DePerno Says Votes Were Changed In Dominion Tabulators

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  • 09/19/2023

Monday's video showing expert Ken Lenberg using a tabulator to flip votes as one more piece of evidence should have turned the heads of every media person and government official in the state of Michigan. Lenberg's demonstration is further proof that the Antrim County election may have been fraudulent. Friday's Dark to Light podcast featured Attorney Matt DePerno, who filed the first election lawsuit, still ongoing, that has made it to the evidentiary phase. At the end of the interview, he asked a simple question,

"Why have state senators and state representatives not said one single thing about this since Monday? [It] is unbelievable. They should have risen up already and come out in one collective voice that they are going to conduct an independent audit of this election after this information was put out. Not one single Michigan media company has covered this story. They have all ignored it collectively. They don't want to talk about it. No one wants to publicize it, and our attempts to share that video, in many ways, get blocked."

Despite the censoring, the response to Lenberg's demonstration has been overwhelming- unlike anything "they have put out or seen in this case." He says that he hopes that "people are starting to wake up, and [he] hopes our senators are starting to wake up. The fact that they don't even talk about this shows their own corruption."

As reported by UncoverDC, DePerno filed an amended complaint on May 3 to expand the counts of fraud and the parties who allegedly participated in a dirty election. His explanation of the blocks, twists, and turns he and his client have experienced shows a steadfast commitment to finding the truth about the 2020 election for the people of Michigan.

He has conducted the case, whose first filing was on Nov. 23, largely under the radar. His aim and the goal of his Plaintiff, William Bailey, has never been politically motivated. He said he "intentionally excluded the broader issues," meaning his lawsuit is a standalone effort having nothing to do with the Trump campaign lawsuits.

DePerno explains that the local Michigan races have been his focus, particularly down-ballot races, because he can now show how votes can be selectively changed at the tabulator and in the machines locally and easily "in a matter of seconds." He added, "School board elections were affected, and we want people to understand that what happened with these voting systems affected not only the Presidential election but all the way down to school boards and state proposals and college trustee elections. This affects everything...if you want to change a culture in a country, you start by affecting the school board races...county commissioner races. You need to have those areas controlled if you want to essentially have a takeover of the country."

His mission has always been to investigate the Antrim County election at the local level. From the very beginning, the media "set out to suppress" the investigation at every stage. Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, and County Clerk, Sheryl Guy also have seemed to do everything in their power to diminish the importance of the lawsuit's claims. Early on, Guy appeared stiffly on the news after the abnormalities in the numbers were reported to say that it was human error that caused the votes to go to Biden and not Trump. Benson maintained "it was secure, accurate and fair."

Antrim County resident William Bailey wasn't buying it. Antrim County is "typically a red county—voting about 65% Republican and in this election, it completely flipped," explained DePerno. Had William Bailey not persisted with his concerns, DePerno believes Guy would have left the votes as posted on the count website on Election Day. It took the county until November 21st to "get the numbers right," even though 1400 votes for Biden had suddenly disappeared. The lawsuit was filed on Nov. 23.

DePerno and Bailey requested a forensic audit at the time per the guidelines set by  Secretary of State Benson. She agreed to do it, probably to "get out of the case as soon as possible," DePerno added. However, on the day of the audit, they changed the rules saying they would only do a hand count of the Presidential race.

During that December 17 audit, volunteers found 148 ballots that all had "the exact same signature on them in the exact same handwriting." The find was captured on video by DePerno and was circulated in a Gateway Pundit article.

The official managing the count asked them to "complete the audit piece right now so we can move forward; we will address your concerns later." One of the people challenging ballots was threatened with an arrest that day by Sheriff's Office deputies who were directed to do so by the election officials. They told him "he was disturbing the peace."

DePerno knew at the time that based on the systems he had already examined; those 148 ballots would go to adjudication, leaving the door open for vote flipping. The 148 ballots all indicated a vote for the same write-in candidate—a statistical impossibility.

As they looked inside the ballot envelopes, some had 20 ballots inside. Absentee ballots were folded together in the wrong spot—all voting for Joe Biden. Blank ballots were found inserted into envelopes with voted ballots. A blank ballot would create an adjudication issue, not only for that ballot but for the stack of ballots underneath it. All would go to adjudication. At that point, all those ballots can be changed locally or remotely via the internet.

DePerno recounted the story of two women in Banks Township, who, while they were counting, came up short by about 750 ballots. An election official magically found a bag of ballots—a bag marked "spoiled ballots." The official directed them to count those. "What was going on there was ridiculous, and we documented it all," said DePerno. At the end of the day, however, Benson declared the recount a victory for election integrity despite the issues and the fact that the recount was compared with the Dec. 21 results, NOT the Nov. 3 results.

