Agent of Disaster Part 1

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  • 09/19/2023

What if we were to tell you a story? Of course, this wouldn’t refer to anyone living or dead, you understand. That might be, er, messy.

Our story begins with an assumption that supporters of Donald Trump (and people on the right, generally) have had for several years, that Communist China is a mortal enemy of the United States; that the ChiComs (as we affectionately call them) were being badly hammered back into their 2nd class status by the aforementioned Donald Trump; and that they would do pretty much anything to end the threat of Orange Man.

This group of people holds two other assumptions. The first is that the 2020 election was stolen by a year-long strategy of ballot-box stuffing, fraudulent early voting ballots, and most of all, by election night, criminality that saw the vote-counting in at least four states stop simultaneously as if on a silent command—all at a time when Trump led significantly, only to re-start with magical numbers beyond the realm of plausibility arrive for Joe Biden.

This assumption has been proven substantially correct. No less than TIME magazine admitted to a “conspiracy” that “curtailed the [anticipated left-wing] protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs . . . . the informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans.”

We are currently nearing the end of the Arizona election audit that may—or may not—uncover provable fraud, which would then open up a host of possibilities, including the legislature de-certifying Joe Biden as the winner of Arizona’s electoral votes.  TIME had insisted that there might be “no result discerned at all, a failure of the central act of a democratic self-governance.” Of course, such things happened twice before in our history (1860 and 1876) and very nearly a third time (2000).

A second assumption widely held by those on the right is that the COVID virus, or, more appropriately, the China Virus, was a deliberate act of aggression by the ChiComs to slow down Trump’s economic juggernaut and, more important, weaken him with the voters to affect his November loss, right in line with the kind of “election fortification” that would ensure the fraud described above. It was clear from mid-2020 that with the help of the Hoax News media, Trump would be blamed for all the worst aspects of the China Virus while China itself was protected. Or, to put it another way, the China Virus was not only a deliberate act of malevolence by the ChiCom government but was launched in tandem and coordination with the separate vote fraud (we’ll call it Operation Steal America).

These two assumptions fed a growing suspicion that the ChiComs were working closely with Democrat and/or anti-Trump politicians to drive his approval down while slithering in as many early voters as they could manufacture. It seemed that perhaps certain California senators or a California governor or California congressmen had acted as the middlemen for such a coordinated strategy.

One important element was missing from this suspicion: evidence. Virtually no evidence has surfaced so far to even show much contact between prominent Democrat politicians and the ChiComs when it came to ensuring that the China Virus did its job. No “Meester Beeeg” could be identified, even on a theoretical basis. To be blunt, no Democrat politician, including the former president, seemed smart enough or clever enough to wield this two-edged Trump-killer sword. They had all been outsmarted by Trump too many times over the last four years.

And the reasons, it turns out, might be obvious. No coordination or direction was needed because, in the style of true communist spy operations, the entire effort against Trump was highly compartmentalized into Operation Steal America on the elections side and the China Virus on the pandemic/medical side. No one was in charge of both—at least not until you finally got back to the Chinese Communist Party itself—because these were separate operations that might or might not have depended on the other to succeed. It was conceivable, for example, that Trump might have mishandled the China Virus so badly that he would have taken care of his own political future. Or it was conceivable that even if the response to the China Virus had been vastly better (in terms of rejecting lockdowns, reducing the wearing of masks, and still keeping the death rate quite low), somehow the fraud would have still swamped whatever numbers Trump put up.

Another reason direct coordination may not have been necessary is the “hive mentality” that persists among Communists and fellow travelers like the Democrat Party. The Democrat Hive was explained in The American Spectator in 1981 by Tom Bethell:

"Left-wing individuals and organizations have disguised their agenda by adopting a new system of communication, one in which the crude old formulas such as “state ownership of the means of production” never appear. Joe Sobran, the National Review editor and columnist, has likened the contemporary system of socialist communication to a beehive. Bees in a hive don’t “talk” to one another, but they do have an effective system of communication, and they all work toward a common goal, different bees performing different functions. 'There is no need to posit an overarching conspiracy,' Sobran wrote recently. 'The world collectivist movement goes forward. None of its constituent parts—Communist, socialist, liberal—runs the whole thing; they don’t even consciously cooperate, for the most part.' But they manage never to sting one another."

Finally, what if the worldwide pandemic response was all gamed out by Non-Governmental Organizations over a decade ago, and the ChiComs merely did what they do best: copy/steal and improve on the design for their own ends? Here are some revelations from a Dutch MP commenting on a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation report:

"One of the most influential NGOs in the world developed several scenarios for the future of technology and international development. This report and in this report, the Rockefeller Foundation, describes the so-called “lockstep Scenario” on the coming of a worldwide pandemic and its aftermath. Already in 2010, according to the scenario— and I have it here with me—the Chinese would be the first, to begin with, 'required quarantine for all citizens'… that is a quote—and immediate and almost heretic closing off of all borders.

National leaders would strengthen their power with laws, rules, and restrictions from the requirement of wearing masks to body temperature checks to enter their stations, planes, buildings; it all comes in here. But it doesn’t even stop there."

Coordination, no coordination, compartmentalization, or a combination?

How could the ChiComs have ensured that Trump would not stamp out the virus in record time and smash Operation Steal America? What if . . .

Part II

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