Biden’s ‘Illegals First, Americans Last!’ Policy In Action In Texas

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  • 09/19/2023

It is being reported by NBC News that after being released by the border patrol, illegal immigrants in Brownsville, Texas were tested for COVID before leaving town. And over 100 of these released immigrants tested positive for COVID-19. Instead of being immediately placed in quarantine, these immigrants were released because the city had no authority to detain or quarantine them. Many of these immigrants then got on buses and departed for points all over the United States. Reported destinations included North Carolina, Maryland, and New Jersey.

As you can imagine, a lot of Texans who have been living under pandemic restrictions and mandates and quarantines for the past year are upset at this news. When she saw the news report about this, my stepmother linked it to me and told me how angry she was at discovering the federal government was allowing this. This is what she told me on Facebook, what she and my Dad have been living through since March of last year:

We have watched Americans kicked off of planes, including toddlers, for not wearing a mask! Illegals tested positive and get on a bus and infect everyone?

Where the hell do Americans stand?

Illegals come first!

Booting healthy toddlers and families off of planes and allowing positive Covid illegals to get on public transportation and speed Covid-19 to parts unknown?

We have worn a mask.

We have stayed away from restaurants.

Our friends.


Going to the doctor in person.

I will have my 2nd virtual doc appointment this month.

Stayed away from grandchildren.

Stayed away from family.

We have done curbside grocery pickup for a year.

Had groceries delivered.

Worn a useless mask.

No entertainment away from our living room.

No dances.

No parties.

No community gatherings.

It is endless.

This border crap is just too much to comprehend!

How could anyone blame her or any other Texan for being upset? And if anyone is surprised that the Biden administration’s policies at the border clearly place the needs of illegal immigrants over those of American citizens, I have some harsh words for them.

Under former President Barack Obama, the Democratic Party made it clear in its policy decisions that illegals came before American citizens. When President Donald J. Trump assumed office in January 2017, the Democrats used everything but signal flags for four long years to vociferously argue against Trump’s policy of placing the needs of American citizens first ahead of globalist concerns.

Now that an election was successfully stolen, why would anyone be surprised Democrats are going right back to the same old policies that reveal they consider the needs and desires of illegal immigrants more important than those of native Americans? The caravans have already started up again, and more unaccompanied minors are streaming over the border, all while President [*] Biden’s top DHS official loudly insists there is no crisis at the southern border.

The Democrats never hid from the American public where their sympathies really lie whenever the interests of illegal immigrants’ conflict with those of U.S. citizens. So, anyone complaining who voted for Biden can just shut the hell up about this.

Biden Accuses Governors of “Neanderthal Thinking”, Abbott Fires Back

It was right as President [*] Joe Biden was mocking the governors of Texas and Mississippi for engaging in ‘Neanderthal thinking’ by lifting their states mask mandates and many of the restrictions on businesses that this news story broke about 108 virus-infected illegals being allowed to leave Brownsville.

Fox News reported:

President Biden took a swipe at Republican governors in Texas and Mississippi Wednesday, accusing them of "Neanderthal thinking" following their decision to reverse COVID safety policies, including mask mandates.

 "We've been able to move that all the way up to the end of May to have enough [vaccines] for every American, to get every adult American to get a shot," Biden told reporters from the White House Wednesday. "The last thing we need is the Neanderthal thinking."

BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS - FEBRUARY 26: Central American asylum seekers arrive at a bus station after being released by U.S. Border Patrol agents on February 26, 2021, in Brownsville, Texas. U.S. immigration authorities are now releasing many asylum-seeking families after they cross the U.S.-Mexico border and are taken into custody. The immigrant families are then free to travel to destinations throughout the U.S. while awaiting asylum hearings. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Naturally, Texas Governor Greg Abbott didn’t appreciate being told he was thinking like a caveman, and he quickly fired back at The Asterisk President:

“First, it obviously is not the type of thing that the president should be saying,” Abbott said on the show. “But second, he kind of said it on the worst day he could have because the same day he said that in Texas, the Biden administration was releasing illegal immigrants into our communities who had COVID.” He added, “The Biden administration was exposing Texans to COVID. That is a Neanderthal-type approach to dealing with the COVID situation.”

Senator Marco Rubio [R-FL] had some harsh words for the Biden administration in an interview with Fox News about this issue. Rubio focused first on the issue that the Biden administration is hiding and that the mainstream media is deliberately overlooking when it comes to the kids in cages controversy: how are these kids getting to our borders? The answer is human trafficking networks.

“The real tragedy [is] before they get into the centers, how are these people getting here? They’re getting here because trafficking networks are taking advantage of poor, desperate people and saying there’s a new President, this new President will let you come into the United States and stay there if you show up with a child.

We have no idea how many of these children are killed on the journey, left behind, die from illness on that journey, are sexually abused on that journey. All incentivized by this policy.”

Trump spent four years cracking down on the human trafficking networks at the border. Biden has already signaled to the cartels that it is business as usual again.

U.S. President Donald Trump signs an executive order during a summit on the 20th Anniversary of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000. (Amanda Andrade-Rhoades/Bloomberg News)

Why Have Immigration Policy If Illegal Immigrants Known to Have Communicable Diseases Are Allowed Into The Country?

One of the biggest reasons a nation enforced border control policy was to protect its citizens from the spread of communicable diseases. Under the new administration of President [*] Joe Biden, this is no longer the case.  In fact, one of the first Trump policies Biden reversed was the one where illegal immigrants had to wait on the other side of the U.S. border for their asylum case to be heard. Biden has returned to the practice of releasing these people into the country, where the vast majority of them never show up in court.

As a matter of basic public safety during a pandemic, any immigrant who broke the law by coming into the country illegally who is found to have COVID should be returned to their country of origin. It is simply good immigration, health, and national security policy to want to know which people trying to enter this country have communicable diseases. What used to be responsible for public health, safety, and border control policy has now been reversed due to the Democratic Party’s overweening love for Political Correctness.

And I’ll point this out: Brownsville seems to have been the only city along the U.S. southern border doing this testing. What’s the real number of COVID-infected illegal immigrants released into the U.S. interior since January? Nobody knows because none of the other cities were doing these tests.

I'm predicting the city of Brownsville will soon face a liberal backlash for daring to not only test these illegals released into its custody, but for also daring to make the test results public. That proved embarrassing for the recently installed administration that is becoming more of a clown show every day.



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