The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 12, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) According to RedState the FBI raid of Project Veritas turns into a “massive scandal” after privileged communications are leaked.

-Eh, “scandals” do not exist when it comes to DemoKKKrats.

2) Federal judge orders DOJ to stop extracting data from James O’Keefe’s phone.

3) Reverse MAGA: black farmworkers lose jobs to foreigners who were paid more.

4) Constitutional carry passes a house committee in Ohio. Beware De Weenie! Will he sign such a law?

5) I’m sure everyone will want to dive in on this topic: “First results on coaxial-coiled thin Constantan wires . . . “ Well, short version: more experimental proof supporting cold fusion.

6) Vermont becomes the first state to mandate access to free condoms in schools.

7) Biteme appoints infrastructure chief to “ensure his administration properly implements” its trillion-dollar white elephant.

-In other words, to make sure those who were bought off stay bought.

8) Arizona school board president’s secret dossier on parents who oppose Communist Racist Theory and mask mandates discovered after he accidentally sent a link to a mom: hire a private investigator to investigate parents!

9) CNN going back to 100% news; a “good number” of “talent/staff” to be dismissed.

-Interesting since CNN wasn’t “news” even when they were news.

10) Memo confirms National School Board group colluded with the Rutabaga’s evil administration to draft the “domestic terrorists” letter.

11) Jack Ciattarelli to concede NJ governor’s race, trails by 74,000.

-Don’t kid yourselves: even a “victory” like this sent shockwaves through the DemoKKKrat National Party.

12) Minnesota principal who allowed the boy to remain in class with two students he’s accused of sexually molesting calls cops on parent who confronts him on decision.

13) File under karma: Celebrity chef who invented the world’s healthiest meal dies of sudden heart attack at age 45.



14)  Phoenix is the hottest housing market in the United States; nearly 25% of new homes across the U.S. being purchased by corporations for rental properties.

15) Fosston, MN grocery store selling “Let’s Go Brandon” cookies.

16) Biteme’s promise to only tax superrich is a lie: 30% of middle class will pay higher taxes.

17) Markets at 210% market cap to GDP (the Buffett Indicator of exceptional risk is anything over 100%)—was at 110% before the financial crisis, was at 145% before the bubble burst.

18) The number of people quitting the labor market reached a high of 4.4 million (+164,000) in September.




19) Chinese Communist Party hails Xi as “helmsman” (as Xi prepares for perpetual dictatorship).

20) Meanwhile, China’s tech founders leave their companies amidst private sector crackdown.

-Reeducation to follow.

21) Houthi rebels storm U.S. embassy in Yemen, take hostages.

-Hmm. Did the “all news” CNN report this?

22) Russkie paratroopers deploy to Belarus next to Polish border as the UK sends Brit soldiers to strengthen Polish defenses.

23) A single injection of a nanofiber gel allows paralyzed mice to walk within four weeks.



24)  A cardiologist who said he “Won’t cry” at a funeral for “selfish” unvaxxed people dies after 3rd vax.

25) Eleven vax-injured physicians repeatedly ignored by gubment agencies.

26) The CDC admits it has no records of a single person with recovered immunity from the China Virus ever transmitting it.

27) In Kollyfornia, a University of California football game is canceled after 44 positive China Virus tests, despite being 99% vaxxed.

-(Vaxes don’t work).

28) Senior NIH doc pushes back against China Virus vax mandates.

29) China Virus surge in Belgium: “They are all vaccinated.”

-Course when your health minister looks like this . . . .

epa03977307 Maggie De Block the Belgian Interior Minister during an European Interior and Home Affairs ministers council at the European Commission headquarters, in Brussels, Belgium, 05 Decmeber 2013. EPA/OLIVIER HOSLET

30) While the Netherlands impose a new lockdown and restrictions affecting all people.

-But of course, they are.

31) . . . and Norway. It’s as if these governments know they need to achieve natural immunity but can’t tolerate any cases/deaths that naturally accompany natural immunity.

32)  . . . and Australia (imposes nationwide lockdown for “unvaxxed”).

33) FDA recalls 2 million at-home China Virus tests due to false positives.

34) And finally, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” is shutting down production as Letitia Wright recovers from an unnamed “on-set injury.”

-I guess Wakanda’s medicine isn’t that advanced after all.


And that’s Today’s News 


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