The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow October 11, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Once again, folks, I will be hosting "This Week's News" on Brighteon TV, "America Unhinged," Friday at 9:00 EST.


1) It seems like we have a lot of French news today, beginning with the fact that DemoKKKrats have retired to Gay Paree for “stop MAGA Republican” fundraisers from Eurotrash.

They are staring at such a bloodbath, folks. I’m beginning to think it’s worse than even some of our side is saying.

2) This is supported by none other than Dinobernie warning DemoKKKrats to focus on the economy and the “working class” rather than abortion.

Dino, they can’t do it. DemoKKKrats—the party of Moloch and Baal—are totally wedded to slavery and murder. It is in their genes.

3) And a majority of DemoKKKrats say the Rutabaga is mentally challenged.[/embed]

4) As evidenced by this: two minutes of the Rutabaga wandering around lost.

5) The ratio of blacks in the population to murders committed by blacks rose from 13%/52% to 13%/60%.

6) It appears the FascistBI “white supremacist” false flag team lost some equipment during their maneuvers, as explosives have washed up on Oregon beaches.

7) A very significant tea leaf: Nike’s Phil Knight is supporting Republican Christine Drazan in the Oregon governor’s race.

-Somebody better, before this Kollyfornia wannabe ends up like Benghazi-by-the-Lake.

8) Well, well. Did you know this? Ashli Babbitt’s shooter had special housing at Andrews AFB. Judicial Watch has sued to uncover details.[/embed]

9) How’s this for gun buyback success? A man printed 110 guns, and received $21,000.[/embed]

10) You know that PayPal walkback? Not so fast. The company still has in place $2,500 fines for promoting “discriminatory” “Intolerance,” just not “misinformation.” These rules include sharing information with others.

-Ditch these spoolwhistles.

11) Although we have a long weekend, it was very quiet in Benghazi-by-the-Lake with only 22 shot, 2 fatally.

12) Almost one-quarter of millennials are going into debt from dating. “Everything is getting more expensive.”

-Wait til ya get to the diamonds, pal.

13) In the Vanderbilt transoid debate, the author of an op-ed supporting child mutilations says “part of being a teen” is being allowed to make bad decisions!


14) Its business now badly damaged by the Dobbs decision, Planned Parenthood has itself transitioned into a transoid waystation for surgery and hormone therapy for kids.

-This evil organization should be criminally charged as at Nuremberg.

15) Yet another Louisiana corrupt mayor. The article doesn’t say, but . . . DemoKKKrat?

16) Here is the doctors’ suit vs. the FDA on Ivermectin.

17) RealClearPolitics now has the GOP winning 52 senate seats (+2). They are low. Republicans should win 53, maybe more with a big wave.

18) Meanwhile, in Arizona, Katie “The Hobbit” Hobbs took part in a “slave day” auction in high school.

-Hobbits like their taters. She is gonna lose to Kari Lake so bad.

19) Six lies that the cabal needs to keep from being exposed. (Psst: they are all already crumbling).[/embed]

20) The U.S. Supreme Court will hear the “bacon case” on October 11, in which pig farmers are suing the state of Kollyfornia for trying to extend Kollyfornia regulations to other states.



21) The French rail company that was to help Kollyfornia with its high-speed railroad said “au revoir.”

-Anyone who can, should leave Kollyfornia, Illinois, and New York.

22) This inflation will soon beat the 1970s, says this market analyst.

23) New Mogadishu (San Francisco) saw the largest drop in median income (-$5,000) in the U.S. as wealthy techies fled in droves while homelessness and crime spiked.

-Good. But don’t come here ya sputpimples.

24) The NASDAQ fell to a two-year low, and the Dow hovered barely above 28,000 as stocks continue to collapse under Rutabaga.

25) American semiconductor businesses are struggling, even more so now that Biteme announced new restrictions on their dealings with the ChiComs.[/embed]

26) Larry Summers, Bill Clinton’s favorite economist, said canceling the Keystone Pipeline was a mistake.

-Ya think, Lar?



27) Germany now predicted to “deindustrialize” if it makes it through this winter at all. Pretty high price to pay for laundering money through Ukraine.

-Maybe they can raid Greedo Thunderberger’s piggy bank.

28) Well, at least someone noticed: Prof. Jeffrey Sachs said the Ukes need to “stop bombing” their own nuke power plant and “blaming it on Russia.”

-But Jeff, that’s how they get mo money, mo money.[/embed]

29) Revenge of Pootie-poot: Russia has seized the Sakhalin-1 Oil-and-Gas Project, leaving U.S., Japanese, and Indian investors at risk.

30) Pope Francis has shelved its “poverty” ideology and opened a new luxury mall.

31) The Russkies are not going to sit by and allow their infrastructure—the Crimean bridge—to be bombed without response. Having “run out of missiles,” the Russkies launched multiple missile strikes in Kiev and other major cities. Pootie-poot vows “harsh response” to “terrorist acts.”

32) Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is the only world leader offering to negotiate peace between the Russkies and the Ukes.

33) While Biteme continues to end investigations into ChiCom influence in American universities. Shocked, I tell ya.

34) A western-backed group, “Golden Billion,” is leading a war on Ethiopia.

35) And more French news: It seems Macaroni and his cabinet weren’t vaccinated. Gee, wonder why?

36) South Africa planning to take land without compensation. You know, like they did under apartheid.



37) Perhaps in the vein of “even bad publicity is publicity,” now the director of the hideous “Bros,” which is flopping big time at the box office, is blasting audiences for the movie’s failure. This, by the way, is a typical loser leftist political approach: blame voters that your policies are not accepted cuz, you know, they’re too stupid to appreciate how brilliant your voters are.

-Literally a quote: “It’s almost like people don’t know what’s good for them.” Guess you could say the same about millions of people taking a murderous China Virus vax, right?

38) A Manhattan court hears evidence actor Kevin Spacey abused a 14-year-old boy.[/embed]



39) The CDC director admitted the agency gave false info on China Virus vax safety monitoring.


And finally...

40) A new study suggests colonoscopies may be pointless—they don’t cut bowel cancer deaths.

-You mean three times I let them shove a tube up my . . . . .



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