The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 13, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) On the same day, the Rutabaga notched his all-time low in the Civiqs poll (34% ) and hit 38% in Monmouth. He was in the 30s in the Quinnipiac poll recently, too. Safe to say the Demented Pervert is about to hit the 20s.

2) DemoKKKrats are upset at lead lawyer and creator of “Lawfare” Marc Elias for blunders in voting rights cases.

3) Rand Paul blocked a $40 billion Ukraine aid bill. He is the good senator from KY.

4) A U.S. Appeals court has ruled that Kollyfornia’s semiautomatic gun ban is unconstitutional.

5) Manchin-on-a-Hill voted against a national abortion bill causing it to fail 49-51.

6) No police protection was visible outside the homes of Justices Roberts and Kavanaugh.

7) After the Rutabaga tries to slam President Trump as “the great MAGA King,” Trump put out an image with himself as “The Return of the MAGA King.”


8) So far, Republican primary turnout is much higher than the 2018 primaries: +26% in Texas, +23% in OH, +55% in NE, and the five-state partisan turnout is GOP +24%, DemoKKKrats -12% for a 36% gap.

9) Whistleblowers say that the FBI targeted parents concerned with school board actions using terrorism tools despite Grand Moff Tarkin’s lie that they didn’t.[/embed]

10) New York’s Attorney General Letitia James says spikes in crime don’t warrant changes to the bail law. No. Of course not. Nothing warrants changes to laws that let more thugs on the streets.

11) Child services were sent to parents who resisted the transoid push.

12) Joy Pullman reminds us that “Supply Chain Disruptions” are not an accident but the logical result of stupid lockdowns.

13) Oh, this is going to so fly with parents: the Rutabaga advised parents worried about starving babies to “call their doctor.”

-You know, the same ones that just advised giving the kids shots with the blood-clot-builders?



14) Biteme’s administration has canceled major oil and gas lease sales amid soaring prices and insufficient supply.

15) The St. Louis Fed’s James Bullard said inflation is “broader and more persistent than many have thought.”

-Say what? Whose the “many”? Got a frog in your pocket? Everyone KNEW this would be disastrous inflation and “many” predicted it for over a year.

16) The racist hiring manager at Dropbox admits she dislikes white people and makes employment decisions based on race.

17) Crypto bubble burst? Ethereum shed 20% of its value in 24 hours, Luna dropped 98% and Coinbase said customers may lose everything. Sounds like the wave of the future to me!

18) Inflation under Rutabaga, who called inflation “our strength,” soared to 11% in April: grains up 41%, eggs 161%.

19) A wave of layoffs has swept the U.S., from Carvana to Wells Fargo.

20) Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said he sees “pain” ahead and says a “soft landing” is “out of the Fed’s control.”

-Just as many of us have said.



21) A Thomson/Reuters data scientist was fired from a $350,000 a year job by wokesters for sharing data showing cops kill more unarmed whites than blacks.


22) No, the elites are not out of touch. Heck no. Kendall Jenner does not know how to cut a cucumber.

23) Tom Cruise returns as Maverick—no woke, just thrills and nostalgia.



24) The NIH director confirms that the agency hid early China Virus genes at the request of Chicom scientists.

25) Our own Michelle Edwards asks of the Pfizer clinical trial, “Is there evidence of fraud?”

26) And finally, a man died of a heart attack while burying a woman he strangled.

-I guess his heart really wasn’t in it.


And that's Today's News

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