Navy Seal v. Austin Exhibit: Soldiers Will Try. Soldiers Will Fail.

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  • 09/19/2023

Exhibits were filed today in Navy Seal v. Austin, with Exhibit 1 highlighting the unprecedented correspondence between what appears to be upper ranks of the military discussing COVID-19 vaccine mandates. The two-page exhibit, coming from Deputy Joint Surgeon Geoffrey I. Powell, MPAS, PA-C, wastes no time instructing subordinates in the operation to allocate the mandated "vaccines."

With Pfizer being the "only vaccine that may be mandated," the memo states that "the other vaccines meet the intent and are authorized substitutions." Powell quickly lays out the narrative as he dictates that all vaccine operations will be IAW DoD Instruction  6205.02 Dod Immunization Program and AR 40-562 Immunizations and Chemoprophylaxis. Referring to the instructions, Powell adds:

"Read these. Read up on vaccines. Be familiar with facts and myths related to the vaccines. Be prepared to counsel LOTS of Soldiers. And their spouses. And Commanders. And that dude serving lunch at the armory. " 

Screenshot / Exhibit 1

With "vaccinate everyone" as the straightforward plan, instructions for U.S. Soldiers seeking religious or medical exemptions, as described in AR 40-562, are hasty and insufficient. The document says, "Still TBD if we will allow medical exemptions to be decided at the unit level. If we do, and you authorize a temporary or permanent medical exemption for the COVID-19 vaccine: ensure that you document; ensure that the appropriate exemption code is entered into MWD; and anticipate your decision will come under EXTREME scrutiny. Be prepared to justify it." Extrapolating about religious exemptions, Powell, of the TXARNG, writes:

"Read the regulation. See also AR-600-20. Ever see a religious exemption for vaccines? NO! You haven't. That kid was administratively separated during IET. Soldiers will try. Soldiers will fail."

Elaborating on medical exemptions, the Office of the Joint Surgeon remarks that temporary medical exemptions such as those issued for the flu vaccine to those pregnant or breastfeeding "may be referred to their treating provider for consultation and given a temporary exemption." The directive explains to apply common sense because a doctor's note will not be enough. Shockingly, the Joint Surgeon adds:

"Don't apply science to the regulation. It will hurt your head."

Describing COVID-19 as a seasonal and/or pandemic disease, the order invalidates natural immunity based on prior infection, stating, "Evidence of immunity based upon...prior disease..." is intended to be a permanent exemption for those diseases that are "one time" only (i.e., varicella) and not for seasonal (flu) and/or pandemic (COVID) diseases and should NOT be used to exempt a Soldier either temporarily or permanently from receiving the COVID-19 vaccination." Cryptically, Powell adds, "phone a friend. I am not your friend."

Furthermore, the order states that anyone requiring a permanent exemption "probably warrants a permanent 3 profile and either administrative separation or referral to the DES." In closing, the document labels those with issues or concerns over the gene-therapy "vaccines," declaring:

"As a reminder, refusals are a Command issue, not a medical issue. We will not bully or physically coerce anyone to get the vaccine. No screaming. No tackling. Thank those who refuse for self-selecting into the control group."

The Exhibit finishes with the line "dosis sola facit venenum," Latin for "the dose makes the poison."

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