Endorsement from President Donald Trump is Good as Gold

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  • 09/19/2023

The size of a candidate’s war chest has always been the major component of a candidate’s viability in a political race. Now in Republican Primaries across the country, there is a new barometer: an endorsement from President Donald Trump.

Armed with this endorsement, any candidate becomes a front runner in a primary. Former President Trump’s endorsement is hands-down the most sought in the history of the Republican Party. Facts do not lie. In 2020, 10 of 10 Senate Candidates the President endorsed won. In House races, 120 of the 122 candidates President Trump endorsed in congressional primary elections won, and the two who didn’t lost to candidates who successfully ran campaigns by arguing they were more “Trump” than their opponents.

Staten Island borough president candidate Vito Fossella endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

Perhaps more importantly in 2021, President Trump’s endorsement record in Republican elections is 10-0. Six of those victories were in competitive elections to lead the national and state Republican parties. A sterling example is pointed out by Matt Schlapp, Chairman of the Conservative Union. The Republican primary to lead Staten Island, New York, was completely undecided. Less than 72 hours before polls closed, President Trump endorsed Vito Fossella, a former congressman who was running against a formidable opponent, the minority leader of the New York City Council. The minority leader campaigned with every major endorsement in Staten Island: the local Republican Party, the police and trade unions, and municipal politicians. But, on the Saturday before the Tuesday election, President Trump endorsed Vito Fossella — and Vito won.

Why you may ask, does the endorsement mean so much? It is quite simple. President Trump represents the heart and soul of the Republican Party. He was the Presidential candidate that the Majority of the Republican Party had been waiting for since Ronald Reagan.

While the party as a whole is concentrating on the November 2022 general election, Trump’s eyes are set first on the primary elections that begin next spring. His goal is to assure that America First, true conservative candidates are on the primary ticket.

This is great news. The grassroots of the party has moved in a direction that is more closely aligned with Trump’s Mainstreet politics rather than the party elite’s globalist views for years.

“Prior to 2015, there’s a good case to be made that the Beltway version of the Republican Party had been moving away from the base,” said Drew McKissick, the Trump-endorsed chair of the South Carolina GOP. “What you saw in 2016—with Trump beating sixteen other qualified Republican candidates—was the rubber band snappin’ back. The base hadn’t moved. The Beltway had,” he said.

“President Trump maintains unprecedented influence over the Republican Party. As we see in elections across the country, there is only one lane for candidates to be successful: the Trump Lane,” said a spokesperson for Trump. He will continue to weigh into races to elevate the best candidates, while also continuing to weed out RINOs and sellouts.”

On Sept. 11, while the self-congratulating elite politicians assembled at Ground Zero at a highly restricted media-feeding frenzy event, President Donald J. Trump spent the day honoring the true heroes of 9/11. He went to a fire station and a police precinct. He delivered two impassioned speeches letting them know in no uncertain terms he would always have their back, unlike many of today’s woke politicians. This is the true Donald J Trump.

Former President Donald Trump visits first responders in New York to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. (Twitter/@DanScavino)

President Donald J. Trump remains the most powerful man in politics. He remains the left’s worst nightmare. He embodies everything that makes America great, and they cannot stand it. It’s why in my humble opinion, if he decides to run again, he will win, and it will not be close.

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