A New Pennsylvania Election Report and Petition for Audit

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  • 09/19/2023

Pennsylvania State Representative Seth Grove released 'A Comprehensive Review of Pennsylvania's Election Laws: How Pennsylvania Can Guarantee Rights and Integrity in Our Election System' based on state election hearings held between January and April. The testimony from election officials and experts was intended to identify and fix any problems with the voting system and the 84-year-old laws that govern it.

In Grove's press release, he wrote, "Elections must be held to the highest integrity while also being accessible to all legal voters. House Republicans stand ready to improve our antiquated election laws, aid local election officials, and ensure it is easy to vote but hard to cheat." He continued discussing the results of the inquiry, “Through expert testimony, we found numerous flaws within Pennsylvania’s election code and with its implementation. This report will lead to comprehensive legislative fixes to the numerous systemic problems, which have led many voters to distrust election results.”

After the election but before the inauguration, Rudy Giuliani joined the Senate Majority Policy Committee of Pennsylvania for a hearing on election irregularities at the request of Republican Senator Doug Mastriano. Patrick Howley's live-tweeting summarizes witness testimony that included retired Army Colonel Phil Waldron, who specialized in Information Warfare and Psychological Operations. Waldron described sudden vote 'spikes' that he says accounted for 570,000 votes for Biden but only 3,200 for Trump, followed by viral videos of gasps from the crowd. Other testimony included claims of hand-duplicated ballots and the fact that Republican poll watchers were restricted, but it resulted in no change to the election results.

HereIsTheEvidence.com (HIT) compiles available crowdsourced information that may be admissible in court as evidence of anomalies and legal issues in the 2020 Presidential Election. The data is sortable and filterable by state, type of evidence, admissibility, and more. Their roundup of Pennsylvania evidence includes irregularities found through state transparency initiative OpenDataPA. The publicly available ballot data is downloadable and shows the life cycle of every mail-in and absentee ballot in Pennsylvania. HIT says there are a total of 191,725 mail-in ballots "touched by alterations, illegality, or anomalies according to data.PA.gov." Analyzing that data has led to the video below where 23,000+ ballots were marked 'Received' before 'Mailed' along with other apparent irregularities. Election night coverage has also been used in an attempt to show irregularities.

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A petition from three Pennsylvania women at AuditTheVotePA.com is aiming for 25,000 signatures in support of an investigative audit of ballots and an independent forensic audit of all electronic voting machines. It calls for signature verification as well as recounts for all in-person votes, including provisional ballots, cross-referenced to ensure each person only voted once. To do so, the petition requests a minimum 90-day delay of the upcoming Pennsylvania primary elections for Governor, U.S. Senator, and other state and federal seats.

The petition expresses disappointment in handling election irregularities and "what appears to be the blatant disregard for the rule of law" in Pennsylvania. At issue is a last-minute change to voting law by Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar that was allowed by the Supreme Court, about which the petition says, "many of you did not even read the entire bill before signing it into law," and that it violates the state Constitution.

It goes on to list numerous claims that include 423,116 votes removed from Trump on election day, 278 precincts where 97% or more of the votes were for Biden, 170,000 more ballots cast than voters who voted, well over 100,000 ballots that are dated in a way that makes them questionable, if not impossible, and dead people listed as active voters on voter rolls. The petition also notes that 14 counties have Dominion voting machines, and says "we witnessed on live TV in the Senate Georgia hearing on January 5th, 2021 the voting machines were in fact connected to WiFi and an individual was able to hack into the machines through his phone giving him direct access to the votes in real-time..."

The petition also references Absolute Proof by Mike Lindell, a documentary that spotlights Mary Fanning's investigative reporting that claims IP addresses from foreign adversaries, including China, tampered with voting machines and switched votes in Pennsylvania and other states. AuditTheVotePA is not the first attempt at an audit in the state. The Pennsylvania House approved one on November 19th, but the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee rejected it.

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