The Political Dynamic: The First Quarter

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  • 09/19/2023

In what I hope will be a series of snapshots of the political scene, we are one-quarter into Joe Biden’s fraudulent presidency and some patterns are becoming obvious.

On the Democrat side, there is a rush—even a panicked frenzy—to get things done. The House has already passed a D.C. statehood bill; it has tried and failed to pass the first China Virus so-called “relief bill,” then revised a slightly less porky version that doled out more checks to individuals. Clearly the Democrats are devising a gun control bill, and Biden has endorsed a plan to pack the Supreme Court with more judges. (He might want to wait: given the pace at which John Roberts, Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Barrett, and Neil Gorsuch are voting with the left, he probably won’t need to). Perhaps my memory has faded, but I cannot recall a sitting U.S. Supreme Court justice receiving a book deal such as Barrett has, a reported $2 million advance for a woman who has been on the bench less than six months, has had no earth-shaking decisions, and whose only accomplishment so far has been to vote not to hear fraud cases from the election. Yeah, that just shrieks “Top dollar!” to me.

A thoroughly politicized Department of Justice, with the hopelessly corrupt FBI, continues to waste massive money and manpower on nailing the January 6 Patriot’s Day protesters, while Black Lives Matter and fascist so-called Antifa continue to carry out a reign of terror on major American cities. They can feel safe doing so, as thousands of troops are still in the hottest of hot zones, Washington D.C., looking at brave squidpickles who risk daily getting a cut as the barbed wire gates are opened for them. Then there’s the sunstroke they may get crossing the mall. Oh, the horrors!

Much of the job of the House and the Senate when it comes to crushing the opposition is, therefore, being handled bureaucratically—much as it was in the Third Reich or Stalin’s Russia, with individuals detained without bail, held on concocted charges of “insurrection,” and pressured to flip on the larger organization. At least one has so far. But while the inJustice Department continues its bizarre and often criminal activities, its behavior—and that of the House in particular—reminds us that Patriot’s Day was a towering success and that for the first time in my life, I witnessed the D.C. elites in genuine fear of the people. This is a good thing.

As for the GOP, it is showing some signs of life at the state level, where states have passed a blizzard of concealed carry laws, prohibitions against “vaccine passports,” election reform laws (Georgia), audit-the-2020-vote-laws (New Hampshire and Arizona), and so on. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote that federalism was not quite dead yet.

While this is a positive sign, it is also fraught with peril for those posturing for a 2024 presidential run. In Arizona, for example, Doug Ducey has insisted there will be no “vaccination passports” by the state but left the door open for corporations to mandate such nonsense, thereby staying away from problems with big corporate donors. In the area of college sports, South Dakota Governor (and, aside from Trump, one of the purported top candidates for the GOP nomination in 2024) Kristi Noem severely damaged her political future by vetoing a bill that would prohibit transgender athletes (i.e., men) from competing in NCAA women’s sports. She buckled to the NCAA and the promise of college sports money. Kansas Governor Laura Kelly did the same in her state, but that was predictable: she is a Democrat, while Noem is not only a Republican but was considered a strong conservative until now.

All eyes remain on Florida, where the two biggest dogs in the 2024 race continue along largely separate paths. Donald Trump has been active in endorsing 2022 candidates, though some of his selections seem to once again return Swamp Dwellers to D.C. (Marco Rubio). The fact is, in some of these races, there are no alternatives. Currently, no one in Florida could begin to challenge Rubio for his seat. If Trump somehow wins in 2024, he would need an ally in Rubio, not an outright enemy. Governor Ron DeSantis “seems” to be making his mark in deeds by blocking any “vaccination passport,” by ending mask mandates, and by tending to Florida’s booming economy. However, for all the DeSantis fans, I would issue this warning: he doesn’t have much longer that he can protect himself with local Florida politics. By the same stage of his first presidential run, then-governor Ronald Reagan had already developed full and robust theories and politics on everything from national energy to the Cold War, to the Middle East, and so on. Reagan in many ways was the most prepared President we ever had when he came into office.

The time is coming, indeed, the time is now when DeSantis is going to have to start translating his local policies into national ideas. (“We did x in FL because it represented y idea, and that is an idea that must be applied nationally.”) Riding on the success of dealing with the China Virus will not be sufficient for an American population that is besieged by illegals pouring across the border; by mobs burning down cities; by threats in many states to either de-fund or so completely remake police forces that they would become the Pee Wee Hermans of the London Bobbies.

And Trump? No one knows. Weekly there is the “he’s running/he’s not running” story. But I think President Trump is watching the vote fraud reform. He knows that even if he were to get another five million votes next time, the Democrats can shut down voting at two in the morning and manufacture five million and one. And based solely on what the leading GOP candidates are saying, so far, he still is the only one to get it.

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