The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 22, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges late Friday afternoon. He is already in contact with Nicholas Sandmann. There are likely some lawsuits for defamation coming.

2) Expert: Rittenhouse could have defamation case against Biteme

3) Hate-fueled racial attack? Driver plows through Waukesha parade, multiple casualties, suspect in custody, more than 20 casualties, at least five fatalities.

4) Suspect in Waukesha “mass casualty incident” a career criminal and REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER Darrell E. Brooks.

5) Two of the most useless “analysts” on Fox News—who have yet to be right about anything—have quit.

-Fox adds through subtraction.

6) Another White House staffer quits as the wheels come off the clown car.

7) New video footage suggests Capitol Police may have killed a second woman.

8) Dodged a bullet with this guy: Sununu says GOP has its priorities “screwed up” for wanting to discipline members for their infrastructure votes.

-This is why the GOP loses, and loses, and loses.

9) National poll says 4 in 5 parents say children today aren’t as thankful as they should be.

10) Deportation orders plummet under the Rutabaga.

11) Asteroid to zoom past earth in “close approach” (3.5 million miles).

-I wonder what a “distant approach” would be?

12) U.S. Space operations vice chief: Chicoms and Russia are ahead in hypersonic weapon development.

13) Playing catch up, Pentagon awards hypersonic missile defense contracts to Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Gruman.

-BTW, Americans have been involved in hypersonic aircraft since the 1980s with the National Aero-Space Plane (X-30).

14) Meanwhile, a leading Navy shipbuilder has suspended the vax mandate after its employees threatened to leave.

15) File under: This will improve American students’ performance. University of Kollyfornia to permanently remove standardized testing for admission.

16) Is college a racket? New study links a surge in graduation with greed and “grade inflation.”

17) Health & Human Services has rescinded Trump era religious exemptions for child welfare agencies in three states.

18) Five Georgia cops indicted for murder after 24-year-old concertgoer walking naked along the road died while they “tased him more than a dozen times.”

19) Poll has actor Matthew McConaughey the frontrunner for Texas governor, beating Abbott by 8 and beating Betamale by two to one.

20) File under performing a Toobin: Fordham U. professor fired after he was alleged to be masturbating in a zoom class.



21) Nebraska’s unemployment rate hits the lowest of any state since data began being collected in 1976—0.1%.

22) The “inflation genie is out of the bottle” as Kollyfornians pay $12 for a regular burrito.

-Suck it up, Kollyfornians. You voted for this.



23) The U.S. issues warnings over a Chicom plan for military bases in Kenya.

-Harsh words and hashtags to follow.

24) Japan to release its oil reserves to curb prices.

-Not gonna work, but go ahead.

25) Russian TV station fined one million rubles for promoting perversion.

26) When not shutting down television stations, the Russkies are preparing to invade Ukraine, amassing 92,000 troops on the border.

27) Europeans not going quietly to their vaxxes.



28)  If vaxxes work, well . . . why aren’t they working?

29) Hong Kong authorizes Chicom-made China Virus vaxes for ages 3-17.

30) New NIH study on kids & the China Virus omits tracking vax safety.

-Gee, why would they do that?

31) UK study: vaxxed Brit adults under 60 dying 2x at the rate of the unvaxxed.

32) FDA records subpoenaed by attorney shows over 158,000 adverse "events" in the first 2.5 months of the China Virus vax trials.

33) Shades of the Third Reich: German health minister says Germans will be “vaccinated, cured or dead” in a few months.

34) Nearing the end? Lancet says stigmatizing the unvaxxed is not justified.

35) Newly released government docs show researchers sent strains of “viral DNA” to Wuhan Lab for years.

36) Finally, in the original ending to “Rocky,” Balboa and Adrian leave the arena, hand in hand, disappearing into the night.

-It was too depressing to test audiences.


And that’s Today’s News 


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