The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow August 18, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

A little alert here: I will be hosting a new show called “This Week’s News,” a recap of my “Today’s News” for the week, this Friday at 9:00 am EST on Brighteon TV’s “America Unhinged” show.


1) In the night’s best story, Liz Clusterbomb Cheney has not only been defeated but walloped in the Wyoming primary by Harriet Hageman. Currently, the margin is 37 points, with more Hageman-friendly districts to come in.

-Predictably, the George Lincoln Rockwell Party of the pedofascists moan that this means the “end of the Republican Party.” These people were never, ever, ever, ever conservatives, let alone real Republicans. They would have fully stood with the slaveowners in 1860.

2) Sad news as Lisa MurCowSki advanced in the Alaska election. However, so did Kelly Tshibaka. The good news is that almost all DemoKKKrats voted for the Cow, so Tshibaka has room to grow over the next two months. Sarah Palin advanced to the next round.

3) Yeah that Dobbs decision is really hurting Republicans. After being up in previous states, combined Alaska/Wyoming GOP turnout in primaries is down just a tad.

4) Robert Barnes’s theory was proven right according to Newsweak: the FascistBI were looking for incriminating evidence . . . on them from Russiagate.

5) By not briefing the “Gang of 8," Grand Moff Garland made the Trump raid as un-transparent as possible.

6) Founder of the Article III Project says all presidents keep documents when they leave. It’s routine.

7) New polling out of Georgia shows Kemp and Walker both up. I spoke with Richard Baris yesterday: he thinks Walker is down slightly but in good striking distance.

8) And while we’re talking polling, Emerson Polling has J.D. Vance up 3 in Ohio—which means it isn’t close. Ohio traditionally under-polls Republicans because of the goofy “unaffiliated” demarcation of anyone who didn’t vote in the previous election. Rs have about a 300,000 edge in registrations.

9) Biteme’s Climate Czar was sanctioned and barred for ethical breaches by the National Academy of Sciences. (That’s like getting thrown out of the mob).

10) In Arizona, a customer who complained about an order was sucker-punched by a Wendy’s employee. The 67-year-old customer subsequently died, and the employee was arrested for murder.

11) And just think: this wasn’t the notorious Greek restaurant called the DK Oyster bar that has been scamming people for $557 for drinks and oysters!

12) All University of Alabama sororities have rejected a transoid applicant.

Roll Tide!

13) File under “Bad Life Choices:” a panicked pilot jumped to his death from a cockpit window at 3,500 feet after damaging the plane’s landing gear on take-off—then the co-pilot safely landed the plane.

14) As Lake Mead continues to shrink, a fifth set of human remains has been found in the “mob-hit dumping ground.” Or, as they say in “Yellowstone,” Nevada’s “Train Station.”

-And yet still no Jimmy Hoffa.

-Or D.B. Cooper.

15) Tell me again how liberating cell phones are: rates of depression among college students jumped 135% from 2013 to 2021, anxiety up 110%.

16) Ok, a little plug. If you subscribe to my VIP service at the Wild World of History, you will receive free my e-book “All Thumbs: How our Obsession with Cell Phones and Devices is Damaging our Children and Restructuring our Lives.” That’s at where I cover this and much more research related to phones and devices.

17) Our own Wendi Mahoney reports on a citizens group in New York that found over 11 million suspicious and flagged registrations on the state’s voter rolls that constituted a “hidden infrastructure” of phony votes. Comparing those who supposedly voted according to the Secretary of State (in 2020) with those who actually voted as recorded in the precincts, the group found the state had a discrepancy of up to 272,000 votes.

18) “Gays Against Groomers” have been banned from Twit.

19) In order to protect democracy, Congress exempted its members from any upcoming IRS audits.

-Such heroes.



20) Dodge announced it will discontinue its gas-powered muscle cars, the Challenger and Charger, next year, “transitioning” to electric vehicles.

21) Mortgage purchase applications continue to fall, down 2% more from last week, down 18% from last August.

22) American Airlines has committed to buying 20 Boom Supersonic Overture jets capable of flying from Miami to London in less time than flying from Phoenix to D.C.

23) Was Manboobs Bill Gates responsible for passing the Inflation Increase Act? Well, yep.



24) Having failed to gin up a war in Ukraine, the Germans have now moved into Bosnia to help start a war there.

-“They kain’t hep it. They was born with a silver machine gun in der mouth.”

Former TX Governor Ann Richards

25) You might want to steer clear of Sandals Emerald Bay Resort in the Bahamas. After three were killed from carbon monoxide poisoning earlier, now a fourth American tourist died during China Virus isolation there.

26) Wait, has the Patriot Day J6 committee been working with the El Salvadoran government? El Salvador has arrested fifty thousand in a “gang crackdown” and is housing them in a hellish new “mega-prison.”

-Or, as we call them in America, “insurrectionists.”



27) Singer Drake has surpassed the Beatles to become the first artist in history to have the most top five hits on Billboards Hot 100



28) Lockdowns could have killed 20x more than they supposedly saved.

29) And so it begins. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky admits major China Virus mistakes and plans a major restructuring of the agency, calling it a “reset.”

-Too bad this woman can’t be sued into oblivion.

30) Dr. Simone Gold, who has been a stalwart opposing the vaxxes, now notes that a new Icelandic study shows the China Virus reinfection rate rises with the number of vax doses.

-As we said all along.


And Finally

31) Shades of Jurassic Park: scientists have begun a project to bring back the extinct Tasmanian Tiger that died out over 100 years ago.

-Is a triceratops next? This doesn’t work out well. You know, as Jeff Goldblum said in “Jurassic Park: The Lost World,”

“Oh yeah. Ooohhh, ahhh, that’s how it always starts. Then later, there’s running and screaming.”



 And That's Today's News...

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