Loudoun: CRT Sneaks Past Scrutiny by “Training” Educators

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  • 09/19/2023

Unsettling new documents and insider accounts of teacher training in Virginia reveal disturbing evidence of Marxist tactics by educators, lawmakers and CRT allies to influence every facet of the education system. It is becoming more obvious to careful observers of this movement that these operations are well-oiled machines, the burning embers designed to cut off at every pass those who would subvert their objectives. The curricula that parents are so loudly protesting at town halls are just the tip of the iceberg and may well be the shiny object CRT proponents pray we focus on.

It is becoming increasingly evident that those promoting CRT are running a classic Ideological subversion campaign. Knowing that parents are angry and awake, educators and their allies are using political distraction tactics to more deeply embed CRT in ways that will go largely unnoticed. The shiny object is the curriculum—however, the more insidious components are the laws, the mindset training for teachers, staff, and K-12 students. Even more alarming are the powerfully influential bullying tactics used against those who might not comply—a classic Marxist strategy.

A Fairfax County parent, Sam Ettaro—who works in education and independent media production in Fairfax County spent 13 years teaching in the Pennsylvania schools—mentioned to UncoverDC that "he has seen this coming for years." Yet, he still can't believe what he is hearing and seeing. He works

He is particularly focused on the newly minted law mandating Cultural Competency Training and the resulting planned in-service training sessions in August. UncoverDC reported on the law and its real agenda in a story on June 22.

Ettaro contacted UncoverDC through local activist Joe Mobley and is alarmed about what he discovered in Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS). Ettaro found the June 23 County Curriculum and Instruction Committee's agenda for the upcoming teacher training in August and highlighted the newly amended HR Policies regarding professional conduct.

Informed by years of meetings, brainstorming, assessments and limited community feedback, the LCPS governing bodies are kicking into high gear with the brand spanking new "Cultural Competency" in-service training for the teachers on August 3 and 4. All other staff members will meet on August 10.

August Inservice Training/Loudoun County Schools

Below are the planned amendments to the standards for Professional Conduct. If adopted,  teachers and staff will no longer be "encouraged" to report each other when they step out of line but, rather, they "should report violations of LCPS' commitment to equitable treatment and all forms of discrimination or harassment based upon protected classifications of students and staff to their immediate supervisor or principal—" again, classic Marxist compliance tactics. Teachers must not only buy into this ideological framework but they are also charged with its policing and enforcement by "ratting out" their colleagues.

The statement below in the section on protected speech states that First Amendment speech is protected, except as provided by law. As seen with laws like HB1904, lawmakers play a key role in ensuring CRT and its tentacles are fortified at every turn. Free Speech is free, until it isn't.

Professional Conduct/Loudoun County Curriculum and Instruction Committee Meeting/June 23, 2021

Ettaro says he has attended countless trainings on bullying over the years and he sees how facilitators and teachers turned activists are now enacting those same bullying tactics against those who oppose CRT policies. Ettaro states:

"It is the old story of the malcontent sitting in the back of the room. The malcontent questions the teachings and becomes the subject of bullying and peer pressure."

The training and the pressure to participate could then lead to a stain on a teacher's record if he or she refuses to participate or doesn't participate according to the script—"is the very thing adults frown upon with the bully on the playground." The framework encourages using a "power structure to put that teacher on the ropes...It is pure Marxist tactics," Ettaro added.

Recent History: How The Sausage Was Made

Equity seems to be a popular topic in Virginia Schools. Loudoun County is one school district that has seen its share of friction between its school board, parents, and teachers in the community. Critical Race Theory (CRT) and highly-sexualized materials in the curriculum have caused heated debate—not just in Loudoun County but all over the country.

Teachers are on the frontlines delivering the instruction and material. Unfortunately, the upshot of the agenda being espoused and taught seems to deploy Marxist tactics to ensure that teachers cooperate.

One of many virtual meetings of the Loudoun County Equity Committee aired live on June 3 and was open for public comment. This particular meeting seems to be a culmination of years of collaboration, set to decide the course for teachers and schools concerning Critical Race Theory education in Virginia schools. Only 23 Loudoun county residents attended the virtual meeting and each participant was allotted one minute for comment.

These virtual sessions are open for registration two business days before the event. Registration closes one and a half hours before the start of the meeting. The meetings are recorded and are made available one day after the live broadcast.

June 3 Equity Committee Meeting/Loudoun County

Discussed in the public forum part of the meeting were the topics of trans-policy in schools and athletics and issues of equity and race. Several parents mentioned the cloaking of CRT in the schools, citing examples while being told by school officials that "there is no CRT being taught in the schools." Also discussed is that equity facilitators are being paid $625/hour to instruct teachers on the curriculum and framework for teaching.

"Disruption and dismantling of White Supremacy" was one of the agendas at the beginning of the school year, according to local parent Scott Mineo. One person spoke up to say that transgenderism should not be taught in health classes in public schools; rather, parents should teach those things. Another participant fully supported the teaching of gender identity in the classrooms. Robin Scott, with the "pronouns she and her," said she "supports the beautiful diverse rainbow" that is the student body in Loudoun County schools.

The committee also met to discuss the draft equity policy titled "The Commitment to Equity." December 2019 was the date of the first Equity Policy committee recommendations for LCPS. The Equity Initiative Documents state that:

"During the spring of 2019, from mid-April through the end of May, The Equity Collaborative staff conducted a series of focus group sessions and interviews at 24 schools across the division to review division culture related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and race."

According to the draft documents discussed, five themes emerged from the assessment and four recommendations resulted from the meetings.

Equity Committee Assessment/Loudoun County Schools

Notably, Pp. 8-15 are devoted to comments and feedback about the assessment. Montgomery County was used as a springboard for the Loudoun County Equity and Cultural Proficiency requirements.

There is no dissenting or meaningfully critical viewpoint about evaluating equity policy in Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS). There are also no questions asking if the policy should be put in place in the first place. The question that comes to mind is, who in the community is polled for feedback?

Equity Assessment Feedback/Loudoun County Schools

Equity Assessment/Comments/Loudoun County

The plan includes definitions of common terms and three overarching strategic goals captured below:

Educational Terms

Educational Terms/Loudoun County

Strategic Goals

Strategic Goals for Equity in Loudoun County Schools

CRT in K-12 schools has awakened parents and they are showing up to voice their concerns. However, the citizens of this country would do well to understand that sometimes the most dangerous fires are those set by the burning embers.


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