Documents were subpoenaed multiple times to look at communications between state officials; however, when they were delivered to DePerno they were all out of order. They found nothing related to communications between Antrim County and Benson or correspondence between Benson and Google or Facebook or Zuckerberg. "Not one single email between Benson and Antrim County was found," per DePerno. "You are supposed to use your government phone, not a private phone, or an encrypted phone, or a burner phone to communicate."

DePerno said that it appears they didn't spend any of the money received for the election on training for the voting systems, but rather, they spent it on 'Zuckerboxes' "in strategic locations around the state." "Dominion wrote the secretary of state's press release" for the Dec. 17 hand recount, according to Deperno.

One of the more remarkable events in the course of the case was Sheryl Guy's interference. Guy is a material witness in the case. However, one of her jobs as an elected official is managing and maintaining the court's docket. At one point during what was an ongoing case, Guy suddenly dismissed the lawsuit—under the premise of a rule that allows a suit to be dismissed for "lack of progress." DePerno said he was "knee-deep in the case," and yet she determined he had never served the county within the required 90 days.

Antrim County Clerk/Sheryl Guy/Record-Eagle file photo/Jan-Michael Stump

The defendants had responded and DePerno explained a rule saying he didn't have to run around serving people since the parties already knew they were involved. Not only had she dismissed the case, she had not filed it electronically, so DePerno wasn't aware of it until a reporter called him. The Detroit News knew it was happening within a minute of it happening, according to DePerno. DePerno added an Abuse of Process claim against her in his recently amended complaint explained in an UncoverDC article early Friday. The amended complaint has several additional Defendants, including ElectionSource.

What DePerno Knows After Seven Months of Litigation and Discovery

"We know definitively to affect an election from the top of the ticket to the bottom of a ticket." DePerno clarified the evidence shown on Monday by former DHS expert Lenberg. Lenberg used a Dominion Voting tabulator—with all the same specifications as those used on Nov. 3 in Antrim County. Essentially, the video shows Lenberg running a mini-election from beginning to end.

At this point, Deperno has in his possession the "forensic images of the Antrim County Election Management System (EMS)." With that forensic image, you are able to "use that image to create an exact replica of the machine that sits on the county desktop." The machine can be booted up "no different than if it was sitting in Antrim County..." He continued, "We can see everything they were doing, how everything was programmed, and we can see how ElectionSource sent the files over to Antrim County. We can see how the county programs the election."

So with the tabulator and the images, they were able to run the election from beginning to end, just as is shown in the video. "We are in a very unique position—I guess we'd be the only people in the country who can do this. We can now show how an election works, how an election is programmed, and how you can affect an election."

ElectionSource did all the mapping of the ballots and programmed the Michigan election. They send the files to the county clerk and the clerk installs the files on EMS. The clerk then creates compact flash drives, two of them for each precinct. The Township inserts them into the Dominion Tabulator. The tabulator only has firmware, not software. The tabulators need the flash drives and a programmed key specific to the county to boot the tabulator.

The video shows Lenberg "affecting the election at the tabulator." You can pick and choose what you want to flip—it is possible to flip any race, and "you only need to change one number." "Nine of sixteen precincts were affected by this method in the November 3rd election," DePerno continued.

"Remember," said DePerno, "In Antrim County, Trump got all of Jorgenson's votes, and Trump's votes went to Joe Biden, and then Joe Biden's votes actually went into an undervote category. The undervote goes to adjudication, making it easy for the adjudicator to give Joe Biden's votes to him twice...This is why Joe Biden got 80 million votes," explained DePerno. "He got 80 million votes because, in many places, he got Donald Trump's votes and he got his own votes."

With the votes changed at the tabulator, the paper tape will still have the same vote totals, but some of the votes might have been flipped. "No one looks at the ballots at that point," said DePerno. Looking at the ballots is the only way to match a vote with the person who voted. "The tally tape has every race and who got how many votes," continued DePerno. It should match the data on the compact flash card. That data then works its way up to the state level and the county canvassing board. They look at the tape, "say okay," and then look at poll books that document who and how many voted that day, and if those two numbers match, they certify the election. No one would ever know that votes were flipped unless a hand recount is performed—a rare occurrence because of the cost.

"Look at what is happening across the country now?" DePerno said. Where has anyone allowed anyone to look at ballots?... In my case, they are still preventing us from looking at ballots."

Those missing ballots are the reason DePerno filed subpoenas requesting ballots from 16 precincts, as reported by UncoverDC. The secretary of state and the county filed motions to stop them from doing that. There is another hearing on the 10th of May because the county wants to dismiss the case.

DePerno's closing comment, if true, could prove that the 2020 election was, in fact, stolen:

"What we proved on Monday is that we can affect any election, any race, in any county using Dominion. We can do up-ballot, down-ballot, we can change those results at the tabulator, and no one will ever know about it."

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