The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 17, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Another House DemoKKKrat, Kollyfornia’s Alan Lowenthal, announced he will not run for reelection, becoming the 20th to announce his retirement.

-The canaries in the coal mine keep multiplying.

2) A barrage of election bills limiting or expanding mail-in voting has been passed since 2020. These split according to “red/blue” states with Kollyfornia broadening most mail-in rules, Georgia requiring a state ID to request a mail-in ballot.

3) North Carolina’s Supreme Court has issued a stay on primary elections there due to suits about the state’s new “gerrymandered” map. (The state supreme court is four DemoKKKrats, three Republicans).

4) The Demented Pervert showed up late to a Medal of Honor award ceremony then got the hero’s name wrong.

5) Maybe that’s because the Rutabaga was busy hanging up on Florida Senator Rick Scott who was trying to get help for a jailed activist in Cuba who was being tortured.

-Such matters do not concern the Rutabaga, who is more interested in his afternoon pudding.

6) The hoax Patriot Day (January 6) committee is caught doctoring a text message.

7) Meanwhile a nutjob judge has given a couple who entered the Capitol on Patriot Day jail sentences well beyond the recommendations of prosecutors.

-Courageous Stephanie Miller, one of the political prisoners, said, “We’re hoping we don’t get charged, but we’ll proudly take them if so.

8) In the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, the defense has called the first five of its witnesses.

9) In crime-ridden Kollyfornia, drivers are leaving car trunks open to deter thieves from breaking windows.

10) While a Kollyfornia school staff coached a 12-year old girl that she was transoid and changed her name and pronouns behind her parents’ backs.


11) North Palm Beach Elementary is flying the LGBTQXYZ “pride” flag and will no longer allow parents to comment at their meetings.

-Can’t have “diverse” opinions, dontcha know?

12) And the University of Pennsylvania’s transoid swimmer brags about beating real girls: It was so easy I was cruising.”

-I bet you were, buddy.

13) The Sixth Circuit chief tears apart Biteme’s China Virus mandate for private companies as court denies a full hearing.



14)  Housing starts surged in November.

15) The Demented Pervert’s policies will cost American families $3,500 this year, with the lower incomes hardest hit.

16) Global coal use up, on pace for a record high despite pledges to cut down the use of fossil fuels.

17) Here’s the set-up folks: the Fed may have to kill the stock market rally to quash inflation.



18) Because migrants fall outside of legal immunity foolishly handed to Big Pharma, refugees are not being vaxxed as drugmakers fear lawsuits.

19) Documents show that the FDA colluded with the U.S. Postal Service to block delivery of Ivermectin.

20) While in the UK, “supply issues” pause the Ivermectin trial as Merck lands a $2.2 billion U.S. government contract for its new non-vax molnupiravir.

21) Hospitals and health care facilities are ending their vax requirements due to staffing shortages, including Nashville-based HCA and the Dallas-based Tenet Healthcare Group.

22) Meanwhile, United Airlines plodding ahead by threatening unvaxxed employees.

23) Texas Governor Abbott tells SecDef that the China Virus vax mandate will not be enforced in his state.

-You go, gov!

24) Only six pilots died last year, but “unexpectedly” this year already over 100 pilots have died. Vaxxes?

25) Biteme warns that the unvaxxed will “overwhelm” hospitals in a “winter of illness and death.”

-Of course, he meant to say “the vaxxed” will “overwhelm hospitals, which is what is happening.

26) Stanford School of Medicine’s Dr. Jay Bhattacharya urges use of other treatments, ending lockdowns, and focusing vaxxes on the old. “We cannot stop the spread of COVID,” he claims.

27) A formal complaint has now been lodged in the International Criminal Court on behalf of British citizens against Boris Johnson, Bill and Melinda Gates, the chief execs of Big Pharma, and Dr. Fallacy charging them with crimes against humanity.

28) Despite a new Twit policy warning about “misinformation” by skeptics, federal officials are starting to sound like skeptics of vaxxes’ efficacy, admitting in the New England Journal of Medicine that vaxxes were not living up to expectations.

29) And finally, a “wild” new idea takes flight: Massive kites attached to ships as part of environmental whacko-ism.

-Pssst. These are thousands of years old. They are called “sails.” I wonder if next they will argue for a return to slave-based rowing in galleys?


And that’s Today’s News

Larry Schweikart can be found at the Wild World of History and at Substack under Larry Schweikart and, for as long as they allow him, at Twitter @OtherWalls.

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