The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) It looks like Trump won’t be getting the band back together, calling Mike Pence “mortally wounded.”

2) A Pima County election integrity hearing revealed that there were parts of the county with two times as many registered voters as the population.

-But . . . naaaaahhh, no fraud in 2020.

Highlights From PIMA County Election Integrity Hearing

3) Don’t look now but AP just admitted there was vote fraud. “Far too little” to tip the election to Trump, they say.

-Their next fallback, maybe in a year, will be “Yes, it could have given Trump the presidency but that’s water under the bridge.”

4) An unnamed whistleblower wrote a letter to the DOJ last year in which he accused the Pima County DemoKKKrat Party of adding 35,000 votes to every DemoKKKrat’s total. The whistleblower cited a meeting at DemoKKKrat Party headquarters in September 2010 presenting the plan to do so.

Fraud in Pima County — Democrat Whistleblower sent letter to DOJ detailing scheme to add 35,000 fake mail-in ballots for Joe Biden…

5) Cankles is contacting donors for a possible run.

-Run, Cankles, run!

6) New Harvard/Harris poll shows President Trump with a GOP primary lead of nearly 60 points if he chooses to run.

-So much for “De Santis is beating Trump.”

7) DemoKKKrat governors are fighting “COVID fatigue:” “They’re sick of masks.”

-Gee, I wonder why? Maskies are just so wonderful.

8) Yet the Demented Pervert tells a DNC holiday party “We’re going to win 2022.”

-Denial is not a river in Iraq.

9) An update from the “fine people” at the FBI: Four FBI agents “had sex with prostitutes while on assignment” then lied about it on polygraph tests.

10) In Kollyfornia news, as violence arrives in rich neighborhoods, liberals and ex-radicals buy guns and mobilize to oust progressive D.A.s—a report from the front line.

11) Colorado welcomes back Jim Crow with segregated playground event for “families of color.”

12) A third female swimmer has spoken out against transoid male swimmer Lia Thomas, calling competing against a man “intimidating” and “discouraging.” “Everyone knows it’s wrong.”

-Well, everyone except the woke University of Pennsylvania.

13) Speaking of sports, one of the longest-employed females in NFL broadcasting, Michele Tafoya, has been fired after criticizing Colincancer Kaepernick about his comments comparing the NFL to the slave trade.

14) File under “a dollar short and a day late”: South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem will introduce a girl’s sports bill banning transoid competitors.

-Had she stood firm against the NCAA over a year ago, she would be in the running for the veep spot on Trump’s 2024 ticket.

15) Larry Schweikart: “Why Yellowstone is the most anti-woke show in existence”

16) The Fifth Circuit has delivered a stinging rebuke of Biteme’s appeal of the “Remain in Mexico” policy, calling it “as unlawful as it is illegal.”

17) Others are starting to see that the DemoKKKrat obsession with Patriot Day (January 6) is damaging them badly.

-Keep it up, snorkdorkels.



18) A New York Federal Reserve survey expects inflation to rise two times faster than wages.

-The Rutabaga says there is no inflation.

19) Even, Lawrence Summers, one of Clinton/Zero’s advisers is criticizing the Demented Pervert for rationalizing the inflation crisis.

-No, please Rutabaga, keep ignoring it so your party becomes entirely extinct.

20) It’s “game over” for U.S.-listed Chinese companies, says global asset

21) Analysts expecting the Fed to deliver “one of the most hawkish pivots” in years.

22) MGM Resorts sells fabled Las Vegas Mirage Hotel for $1 billion.

23) November retail sales fell below average, rising just .3% against expectations of .9%.

-Those guys and their “expectations,” which are always off!


24)  Kroger bans unvaxxed employees (remember them? Yesterday’s “heroes”) from receiving sick pay if they get the China Virus, and will also tack on a monthly unvaxxed surcharge.

Kroger Bans Unvaccinated Employees (Yesterday’s Heroes) From Receiving Sick Pay If They Get COVID…Will Also Add Monthly Insurance Surcharge

25) Meanwhile the World (un)Health Organization has listed 2.7 million adverse reactions to China Virus vaxxes.

26) A New York bill would allow gubment to detain anyone considered a public health threat.

-Escape while you can, New Yorkers!

Escape From New York – NY Bill Would Allow Government To Detain Anyone Considered A Public Health Threat

27) New Columbia University study shows the risks of the China Virus vaxxes outweigh the benefits for kids, young adults, and even older adults with low “occupational risk” or previous exposure.

-The narrative is collapsing.



28)  The talented by troubled Billie Eilish tells Howard Stern that watching pornography at age eleven warped her perception of sex.

29) Western space streamer “Cowboy Bebop” canceled after one season.

30) Finally, a 1987 Buick GNX muscle car sold for an eBay record of $249,999.

-And here they could have had my 1969 Super Sport Camaro with a fully tricked-out engine.

And that’s Today’s News

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