The Soros-funded group, Women’s March, will meet in Washington D.C. on Saturday, July 9, 2022, to take its fight for abortion rights to the nation’s capitol. After the U.S. Supreme Court took away the “constitutional right to an abortion,” the “outraged” and “disgusted” group declared a “Summer of Rage.” The group asserted “if our leaders won’t take action, we will.”  

Immediately following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade on June 24, Women’s March hit the District, alerting, “Our summer of rage has just begun. We’ll see you in the streets.” In a statement issued in response to the ruling, the group’s Executive Director Rachel O’Leary Carmona warned:

“It’s no surprise that this illegitimate, far-right Supreme Court wants to take away our constitutionally protected rights. Instead of waiting around for a Court that abdicated its duties to protect the Constitution long ago, Democrats should have mobilized and fought for us. 

But they failed. Now, like always, the burden falls to women to lead this fight. And we will be ungovernable, unmanageable, and unrelenting until this government starts working for us. We will fight back like we always have. And we will win. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.” 

O’Leary’s anger-fueled, nonfactual statement denounced that “every day” since President Trump was elected to office six years ago, the group has warned that this will happen. “But we were gaslit” that Roe will never be overturned, she wrote. Adding, the decision is “all because men that can’t even spell autonomy” think they know what is best for the health and safety of 36 million women.

With Saturday’s march specifically “targeting the White House,” the Women’s March website asks potential participants if they agree to training before the event and if they are “interested in risking arrest” before they sign up. The training, which will take place at All Souls Church, will occur on Friday night and Saturday morning before the event.


The “Summer of Rage” Toolkit accompanying the registration gives a detailed rundown (clearly pointing out it is not “official legal advice”) on “what happens if/when I get arrested” and “important info when considering arrest.” Reminiscent of the shadow campaign that plagued the 2020 general election, the toolkit includes social media copy, ideas for signs, and links to customizable graphics that communicate messages including “I do not regret my abortion” and “Abortion. Anytime. Any reason.” The group encourages activists to become “Digital Defenders” to “fight back against extremists online,” stressing:

“White supremacist trolls and alt-right political operatives are using the internet to radicalize our neighbors and loved ones. They’re spreading hate and ignorance through social media, scapegoating vulnerable communities with made-up stories and fearmongering.”

Attempting to cover all bases, the group (which labels itself as the largest formation of trained activists fighting disinformation in the country today) spells out language and imagery to avoid in its toolkit. The kit instructs that “no coathangers” should be brought to the event, reasoning, “we don’t want to accidentally re-enforce the Right-Wing talking points that self-managed abortions are dangerous, scary, and harmful.” Likewise, Women’s March will not tolerate “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists” (TERFs) because “Trans women are women,” and “our feminist movement, abortion justice, and safe reproductive care are necessary for all people.”

In response to the radical “Rage at the White House” protest, LifeSiteNews launched an urgent petition demanding Attorney General Merrick Garland protect our nation’s capitol from the potentially violent protests this weekend. After all, Women’s March has given advanced warning of its focused rage and the objective of breaking the rule of law. 

LifeSiteNews alerted Joe Biden last month with a similar LifePetition, warning him of the national violence that erupted before and after the SCOTUS decision. Unfortunately, the alert was ignored. Regardless, as the mainstream media and Biden administration consistently turn a blind eye, LifeSiteNews shared:

“With the increasing level of open violence against the rule of law, we must ACT to RAISE OUR VOICES now more than ever. Leftists will stop at nothing from intimidating peaceful, law-abiding citizens who value the unborn, the rule of law, and America’s capitol. 

Pro-abortion Leftists are willing to grind their teeth against bystanders and even admit their true twisted desires to kill children!”