VOCV: Michelle Edwards Talks Vax Mandate Reprieve; Idaho Rep Ron Nate Discusses RINOs

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  • 09/19/2023

The Idaho legislature reconvened from Nov 15 - 17. Their main purpose? Protect Idahoans from vaccine and mask mandates. Except they didn’t. The Idaho Senate sat upon and did nothing with the few bills that made it through the House. As State Rep. Chad Christiansen stated on his Facebook page, “I just wasted three days coming to this session.”

On this past week’s Voice of Conservative Values show, host Daniel Bobinski railed on people who run as Republicans but don’t align with the principles of Republicanism. “The Republican Party as founded on the idea of individual liberty,” he said. “‘Free the slaves’ was a big impetus for the founding of the party. We want individual liberties and freedom. Now we have people who put an ‘R’ after their names who are all about positions of power.”

Idaho State Representative Ron Nate came on the show to address the three-day dog and pony show.

“We ended up voting on the House floor on ten bills, and we sent them over to the Senate.” Nate said. “And they were good bills. They were bills that said, ‘You cannot mandate vaccinations, whether you’re a government, business, or other entity.’ There were bills that said, ‘If there was a mandate, you cannot ask your employees to violate their medical privacy by telling you their vaccination status.’”

The problem? Nothing was passed in the Senate, so Idaho’s citizenry still stands vulnerable to businesses insisting on “vaccine” mandates. After three days, both chambers of the legislature officially adjourned until January. Until then, and possibly even longer, Idaho’s citizens remain unprotected.

Michelle Edwards’ Articles on ‘Vaccine’ Issues

UncoverDC’s Michelle Edwards was also on the show to discuss several of her recent news articles, one of which being OSHA suspending its employer “vaccine” mandate because the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit said Biden’s executive order probably wasn’t going to hold up in court.  “Until further litigation is decided, it needs to come to a halt,” Edwards said.

Edwards recommended people follow Tracy Beanz on Telegram to stay abreast of the various lawsuits surrounding the vaccine issue.

Edwards also discussed her article on the upcoming “debate” to be held at the National Institutes for Health on the validity of vaccine mandates.

The full Voice of Conservative Values show with Michelle Edwards and Rep. Ron Nate can be seen here or viewed below:

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