The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, deals a blow to the January 6 Patriot Day committee: no longer cooperating.

2) A trial date is set for Steve Bannon for his contempt of Congress charge before a Trump-appointed judge.

3) Trump’s new social media platform reaches a deal with Rumble.

4) New Harvard/CAPs poll has Trump beating the Demented Pervert by three nationally. This translates to a significant electoral college victory—Trump, even among women, barely down in ‘burbs.

5) While two polls had Biteme slightly edging upwards, a new Trafalgar poll (the most accurate other than Richard Baris’s Big Data Poll) has him sinking to 36%, with a whopping 52% strongly disapproving of him.

-Them’s crash-and-burn numbers right there.

6) And for those who think, “Well, that’s just what a Republican polling outfit thinks,” Politico, a DemoKKKrat mouthpiece, headlines “Dems plot to escape from Biden’s poll woes.”

-His own internal polls have him deeply in the red with 52% disapproving (matching Trafalgar’s number).

7) And another: Wall Street Journal has the Rutabaga at just 41%, but disapproval now at a whopping 57%. Independents positively hate him: 65% disapprove.

8) The Rutabaga withdraws his bank regulator pick, Saule Omanova, for her pro-communist writings.

9) . . . while his federal contractor vax mandate is blocked nationwide.

Biden’s Federal Contactor Vax Mandate Blocked Nationwide

10) Climate activists block D.C. rush hour traffic: national guard (remember them?) nowhere in sight.

Insurrection! Climate Change Terrorists Block DC Rush Hour Traffic and the National Guard Is Nowhere in Sight

11) Zuckerberg operatives infiltrated the Wisconsin election in five key counties.

12) Meanwhile, Trump endorsed candidates are beating their opposition in Washington (CD-3), Wyoming (where Liz Cheney is getting crushed by 20), Georgia (CD-10), Florida (CD-7), and South Carolina (CD-7).

13) Ninth Circus says that Kollyfornia can ban magazines over 10 rounds. This is headed for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Ninth Circuit En Banc Panel: CA can Ban Magazines over 10 Rounds

14) Recall to oust Seattle councilmember and cop-defunder Kshama Sawant nearing success. Outstanding votes have to be more than 50% for Sawant for her to remain.

15) Kollyfornia schools are teaching kids to use witchcraft against those who say “all lives matter.”

-Can’t make this up. “Hex resources.”

California Schools are Teaching Students to Use Witchcraft against those that say “All Lives Matter”

16) Senior Sony exec fired after featured in a video identifying him as a sexual predator.

Major Corporate Executive Fired After Being Busted by Citizen Pedophile Sting

17) This should do it for the Wizard of Oz: celebrity senate candidate in Pennsylvania attacked pro-life laws and supported abortion in 2019.

Celebrity Candidate Dr. Oz Attacked Pro-Life Laws, Supported Abortion Rights in 2019

18) Biteme’s commission to examine changes to the Supreme Court takes no position on court-packing.

-Shocked, I tell ya!

19) Recent oral arguments about Roe v. Wade leave leftists “seething,” seeking changes on the Court.

-I’ll bet they are.

20) Eighteen earthquakes off Oregon coast (now 20).

21) Another brazen crime: hotel guests robbed of $100,000 in jewelry while waiting for an Uber.

-See? Shoulda called Lyft.

22) HarperCollins cancels forthcoming book from disgraced Chris Cuomo.

-Relax. Netflix will give him a series.

23) Trump supporter Lindy Blanchard exits senate race in Alabama, enters GOP race for governor.

-Gas Tax Granny Kay Ivey may be done.



24) The utter collapse of the Biteme foreign policy is on display as Russia, India reinforce defense ties.

25)  . . . and Russia and China sign deal for closer military cooperation.

26) Lunatic RINO GOP senator Roger Wicker: we should consider U.S. “Troops on the ground” in Ukraine and “I would not rule out” the use of nukes.

GOP Senator Floats U.S. ‘Troops on the Ground’ and Nuclear Strike Against Russia: ‘I Would Not Rule That Out’


27) Amazon’s Cloud Computing services struck by major outage.

28) . . . while Microsoft seizes 42 websites used by Chicom hackers to attack U.S. organizations.

29) Supply chain crisis to worsen as Chicoms install a 7-week quarantine.

30) New study shows push for electric cars is actually killing rainforests (i.e., “jungles.”)

31) In the trial no one is paying attention to, Theranos “fraudster” Elizabeth Holmes admits she was aware of issues with blood-test equipment but didn’t tell investors.

32) CEO who had a mass firing of 900 employees on Zoom call handed resignation of top executives in protest.



33) Florida unveils tools for reporting employers who violate vax mandate prohibitions.

34) The U.S. is close to “herd immunity” now. Dr. Fallacy deeply disappointed.

The Covid Pandemic is ‘Over’: US is About to Hit ‘Herd Immunity’ According to Experts’ Analysis

35) After the FDA granted emergency use authorization for the new Pfizer/BioNTech China Virus vax, “sudden deaths” among young children in the age bracket 5-11 has emerged.

“Sudden Deaths” Begin to Emerge in 5-11 Age Bracket After EUA Granted For Experimental COVID-19 Injections

36) National Education Association member suggests unvaxxed with religious exemptions deserve to die.

-They don’t want your obedience. They want you to worship the vax.

37) Omicron variant “significantly” reduces China Virus antibody protection, while people who recovered from the China Virus have more protection.

38) Medical journal: the rise of “vaccine-resistant mutations correlate(s) strongly with vaccination rates.”

-Shocked, I tell ya. Shocked!

39) Phoenix has dropped its vax mandate for city employees.

-About time.

40) German data shows the higher the vax rate, the higher the excess mortality.

-Folks, the “science” needs to be followed here. These vaxxes are dangerous.

Analysis of German Data Shows the Higher the Vaccination Rate, the Higher the Excess Mortality

41) And finally, Led Zeppelin’s hellraising tour manager Richard Cole dies of cancer at age 75.


And that’s Today’s News

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