Doxxed In Arizona: Chandler Was First

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  • 09/19/2023

Doxxed on a website posted in January of 2020, parents in Chandler, Arizona, say it was only a matter of time. They have been fighting school board members and their Leftist agendas since 2017.

One of the more activist school board members is Lindsay Love. Love is the ASBA Black Alliance President who says in her bio that others characterize her:

"As dangerous to children and wielding more power than I actually have in my role as a board member. I'm dangerous because I am using inclusive language that centers BIPOCs, our LGBT community, and other marginalized groups that are not at the table. My fellow board members can say the same things that I am saying, but I am always categorized as angry and uncaring. I get a lot of threats—either threats of harm or threats to recall me because I've been labeled as a racist for talking about racism and white supremacy.

Love contends the Chandler Unified School District (CUSD) doesn't teach CRT.  However, parents in the district have not only exposed the curriculum, they have also helped to put laws in place that punish the doxxing of personal information.

Scottsdale parents, on Nov. 10, were exposed in a dossier compiled on a Google Drive aided by Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) school board President Jann-Michael Greenburg. As of today, the SUSD has voted 4-1 to remove Goldburg as President. He has yet to resign.

However, the Scottsdale dossier is merely the latest troubling scandal, according to Michelle Dillard of Chandler, Arizona. She and her allies have been in the trenches, exposing school boards whose politics significantly influence public school policies and curricula throughout the state.

PurpleForParents (PFP), led by Dillard and other concerned parents, has led the fight for students in the Chandler Unified School District (CUSD). PFP is now a national organization that encourages parents to meaningfully advocate for their students.

Many CUSD parents have taken repeated hits from school board members like Lindsay Love and her allies. In fact, Love's allies were allegedly behind Chandler's doxxing website. Exclusively devoted to doxxing and harassing parents associated with the PFP community, the website is every bit as vicious as the Google Drive exposed last week.

Various blog entries on the website expose personal information on community members. The website's purpose is to damage reputations and intimidate.

Below is a typical submission to the website:

Doxxing Website

Lindsay Love is a central figure behind efforts to dampen the voices of parents who disagree with her focus on CRT—and sex-ed-related policies in the Chandler public schools. Love is seen below talking about the safety of the board meetings. In fact, Love, pictured in the lower left-hand corner of the video below, says, "a lot of these are mini-insurrections, not just in Arizona but across the country," referring to some of the parents who show up to voice their opinions. She then justifies that statement, highlighting the fact that the board has been "coordinating" with local police departments—all the while acknowledging that it may be fear-inducing to some to see police showing up "in riot gear."

Coordination with the police resulted in the June 9 arrest of one of the PFP leadership, Steve Daniels. He was booked with class three misdemeanor (trespassing outside a CUSD public school board meeting)—for doing nothing other than exercising his first amendment rights.

He and other parents had been outside waiting their turn to speak at the school board meeting. The full 40-minute video shows the open meeting outside the CUSD board meeting and Daniels is arrested at approximately the 37-minute mark. Daniels is now buried in legal fees because of the arrest.

Coincidentally, on Monday, Judicial Watch (JW) responded formally to the actions taken by the Chandler Police Department (CPD) because of multiple inquiries sent to Attorney General Brnovich and its own public records request in July 2021. The Judicial Watch letter makes some pointed observations concerning the difference between CPD handling of the CUSD public gathering (and resulting arrest) and BLM protests that occurred in June of 2020.

JW points out the "distinct difference" between how the CPD treated Daniels compared to how BLM protesters were treated a year earlier. BLM protesters were "given water and no arrests." JW also makes it clear that the Chandler Police acted unlawfully with Daniels' arrest, disregarding Daniels' lawful right to assemble and speak freely. His arrest was unequivocally a violation of state open meeting laws.

Judicial Watch Letter/Chandler Police/Nov. 15, 2021

Michelle Dillard's story of the struggles she and her cohorts have faced since 2017 is a powerful one. These parents not only exposed CRT in their schools and won, but they helped put anti-doxxing legislation in place in Arizona. She shares her experiences below:

"PFP is not new to this fight. We've been speaking out at school board meetings for the past three years. We opposed the CRT program called Deep Equity in CUSD. Due to our success in exposing it, the leftist groups that supported it rallied on behalf of the school board member that continued to push it, Ms. Love.

Groups like SPLC, CAIR, LUCHA, GLSEN and Planned Parenthood showed up at a board meeting, which Lindsay Love tweeted about using the word "we," and one of their attendees shouted out during the meeting that they were there because of her or for her, both of which indicate her involvement in it."

Lindsay Love/Chandler School Board Member SM post

Love often complains of being targeted because she is the lone "person of color" on the board when, in fact, former board member David Evans, who served for 16 years, is also Black. Notably, this would have been his fifth term, but he withdrew from the race because of signature issues. Dillard believes he lost support because of his willingness to talk to PFP parents.

Love's allies had no problem "canceling" Evans in a January board meeting. During a portion of the meeting prior to the video shown below, board member Evans had told community members that there were too many requests to speak so he asked that each group assign a spokesperson. However, Love and her allies broke out in protest, disrupting the meeting, essentially bullying him into allowing everyone to participate with a one-minute public comment.

Michelle continues:

"At another meeting, they organized, distributed flyers, and dedicated their comments to requests that we be banned from attending meetings. They doxxed some of our parents and organized cancel campaigns on social media, emailing and calling employers and state licensing boards in an attempt to get people fired from their jobs or to lose their professional licenses. Member Love appeared to condone and encourage that behavior on Twitter.

