Fulton County Ballot Image: What a SHAm!

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  • 09/19/2023

Recently we reported on the official Fulton County ballot image files from the 2020 general election having been modified without explanation. The file timestamps for those modifications were not associated with expected processes or procedures.

Now we can report that most of those ballot image files that, according to their timestamps, were inexplicably modified and are missing the corresponding file used to ensure they are authentic.

When a ballot is scanned on Dominion Voting Systems, the machine produces an image of the ballot, runs that image through an algorithm, and produces a code (called a hash code) that can be used to authenticate the corresponding ballot image at a future time.

For example, if one were to alter the ballot image and change a vote from Donald Trump to Joseph Biden, you could take that image and run it through the same program, and the hash code it produced would not match the original hash code.

When the ballot image is created, that code is saved alongside the ballot image in a file called a SHA file. So every ballot image (TIF file) should have a corresponding SHA file. For example:

But when we looked at the Absentee By Mail ballot images for Fulton County, we found a problem. Out of 148,318 ballot images, we only have 16,034 SHA files! These are the file listings without SHA files.

Not only that, ballot images saved with SHA files were saved at the same time as ballot images without SHA files on the same tabulator!

This is not some arbitrary practice either, and it is specifically required in Georgia’s contract with Dominion. From page 57 of the State of Georgia and Dominion Master Solution Purchase and Services Agreement:

We checked with many of the top experts in the field, and none could offer a reasonable explanation other than they would most likely have been specifically removed by insider malfeasance or malware attack. Without other options remaining, we went right to the source and asked Fulton County Elections Director Rick Barron. His response?

He asked the former Dominion Employee, who is now Fulton County Information Systems Manager for the Department of Registration and Elections, Dominic Olomo (Yes, I’m serious). Dominic’s response to why we only have 16,038 SHA files out of the 148,318 ballot images?

Dominic Olomo says:

I need to know what SHA files he is referring to and from who did he recevice [SIC] these files and when? 

Dominic seems more interested in finding out what we know instead of what happened to the SHA files. You have to ask yourself, “Why?”.

But that isn’t all. SHA files are missing in other counties in Georgia as well and are currently being analyzed.

More to come soon.


*(Please know that the work featured in this article is from a small team of dedicated analysts, researchers, and patriots who are determined to find the truth. They remain anonymous to prevent “influence” from affecting their work but do deserve credit. Those individuals include: “Dog&Bone,” “RonC,” “CrackerJack2”, “David C” and “Kevin M.”)*

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