Update: Lindell Supreme Court Election Integrity Complaint

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  • 09/19/2023

EDITORS NOTE: When originally published, we reported that Mike Lindell had filed his lawsuit. After further investigation, we were incorrect. We have updated this story to reflect the proper information. We sincerely regret this error.


Mike Lindell promised that an election integrity lawsuit would be filed in the Supreme Court by Thanksgiving. In 'Help Save Our Country, Please Share Everywhere,' Lindell announced a Livestream event with "96 hours of thanks, hope, and information" to go along with the filing. "[We're] taking apart the biggest crime in history," Lindell said. As of this writing, no lawsuit has been filed.

The Livestream will center on "Unpacking the Historic U.S. Supreme Court Complaint on the 2020 Election," according to a promotional flyer posted to Lindell's Telegram room. The 'Thanks-A-Thon' runs on FrankSpeech.com from midnight on Wednesday until midnight on Sunday, Central time.

UDC has reported extensively on Lindell and his lawsuits regarding election integrity. First, voting machine company Dominion sued him for public statements about its involvement in election fraud. Then Lindell sued Dominion, saying the lawsuits were intimidation meant to abridge free speech. Now he's involved in this new effort to get election integrity complaints from the States filed in the Supreme Court.

A video at Fix2020First explains how we got here:

"I was brought cyber forensic evidence back on Jan. 9th. First, I spent months validating this evidence, then I had a Cyber Symposium in August, of which all 50 states were represented. This manifested into many states reaching out and wanting their state audited and helping bring this to the Supreme Court."

After canvassing several states and comparing results to voter rolls, Lindell says he found even more evidence to add to his Cyber Symposium data. Lindell told Steve Bannon that he spoke with representatives including Senators, Congressmen, Secretaries of State, and County Commissioners during his state-by-state tour, showing his evidence and gaining support for the lawsuit.

Lindell recently had an exclusive interview with President Trump discussing election integrity and the effort to "fix 2020." Trump told Lindell:

"They basically used COVID-19, or the China Virus, to rig the election—and it's a shame."

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