We persevered until we were successful in having CUSD terminate their contract with Corwin Deep Equity. And this last legislative session, we had anti-doxxing legislation passed."

Dillard was instrumental in writing an anti-doxxing law, HB2502, with the help of Republican State Representative Shawnna LM Bolick (R-20), who is now running for Secretary of State. Governor Ducey signed the bill into law in May. The law "prohibits posting another person's personal identifying information online for the purpose of that person being harassed."

During the school board meeting below, Dillard called for Love's resignation because of her tactics to "suppress free speech" and intimidate parents. As seen in Loudoun County and other localities, weaponizing social media to intimidate and harass parents is, unfortunately, becoming more and more common.

"Since we had accomplished the removal of Deep Equity, we had no reason to return until we were summoned by multiple CUSD parents to advocate for them again," says Dillard.

However, unbeknownst to us at the time, the district had been colluding with the Chandler Police Department against us. CUSD staff and CPD had labeled us' disruptors' and had been spying in our private group, which they referred to as gathering intelligence. This came out later when local blog written by Peggy McClain called, Not In Our Schools, submitted a public records request for their emails, which was finally fulfilled after numerous attempts.

As planned by at least one CUSD employee and Chandler police officers, Steve Daniels was arrested at the June 9, 2021 school board meeting for 'trespassing.'

And now, the federal law that multiple school districts across the state are guilty of violating is being spun to use against us. The federal government has weaponized the Department of Justice and the FBI against parents, just as the school districts and boards have weaponized our local law enforcement against us. [Because of our anti-doxxing law], they are the criminals and they all need to be brought up on charges." 

Dillard speculates that it is no coincidence that Love just announced she will not be running again for a position on the school board. She believes Love will be an even more powerful force when she is untethered from her elected office. Dillard has seen the Left use every tactic in the book and, in her experience, the Left is strategic and unified.

And, Dillard believes, perhaps rightly so—in light of communications between the National School Boards Association (NSBA) and Attorney General Merrick Garland with the U.S. Department of Justice—that activists like Love will stretch the truth, manipulate the system, and use federal laws to arrest parents.

The Montana memo was a written response from Acting U.S. Attorney Leif Johnson to AG Garland's call for the federal and state investigation of parents who are allegedly engaging in "acts of violence." Garland told the Senate Judiciary Committee members in an Oct. 27 hearing that he had not seen the memo while defending it.

Dillard's fears are not unfounded. The Montana memo spells out the very laws that could be used against parents who dare to speak up at board meetings. The full memo with attached statutes is provided below:

Montana Memo/Oct. 14, 2021

Dillard explains what she and many parents like her may soon be experiencing if the government gets its way:

"The first on that list is 18 USC, Section 241, Conspiracy to Deprive Person of Civil Rights. When a person enters into a conspiracy to injure, oppress, threaten or intimidate another, and the person specifically intended by the conspiracy to hinder, prevent or interfere with another's enjoyment of a right secured by the Constitution of the laws of the United States, they are guilty of violating this statute.

Our school districts are political subdivisions of the state and our school boards are elected officials of our local government. We The Parents are guaranteed by the Constitution the right to free speech, peaceful assembly, and to petition our government for a redress of grievances. Public meetings, such as school board meetings, are subject to state open meeting laws and are held on public property designated as limited public forums, which are bound by the same standards as apply in a traditional public forum for purposes of access for expressive activities.

It is the school board members, school board association, district administrative staff, and local law enforcement that have conspired to intimidate, threaten and harass members of the community to intentionally prevent, hinder and interfere with our Constitutionally guaranteed rights. After collaboration with district staff, local law enforcement has blocked access to meetings, going so far as to threaten arrest for trespassing, and in one instance in Chandler, actually illegally arrested an individual for trespassing while outside of a meeting that he was not disrupting.

Additionally, recent reports indicate that the White House, the Attorney General, and the National School Boards Association conspired together to allow the federal government to inject themselves into local government and law enforcement issues with the express purpose and effect of intimidating and chilling the free speech of parents across the country."

Love's Oct. 31 interview on a local show called "Square Off" shows Love speaking with local news personality Brahm Resnik about her experiences on the school board. Love explains she is the "first woman of color" and the "first Democrat" to sit on the board. She says that there has been a "riot, I guess, and protest against [her] presence on the board."

Love also tells Resnik that she never wins and sees a "peeling back of equity policies that is occurring in a lot of our school boards across the state because we only hear from these anti-CRT anti-equity parents. And, of course, whoever is in the room is, you know, who would influence the board's decisions right then and there."

Finally, Love shares her reasons for not running for school board again:

"At this point, I have no plans to run again. I think that we rely especially on Black women to come in and save the day, right? And I feel like these past three years, going on four years, has done a tremendous impact on my physical health and emotional health and I need to take care of myself and my family at this point especially with death threats people following me in restaurants and taking pictures of my back and then sending them to me. People throwing racial slurs at me-fat phobia.

And those are things that, you know, a person cannot take on their own, right?  I have one vote on the board and, of course, I get out-voted every time. And so I think that in order to have an impact in the future it has to be off the board and I have to fight those battles outside of the dais with community backing."

Dillard's theory about Love may be correct, given her account in the interview above. Unfettered by a school board position, Love would be free to use her narrative of "threatening parents" coupled with the laws outlined in the Montana memo as a basis to help the feds and state law enforcement target parent groups. Dillard and parents like her all over America feel worried their battle has only just begun.

*UncoverDC has made an editorial decision not to publish the website that doxxes Chandler parents due to the sensitivity of some of the information posted there.

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