The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 19, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) The Congressional Budget Office report—which SC DemoKKKRat congressman James (Van) Clyburn said they would follow—will increase the deficit by $3.67 billion over 10 years.

2) Of course, this was always a sham and a stall. Botoxic passed this with no problem in the dead of night.

3) Harris still in limbo regarding role in Administration.

4) Cankles claims vote fraud is a “myth.” Is that why she was trying to find fraud in 2016 with her manipulation of the Stein challenges?

5) The Rutabaga heads for Walter Reed Hospital for a “routine” physical today if they can remember where WR is.

6) House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said that if GOP takes the House “members will need approval of the majority” to keep their leadership positions.

-McCarthy is being kind. Others might suggest they might need approval to keep certain bodily appendages.

7) New Quinnipiac Poll has the Demented Pervert at only 33% in eight battleground states.

8) Rutabaga’s approval in the Quinnipiac Poll is only 36%.

9) Most voters want the GOP to win back Congress by a whopping 10 points

10) This analysis says the GOP now has enough seats via redistricting to win.

-Psst: We don’t want to “win.” We want to crush our enemies, see them driven before us... “well, you know the thing.

11) Cook Political Report shifts three U.S. Senate seat races toward Republicans.

12) Shocked! New York Times journalists explore what happens when DemoKKKrats have power and find out “blue states are the problem.”

13) Pulitzer board stonewalls queries about their awards for fully false stories about “Muh Russia.”

14) The New York Slimes buried Kenosha riot reporting until after the election.

15) Delaware Co. (PA) lawsuit to “blow the roof off” DemoKKKrat voter fraud in the state.

-File under, “believe it when I see it.”

16) Investigators dig up New Jersey landfill looking for Jimmy Hoffa, who disappeared in 1975.

-Have they asked Geraldo if he has another vault?

17) Biteme to undergo “routine” colonoscopy. Harris temp Prez.

-Wonder if they’ll find a brain in there.

18) Kyle Rittenhouse is CLEARED of all FIVE remaining charges against him in Kenosha murder case.

19)  . . . while 43% of Indianapolis murder suspects were out on pretrial release at time of murders.

20) University of North Dakota fires administrator for discriminating against police chief who voted for Trump.

21) Here it comes the new segregation: NYC school to sort kids by race for “social justice” programs.



22) Students are upset about inflation under the Demented Pervert, say they were better off under Trump.

23) Long-run inflation expectations rise among manufacturers.

24) Major warning on poultry shortages from an insider.

25) DemoKKKrats lining up against Jerome Powell for Fed chair because he “refuses to recognize climate change” as an urgent economic threat.

-That is, he understands weather.

26) Having hamstrung American oil production, the Demented Pervert begs China for oil.

-Disgusting. Next, he’ll be asking for the Chicoms to lend us some of their Uighur slave labor to alleviate the worker shortage here.

27) Meanwhile, the evil Rutabaga is already exporting oil to Asia from the Strategic Reserve at a record pace.

-Tell me again the evidence that says that via Hunter, this doddering toolkit isn’t on the Chicom payroll?

28) CVS to shut 900 stores in next three years.

29) Economists struggle to explain the “Great Resignation” of employees leaving/not returning to labor force. Concerns about “infection risks. . . lack of affordable childcare.”

-No, the concerns are about the Vaxiopaths mandates, and by the way, we used to call “affordable child care” . . . PARENTS. You did with less so the mother could stay home with the kids.

30) When others are predicting the “great crash part 2,” Goldman says to expect “record highs” to keep rolling.

-Someone will be very, very wrong.

31) For example, billionaire Ray Dalio: “Misery and turbulence” are ahead after inflation hits 31-year high.



32) Up to 80 medical centers across the country are participating in “studies” on children as young as six years old with China Virus vaxxes (also known as child experimentation).

33) A healthcare organization, Ascension Healthcare, has denied its employees a religious exemption.

-Mull on that one.

34) Newly elected Virginia Governor Glen Youngkin says he won’t prevent mask/vax mandates, just won’t impose them.

-Welp, that didn’t take long for him to fold.

35) Connecticut Gov says China Virus boosters are needed to be considered “fully vaccinated.”

-There is never an end with the Vaxiopaths.

36) Finally, here’s a different excuse for debauchery: Mike Tyson’s bodyguard says the champ would “have sex with groupies before fights to diminish his power because he was afraid of killing his opponents.”


And that’s Today’s News 


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