The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 2, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Herschel Walker is dominating the GA GOP primary.

2) Youngkin swings into favorite role.

3) Congresswoman Diana Harshbarger (R-TN) has introduced the “Natural Immunity is Real” Act to legally recognize those who have natural immunity from the China Virus.

4) Biteme fatigue is real: only 36% of DemoKKKrats want him to run again. Relax folks. Ya got three more years of his destruction. You won’t have a party left when he’s done.

5) New Fox5DC poll (not Faux News) out of Washington shows Youngkin with a 2 point lead. I remain skeptical—two is right at the margin of fraud for DemoKKKrats.

6) While we’re on the subject of polls, most Americans correctly believe “Build Back Better” will hurt them.

7) Another canary in the coal mine: Representative John Lancaster in Mississippi, has switched his party affiliation from DemoKKKRat to Republican, adding to the Rs supermajority there.

8) Here it comes. They are trying to reconstruct Mike Pence’s image. This is from The Hill. Be very skeptical.



9) Our pals at Goldman-Sachs think the Fed will raise rates faster due to persistent inflation.

-Oh, my GS friends, you ain’t begun to see inflation yet.

10) This is big. The aptly named Yay-hoo is pulling out of China due to the “challenging” environment.

11) Tiny AZ laptop company Meta PC is set for a $20m payday from Mark Zuckerbert to use a name they trademarked just three months ago. (They don’t realize the real name of Fakebook will be MetaBeta).

12) Apple to cut iPad production with worsening global chip crisis.

13) They called it a “visiting fee.” GA woman billed $700 for trip to ER and left after 7 hours without seeing a doctor.

-Probably due to “weather.”

14) TRUTHSocial Beta Launch & Trump’s TMTG SPAC SWAC. (If you need more acronyms, the DoD will be happy to help.


15) U.S. general blames a “brutal bureaucracy” from our failure to counter China.

-Yeah, that’s it. The “brutal bureaucracy.”

16) U.S. sub’s collision with a “mystery object” was an “underwater mountain.”

-Um hmm. Didn’t happen to have a red flag with yellow stars on it, did this “mountain?”

17) Thoroughly Modern Milley says that the ‘pace at which China is moving is “stunning.” Gee, do you think they are concerned with “yellow racism” or critical race theory in the Chinese military?



18) According to the White House 80% of Americans have gotten at least one China Virus dose. What are they so worried about then?

19) A Mayo Clinic study says recipients of the J&J vax are 3.5 more likely to develop a potentially fatal blood clot in the brain. (Recall that already Pfizer was nicknamed the “clot shot.”)

20) In Queensland, Australia, 7,000 health care workers reject the jab, 4,000 fired today.

21) The brilliant medical people in Ireland, looking at their country’s vax-induced pandemic, have tripled down on vaxxes until “transmission-blocking vaccines” are available.

-Wait, I thought that’s what a vax was.

22) This take from the UK is that most of the vax deaths have been caused by just 5% of the vaxxes—except it’s not just the Pfizer vax. This suggests they are now starting to try to scapegoat Pfizer.

23) Missouri governor signs ex order against China Virus vax mandates.

24)  . . . as does AL gov Kay Ivey.

25) Even Mavs owner Mark Cuban has been forced to change his vax mandate for fans.

26) Increase in cerebral venous sinus thrombosis after China Virus shot.

27) Finally, legendary rocker Alice Cooper announces a winter 2022 tour with his annual Christmas Pudding benefit on Dec. 4. Vince is a Phoenix local who is a tremendous asset to the Valley.


And that’s Today’s News


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