The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 21, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The trucker’s revolt has exposed the left’s class hatred.

2) Another claxon call warning the DemoKKKrats: they are “losing the culture wars by blindly pushing prog ideals.”

3) Trump’s Truth Social was swamped on opening day. Customers are already on a waitlist.

4) Polls may be underestimating Republicans in the fall due to enthusiasm.

5) “Not going to be a good year for Dems,” as House retirements hit a 30-year high.

-Be patient. It ain’t over yet. We can see at least a dozen more DemoKKKrats bailing.

6) Wisconsin officials have been threatened with jail if they do not comply with subpoenas in the election investigation.

-Where have we heard this before? Arizona? And what happened? Did they comply?

7) Cowardly Biteme declares a “national emergency” as a truck convoy heads toward D.C.

8) Another part of the Patriot Day (Jan. 6) hoax as security videos have shown there were no “reconnaissance tours.”

9) . . . while the location of Pence and Kampuchea has become an integral part of the defense for some Patriot Day protesters.

10) Derek Hunter almost gets it when he says “Canada shows why it’s called ‘American Exceptionalism,” saying here we have a commitment to individual liberty.

COMMENT: That’s not quite it. Neither Canada, nor Australia, nor New Zealand, nor Great Britain has the essentials of American Exceptionalism, which Mike Allen and I discuss in A Patriot’s History of the United States, namely the “Four Pillars of American Exceptionalism.” These are 1) a Christian, mostly Protestant religious heritage that has bottom-up governance (all were of a Catholic or Anglican tradition); 2) common law (bottom-up governance); 3) private property with written titles & deeds; and 4) a free market economy. Having the last two is irrelevant if you don’t have the first two.

11) In what is called an “unprecedented move,” Biteme’s USDA will reimburse farmers and ranchers across 33 Texas counties for damages to their property caused by illegals. The announcement made no mention of how the damages were incurred.

12) An MSNBC reporter admits many DemoKKKrat voters do not want life to go back to normal.

-It’s become a medical condition in and of itself: “Wokiopathology.”

13) In news of peace and harmony from Benghazi-by-the-lake, Chicago sees 21 shot, five fatally over the weekend. Thanks, Beetlejuice!

14) Glenn Greenwald comments on the neoliberal war on dissent in the West.

-As far as I can tell, historically, there is no comparison since the Reformation.

15) We will soon see if Glenn Youngkin is tomorrow’s star or yesterday’s meteor as the Virginia House has repealed the state’s red flag gun confiscation law.

16) A University of Alabama administrator has resigned after an arrest for soliciting prostitutes.

-Roll, Tide of Dollar Bills, Roll...

17) This makes sense: Ron Klain’s motive for the Ukraine crisis has emerged—blame economic collapse, gas prices, and inflation on the “war.”

18) Another DemoKKKrat scandal (is there any end?): a congressional candidate in Oklahoma is shamed by a mother on Twit after the candidate got drunk and shouted at school girls, calling on an “acne f . . .er” and another a “Hispanic f . . .er” during a teen Valentine sleepover. Abby Broyles was invited by a friend in for a drink as the girls began a slumber party, and then threw up in a hamper and a girl’s shoe.

-Look at it this way, Abby: at least you didn’t pull a Ted Kennedy.



19) The Rutabaga is working to block future pipeline and energy deals.

-I tell ya, the evil in this group is beyond calculation.

20) Family Dollar stores have recalled products in 404 stores due to rodent infestations.

-You mean lotsa DemoKKKrats are going to Family Dollar now?

21) Who knew it took racism to get rid of bike helmet laws? Seattle now has discovered that equity required eliminating the laws. Are mandatory seat belt laws next? Same principle.



22) When you’ve lost The Nation, a leading lib rag says the same people “gunning for a showdown” with Saddam Hussein are the ones pushing for a confrontation with Pootie-poot.

23) The Kremlin has poured cold water on the proposed summit plan for Biteme and Pootie-poot over Ukraine.

-Seems Pootie-poot has no intention of giving the Rutagaba a photo op victory.

24) Even the New York Slimes is taken aback by the police brutality in Canuckistan.

25) The Freedom Convoy spokesman announces a peaceful withdrawal, vows not to let truckers be a “punching bag” for the police.

-May be too late for that.

26) The lithium-ion batteries on the luxury cars are keeping the fires burning aboard the cargo ship.

-But, you know, Electric Vehicles are so Green Friendly.

27) The last of 76,000 (!!) Afghan evacuees have left military bases amidst reports of botched background checks.



28) Scientists have discovered the largest known galaxy of 16.3 million light-years long, though it is still smaller than Stacy Abrams.



29)  Why can’t leftist holdouts ditch their masks? Because the maskiopathic cult has become a woke fashion statement as woke cities are still doubling down on maskies.

30) Chelsea Clinton, also known as Shreklette, complained her grandmother didn’t have access to Planned Parenthood.

-I know, Shreklette. We regret it too.

31) Looks like “Death on the Nile” is dead on the Nile, debuting at only a $5.9 million opening.

32) And another death in the peaceful and harmonious Kollyfornia where rapper Slim 400 was shot dead.

-R.I.P. Rap in peace.



33) Oooohhh, so now U.S. agencies are “quietly studying” the post-vax neuro issues

34) Bill Gates says natural immunity “sadly” works better than the vaxxes. What a demonic clodsnoffer.

35) Boston Mayor Comrad Wu caved in only five hours after an attorney filed a lawsuit in federal court—but also after she made the mistake of live streaming where virtually every comment was “why are you a tyrant?” “Why are you forcing vaxxes that do no good?”

36) Major U.S. cities cave on their vaxiopathic and maskiopathic rules.

37) Meanwhile, Sacramento City Unified School District was unable to impose a student vax mandate days before the deadline.

38) Finally, an Appeals Court has ruled that Ohio police did not have cause to arrest a man wearing a “F . . . the Police” t-shirt.

-Question is, what if he had been wearing an “F . . . the Police” mask?


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