Kollyfornia is attempting to regulate all 50 states in the “bacon” case. We’ll see. This should be a slam dunk against Kollyfornia based, if nothing else, on the total rejection of such codes in the New Deal.

20) Fed Chair in Chicago, Charles Evans, said fighting inflation is more important than job losses.

Here’s the thing, folks: there will be job losses as the Fed “fights inflation.” But the Fed no longer has the capability of reining in inflation. The U.S. gubment balance sheet is simply too big, with too much debt.

21) PayPal stock has plummeted after threats it would fine people for wrongthink.


22) Oh, and Kollyfornia’s mindless high-speed “bullet” train? It doesn’t run but is still costing Kollyfornians $1.8 million per day. Now that’s some real intellect right there.

23) In New Calcutta, diesel prices are up 176% under Biteme, while the strategic petroleum reserve is down almost 35%.



24) A nursing shortage has forced emergency room closures in Canada.

-Oh? Why would the Canucks have nursing shortages? Unless, you know, the vaxy mandates?

25) The ChiComs’ “zero Covid” policy is badly damaging the country and Xi. Good. It’s utterly stupid, simply impossible to do, and internally destructive. I say, thumbs up, ChiComs!

26) Germany has promised the Ukes 100 tanks. The kicker? They are Soviet-made. That means they are 30 years old.


27) Conservative judges have responded to woke Yale by boycotting Yalie law grads. Good for them.

28) China sitting atop a giant real estate bubble.



29)  “Bros,” the gift that keeps on giving, languishes at under $10 million. This is a catering budget for many movies.

30) Bill Murray now coming under “MeToo” fire.

31) Megxit lashes out at Hollywood for hot female stereotypes (i.e., not her).

32) First “Bros,” now Warner Bros. “Velma” is bombarded with negative reviews—200,000—just as Warner Bros. announces layoffs. Yet, as with “Bros,” Warners is blaming audiences.

33) So it’s not just Universal (“Bros”), or Warner Bros. (“Velma”) but Twentieth Century Fox has a megabomb in “Amsterdam,” at $150 million production money and advertising, which raked in a staggeringly bad $6.4 million in its opening weekend. Guess Woke Taylor Swift ain’t a draw.

34) Angela Lansbury died at age 96 as the richest woman in television history.



35) Pfizer admits that the China Virus vax was never tested for transmission. Well, hell! If it didn’t stop the China Virus, and it didn’t prevent transmission, what was it good for except causing heart attacks, cancer, and Parkinson’s?


36) Lockdowns and maskie mandates stunted babies’ development. Shocked, I tell ya.

And finally...

36) And finally, Lizzo still lashing out at white people, saying she doesn’t make music for them after apparently impersonating an aircraft carrier at a gala event where she appeared nearly naked with a flute. She was reportedly mistaken for Stacey M1 Abrams, the Human Planet, at a local buffet.

-“You go now! You heah fouh houah. We laundromat now. You go!”



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