3) Goooooood. A whackadoodle leftist Jamie McLeod-Skinner has defeated so-called moderate DemoKKKrat Kurt" } The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 18, 2022 | uncoverdc.com | uncoverdc.com 3) Goooooood. A whackadoodle leftist Jamie McLeod-Skinner has defeated so-called moderate DemoKKKrat Kurt"/>

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 18, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Under election news, this is really shocking: Rand Paul won his primary the second the polls closed.

2) Thomas Massie won the nomination for KY’s 4th Congressional District.

3) Goooooood. A whackadoodle leftist Jamie McLeod-Skinner has defeated so-called moderate DemoKKKrat Kurt Schrader in OR05, making that a possible GOP pickup now.

4) In North Carolina, Ted Budd, whom Trump endorsed when he was roughly tied, crushed his opponent to be the GOP nominee to replace Burrito.

5) In one of the biggest races of the night, the Wizard of Oz in Pennsylvania took a 4,000 lead with about 20,000 late or absentee ballots to be counted. A recount is likely.

6) America’s pollster, Richard Baris, disagrees, saying the biggest story of the night was the massive R turnout in North Carolina in a state where DemoKKKrats have a big registration lead and which has closed primaries.

7) A fifth poll in a few weeks has Biteme in the 30s, this time U Mass/YouGov: Biteme approve is 38%. Approval among Hispanics is 40% (!!), while black approval is down to only 57%.

8) The DemoKKKrat National Congressional Committee’s internal polling found that in battleground districts the generic Republican was beating the generic communist, er, DemoKKKrat by eight points, 47-39. Not only is this margin impressive, but to have DemoKKkrats in the 30s—which is where five polls now have Biteme—is equally important.

9) While it appears that about 150,000 more Republicans turned out yesterday in Pennsylvania than DemoKKKrats despite a voter registration edge for DemoKKKrats of about 800,000.

10) With the Wizard of Oz’s election still awaiting a recount, The Donald’s endorsement record is 84-3. His only loss was Madison Cawthorne.


 11) . . . while the would-be DemoKKKrat opponent in PA, John Fetterman, may have committed a felony by offering gift cards and lottery tickets for “banked” votes.


12) And more wonderful election news, No ‘Nads (Jerry Nadler) may be out of a job due to a new congressional map.

13) Biteme’s administration continues its all-out jihad on conservatives, suing casino mogul Stephen Wynn as an “agent of China.”

-Are you serious? Two-thirds of Congress, including that dolt Farticus are outright Chinese spies, but Wynn?

14) Oops. They’re getting wise to the fact that we got wise to them: Republican Senate candidates promote “replacement” theory.

-The only thing wrong with this theory is that conservative Hispanics are unexpectedly voting against liberals, so this is a strategy to separate them from the GOP. Won’t work.

15) An audit has found half of Biteme’s Twit followers are fake.

-Just like half of his supposed 81 million voters.

16) The University of Maine used the #MeToo outrage to fire a professor it simply didn’t like.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya!


17) Bwa-hahahaha. Former Trump aide Garrett Ziegler has posted a searchable online database of 120,000 emails from Hunter Biteme’s laptop—a “modern-day Rosetta Stone of white and blue-collar crime.”

18) Speaking of skullduggery, Cankles’ lawyer, Michael Sussmann, “lied to the FBI” (they don’t care) on behalf of her campaign and wanted an “October surprise” to embarrass Trump.

-Key development in the trial, however, was that Sloth Durham got a prosecution witness to say that this was all kept from the “fine people” at the FBI. You see, they were dupes. Poor widdle dupes.

19) Feel-good story of the day: “With a plunging enrollment, a ‘seismic hit’” is coming to public schools.


20) And another Biteme court loss as a Federal District Court in North Dakota issued an injunction against the Rutabaga’s mandate to require healthcare providers and religious employers to pay for transoid counseling and sex changes.

21) A new drug GlyNAC has improved multiple defects in oldsters and boosted strength and cognition back to levels of “younger people.”

22) The Santa Fe Catholic diocese has paid out $121.5 million to settle a bankruptcy case caused by a sexual abuse scandal involving 375 victims.



23) The CEO of Wells Fargo says there is no question the worst is yet to come for the economy. Oh goody.

-On the bright side, let’s drive the Rutabaga’s numbers into Nixonland.

24) JP Morgan projects a $6 national gas price by August. Thanks, Rutabaga!

25) Bank of England boss has warned about “apocalyptic” food prices and urged employees to “reflect” before asking for higher wages.

-Riiiiiiiight. “We’re starvin’, mate, but we’ll just ‘reflect’ a while on needing more money to survive.”

26) Target’s earnings miss due to supply chain issues. Maybe the transoid bathrooms had something to do with it, too?

27) Stumbling into a recession. Gas up 89%, real wage growth declines.



28) Can Turkey block Sweden and Finland’s entry into NATO?

-Hint: The Turks want to cut off all support for the Kurds.

29) Asia’s food crisis has worsened: not only has India banned wheat exports but Indonesia in April banned palm oil exports.

30) Russia’s progress in Donbas means Ukraine likely won’t win the war.

-Again, shocked! Shocked, I tell ya.


31) And confirmation from the New York Slimes via the Indian Express that Russia has seized much of the East.

32) Russian-backed separatists say 900, not 250, Ukrainian troops surrendered at the steel plant.



33) Netflix laid off 150. Lord, let this just be the beginning.



34) A raft of emails has been provided by the Brownstone Institute on the origins of the China Virus lockdowns/hysteria: “this was a normal virus that behaved like every widespread respiratory virus that science has encountered in the past.”

People who did this should be going to jail.




35) Finally, in intergalactic news, during Congress’s first hearings on UFOs, Army vets testified they were told to “stay quiet” after an encounter with an alien craft.

-It turns out it was just Stacy (M1) Abrams sightseeing on one of Elon Musks’s rockets that couldn’t quite get altitude.


 And that's Today's News

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