The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow October 6, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Once again, folks, I will be hosting "This Week's News" on Brighteon TV, "America Unhinged," Friday at 9:00 EST.


1) Ultimately this is the question that is driving the election: “Are you better off now than two years ago?”

-Nope, nope, and nope.

2) Here is a bellwether seat for how big the red wave will be: a must-have for a wave, R Nicole Maillotakis leads incumbent Max Rose by 6.

3) Wow! An appeals court has ruled the DACA program illegal, ordered a review of Biteme’s final rule.

4) “I retired during the pandemic . . . now I’m counting pennies.”

5) I don’t believe this poll, but it is Trafalgar, one of the only two pollsters who gets things right: NY Governor’s race is a 2-point race.


6) Betamale O’Roarke, the Perpetual Candidate, is photographed with his hand down another man’s pants. Seriously. Maybe we have to start calling him Michael . . . .

7) After a horrific “October surprise” by his own son, Herschel Walker responded with class: “I love my son.” More attack ads are inbound, but Axios asks, “Are they working?”

8) PsychoJoe Scarborough (without Yoko) says that Herschel Walker is a “perfect experiment” to see how low GOP voters will go to own the libs.

-Psst. PsychoJoe: we have learned from you. We will do what it takes. Don’t care if or what Herschel did. He has an R behind his name, capiche?

9) The Supes have struck down a Massachusetts gun law, returning it to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for a determination that aligns with the court’s earlier decision.

10) Grahamnesty and Cruzer have told useless Homeland Insecurity Secretary he is on notice for possible impeachment. (Insider info: was at a meeting with a U.S. congressman Saturday night who said Mayorkas was first up and that “he WOULD be removed,” one way or another.

11) President Trump has sued the Communist News Network for $475 million for defamation. I would have to ask Robert Barnes but I wonder if the Hoax show trial of Alex Jones doesn’t help Trump in this?

12) The FascistBI has concealed ChiCom infiltration of U.S. election software.

13) PayPal has updated its policies to include a possible fine of $2,500 for speech it doesn’t like. GET OFF PAYPAL.

14) More fed bureaucrats are authorized to carry weapons than U.S. Marines.

15) CNN has admitted that abortion is a non-issue in the midterms.

16) The woke left and neocon right are “joining hands and leading us to WW III.”

17) Rutabaga makes up a story about losing his home in a fire from lightning. It’s obscene: the hoax news media would have driven any R from office by now for all his demented spoogistic gaffes showing he has no mind. Plus, he’s a habitual liar.

18) Speaking of the Demented Pervert, he is on track to empty our strategic oil reserves to get DemoKKKrats elected in November.

-Won’t work, Rutabaga.

19)  . . . while the evil toadstool is circulating a map of U.S. energy reserves written in Chinese.

20) No fraud here. The CEO of a company that sued True The Vote was just arrested for doing exactly what True the Vote said the company was doing.

21) Diverse and divided: American students are more diverse and more divided than ever.

22) Purchase records show the U.S. is preparing for nuclear emergencies. When Reagan did this he was ridiculed.



23) Elon Musk is back to Twitter with his original offer of $44 billion.

24) Google has paid $85 million to settle a location tracking lawsuit in the U.S.


25) OPEC has agreed to deep oil production cuts shortly after a visit from the Rutabaga begging them to increase production.


26) New vehicle sales fell 19% in the third quarter.[/embed]

27) Good news! Fascistbook (i.e., Metabata . . . Meta means death in Hebrew!) is laying off thousands of employees. Start with Zuckerbucks.

28) Broken record, but the U.S. mortgage rates just jumped to a 16-year high of 6.75%.

29) Meanwhile, naaah, we’re not in a recession: Challenger job cuts announcements are up 67% in September.

30) And Bloomberg’s market pulse gage signals panic. Uh oh.

31) File under jobs blown away: GE laying off 20% of its workforce involved in wind power.

32) And Peloton has just six months to live without major sales, slashing 12% of its workforce.

33) Insane leftoids don’t have a clue how a market economy works. Slate explaining what incentives would get employees back to the office. (“A dream job and a dump truck full of money.”)



34) The UN has demanded central banks stop the rate hikes and gubments impose price controls.

-Sorry little UNnsters, you have no say in anything.

35) Looks like the CIA failed again: the Russkies can send gas to Europe via an undamaged string of Nord Stream 2 pipelines.


36) Hydrogen power may be closer than we think—and far better than solar or wind.

37) Former cop attacks Thai day care center, kills 36. Wait, I thought gun violence only happened in America?

38) A U.S. tourist was arrested for smashing two ancient Roman sculptures after being denied access to see the Popester.



39) Supposed actor Billy Eichner was shocked to find that Hollywood has turned on him—even the Hollywood Reporter, although Hollywood still claims the China Virus is to blame for bad box office numbers across the board.



40) More studies confirm the China Virus vax does more harm than good.

41) And a CDC study showing a “positive association” between vaxxes and asthma.


And Finally...

42) Finally, this 7'4" Euro player shoots 3-point shots like layups.

-But I coulda taken him in my yout. Just gimme a warmup.



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