The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 16, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

1) Pay attention! They are now warning that “Trump sees ‘vengeance on the political horizon.” Really? I guess that means they see TRUMP on the “political horizon,” huh?

2) Trump’s endorsee for Arizona governor, Kari Lake, now holds a double-digit lead.

3) And The Donald has endorsed seven candidates with strong records of addressing China problems. None of them named Yertle.

4) Wait, what? DemoKKKRats support school choice as maskie debates grow.

5) The Supreme Court ruled in favor of pastor Tony Spell who held church services in defiance of Dr. Fallacy and Governor John Bel Edwards saying the stay-at-home mandate was unconstitutional.

6) Speaking of the Supes, Justice Clarence Thomas said that the Roe leak “changes the institution fundamentally” and has destroyed all trust.

7) Bull Durham, in full sloth mode has just now started the first trial in the Muh Russia scandal. At this rate, even if he ever gets to Cankles, she’d be in a senior citizen home.

8) This post-election study in Georgia of a mere six “tranches” of votes, a tiny smattering of the total says there were more illegal ballots than the victory margin and that the winner was “unknowable.”

9) And an analysis of Pennsylvania—by the same group—shows 125,000 illegal ballots in Pennsylvania, including steadily DECREASING GOP ballots while Ds continued to increase; 13,000 coming after even the extended date, and that the “affected ballots exceeded the margin of victories.”

10) Whoa! A poll by NBC—the Nothing But Communist network—says 75% say the country is on the wrong track! If any worse news could come out, a paltry 16% (you know, residents of Benghazi-by-the-Lake and select nuthouses) say the country is on the right track. “A flashing red light” for DemoKKKrats the Communist network observed.

-But more! That same poll has Biteme at 39%. Significant? Because this is the FOURTH poll in three weeks to have him in the 30s.

11) Texas’s Supreme Court has allowed investigations into mutilative sex surgeries as child abuse to proceed. Common sense.

12) Not surprised. Only 37%* of U.S. pastors hold a biblical worldview.

-Not shocked. Not shocked at all. Have you been to a church lately?

13) The lunatic asylum known as Austin, Texas has announced it will fund a “guaranteed income” program to keep low-income families from going homeless. ($1000).

-Riiiiiight. In Biteme’s inflationary America? That won’t get you a bathroom stall at Speedway.

14) A shooter in Buffalo who killed 10 sported Ukrainian Azov Battalion symbols. Hmm. This doesn’t fit the Hoax News narrative at all.

15) From the memory hole: in 2019, 40 DemoKKKrats designated the Ukes “Azov Battalion” a “Terrorist Organization.”

16) Washington, D.C. schools spent more per pupil than any state but had the lowest scores in the nation. But the elite sockmonkeys in D.C. don’t care cuz none of them send their kids to public schools.

17) One of the “mules” from Dinesh D’Souza’s movie “2000 Mules” is from Yuma County, causing the Yuma County Sheriff to investigate voter fraud there.

18) Biteme’s Secretary of Commerce said the climate is more important than feeding and clothing children.

-Yep. She actually said that. Run on that DemoKKKrats. Please.



19) The crypto crash is just the start.

20) Biteme’s inflation still roaring: food up 61%, Diesel up 111%, rents up 16% since May 4.

21) Classic Japanese audio brand Onkyo files for bankruptcy.



22) In the tolerant nation of Nigeria, a curfew was put in place after two students who allegedly lynched a Christian girl for “making blasphemous comments on Islam” were arrested.

23) India to block further wheat exports, triggering G-7 concerns. Now if they’d only block Bollywood exports.



24)  Trump will offer a streaming non-woke entertainment service.

25) A judge has allowed the Disneyland passholder lawsuit to move forward. The $1,300 “Magic Key” was supposedly to provide unlimited access but in fact, the claimant couldn’t make reservations and claims the company misled, deceived people and artificially limited capacity and restricted reservations, contrary to its promises.

26) Rapper Lil Keed dead at 24 for unknown reasons.

27) Since anything involving the New York Slimes is entertainment, not news, the question was raised if the outlet is “committing fraud and keeping subscriber numbers high artificially?”



28) Another suit against the Air Force for China Virus vax mandates alleging the Biteme administration ordered all commanders to deny religious exemption challenges.

29) Steve Kirsch proved that the number of deaths from the vaxxes is in the 500,000 range, although it could be as high as two million. Not only should people go to jail for this, but if they had clear direct knowledge of the threat, they should face the death penalty.

30) In England, fully vaxxed young adults are 92% more likely to die than the unvaxxed.

31) Younger vax recipients were more likely to be reinfected, as vax effectiveness plunged quickly for those 5-11 years old, down to just 29%* effective after a month.

32) This is why you cannot allow any DemoKKKRat, at any level, to hold office. KS Governor Laura Kelly vetoed a measure to curb state health officials’ power to mandate maskies or vaxports.

-Throw. Them. All. Out.

33) Karma? New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was struck with the China Virus just days after announcing the nation would finally open up after two years of restrictions.

34) Finally, Selena Gomez has launched a kitchenware collection after the success of her cooking show Selna & Chef.

-Rumor is they are considering giving a set of her new steak knives to anyone whose been vaxxed at least a dozen times. But not to Amber Heard. Please.


**NOTE: It was stated in today's video that 27% of pastors in the U.S. hold a biblical worldview, it is 37% and it was stated 23% of 5 to 11-year-olds had vaccine effectiveness after a month, it is 29%.


And that's Today's News

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