The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 14, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Botoxic now says she will run for re-election.

2) A second GOP candidate, Alaska Senate candidate Kelly Tsibaka, says she will not back Yertle as majority leader.

3) DemoKKKrats are worried their grip on the Hispanic vote is disappearing, as last week’s Wall Street Journal poll showed the parties nearly even.

4) The Rutabaga hears screams from his staff for him not to answer questions . . . so he takes one . . . from a friendly reporter.

-I’d like to see this Demented turnip spend just ONE thirty-minute session with hostile reporters like Trump did every single day.

5) Well, this is troubling: Prosecutors in the Patriot Day (January 6) demonstration argue there is no “reasonable claim” that Trump authorized the events. This is a problem for the House’s Patriot Day committee because it is trying to prove just the opposite.

6) Wanna know who really has “juice?” President Trump’s endorsements win 137:3, a record with “few parallels” in political history.

7) Senator SpewMore, who accused Trump of Russian collusion, is getting paid by Pootie-poot.

8) Rasmussen poll: 53% of Americans see Biteme’s agenda as “big government socialism.”

9) The ex-chairman of Harvard’s chemistry department faces trial for lying about his ties to the Chicoms.

-Maybe he forgot to send 10% to the big guy.

10) Two conservatives oust DemoKKKrat Communist Racist Theory supporters from the Houston school board.

-Another canary in the coal mine.

11) A Colorado trucker who barreled down the interstate at 85 miles per hour and killed four in a two-dozen car pileup is sentenced to 110 years in prison.

12) In other vehicle news, the last link of a railroad from Portugal to Singapore has been completed making it the longest railway journey in the world at 11,654 miles.

-I mean, who doesn’t want to spend 21 days on a train?



13) Lumber prices are up 127% from a recent low, driving up housing prices” (while the Chicoms’ Evergrande stock falls to a buck sixty.)

14) Producer prices explode to record high in November.



15) Worldwide demonstrations against vaxxes are heating up—but will marching, chanting, and singing be enough?

16) In Mannheim, Germany, six police are injured in the protests.

-When they start “injuring” politicians, this will all end.

17) A recent spy case shows how China has pulled off its whirlwind military modernization (i.e., industrial espionage while the “fine people” at the FBI are busy with “white supremacists.”)

-COMMENT: By the way, the strategy Ronald Reagan used to defeat similar overtures from the USSR is instructive here: He had the CIA set up phony businesses that “partnered” with the Soviets, allowing them to “steal” secrets. Except these were very carefully designed “secrets” with catastrophic but delayed flaws built into the designs. The failures did not occur for some time until systems were actually built, resulting in the crash of military planes, the loss of subs, and most spectacularly, the explosion of a key part of the TransSiberian pipeline.

18) In a new scandal known as “Pallywood,” 150 social media accounts linked to Hamas were removed from platforms with many agents posing as young women to “manipulate public debate.”

-We similarly have a gaggle of women on the View trying to manipulate public debate. We call it “Uglywood.”



19) The first cache of “Secret” Pfizer docs shows that the FDA knew of the death risk of the vax.

20)  . . . while the FDA works with the post office to hold packages containing Ivermectin. The evil here is staggering.

21) File under “Better Late than Never”: Some central Pennsylvania schools drop mask mandates.

22) A new bill introduced in Pennsylvania (a year late) would allow doctors to prescribe alternative treatments to fight the China Virus.

-The current governor won’t sign it and, of course, DemoKKKrats oppose it.

23) The NFL had 37 positive China Virus tests yesterday and only one was unvaxxed.

-Shocked! Shocked I tell ya!

24) Faced with labor shortages, hospitals are dropping their China Virus vax mandates.

25) Expert: South Africa’s Omicron variant of the China Virus is already “running out of steam.”

-Tell Dr. Fallacy.

26) And finally, the Aggrievement in Abu Dhabi, where Max Verstappen won the title over arch-rival Lewis Hamilton is headed to “court,” where the F1 bosses will hear Hamilton’s complaints in an appeals panel that Mercedes changed the rule book.

-Wouldn’t be the first time the Germans broke the rules, ja?


And that’s Today’s News

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