Idaho’s Citizen’s Committee on Election Integrity Adds to Trump’s Recommendations at CPAC

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  • 09/19/2023

As much as the Marxists would like America to believe otherwise, the MAGA movement is alive and well, as evidenced by the enthusiastic patriots who converged in Orlando, Florida to attend the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Wendi Strauch Mahoney was part of the UncoverDC team in attendance, and she wrote a great review of the conference (see CPAC 2021: America Uncanceled). It’s a recommended read.

As he did last year, Donald Trump closed out the conference with what sounded like a campaign speech. Naturally, the crowd was tuned in to Trump’s message, but so were the folks at home – myself among them. After attending CPAC last year and experiencing the buzz of the crowd during Trump’s address, this year I joined 31 million other Americans and watched Trump speak from afar.

One topic that caught my attention during Trump’s speech was what needs to be done to restore election integrity in the United States. Yes, despite the false narrative regularly regurgitated by the Marxist-friendly media and their cohorts in Congress, evidence of ballot manipulation in the 2020 election is overwhelming. Just read General Michael Flynn’s recent UncoverDC article on Election Integrity. That piece links to a website called Defending the Republic, where you can find a compilation of sworn affidavits outlining the “irregularities” that occurred.

Read any one of those affidavits and you’ll instantly know that the narrative being shoved down America’s throat that “no evidence exists” is an outright lie.

However, having attended a meeting at Idaho’s statehouse on Jan. 2 of the Citizen’s Committee on Election Integrity, I was curious to hear what Trump had to say about the subject.

Trump pointed out the verifiable fact that some cities and states changed their election rules, “without the approval of their state legislatures, making it therefore, illegal.

Trump was right when he said, “You have to go through the legislatures to get these approvals.” He was referring to Article I, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution, which says, “The times, places and manner of holding elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each state by the legislature thereof;”

Trump’s action items for election integrity

Trump outlined several steps that should be taken to restore “honest, fair, and accurate” elections in America, the first being that election should be held on ONE day, “not 45 or 30.”

Trump also said, “[T]he only people that should be allowed to vote by mail are people that can be proven to either be very sick or out of the country, or military where they can’t [vote in person].” These constrictions are used by multiple states, because, as Trump pointed out, mail-in voting is often corrupt by not having a secure chain-of-custody.

Trump then underscored the need for voter ID, giving the example that Democrats attending their own national convention needed a government-issued ID to enter.

Following that, Trump said “We need universal signature matching.” This problem occurred in states like Nevada, where any scribble on the signature line was considered a valid match. Trump correctly pointed out that when a state doesn’t match signatures, signatures don’t mean a thing.

Trump also said, “There should be a 100% requirement to verify the citizenship of every person who votes,” and, “There must be chain-of-custody protections for every ballot.”

You saw what happened in Detroit and Philadelphia and many other places … When you have more votes than you have people, that's a problem.”

Another issue underscored by Trump is election laws being changed within a few days of the election. “It is undeniable that election rules were illegally changed at the last minute in almost every swing state - with the procedures re-written by local politicians -- you're not allowed to do that -- and local judges.

Regardless of your political views,” Trump said, “this should concern you as a Constitutional matter.

Recommendations from Idaho’s Citizen Committee on Election Integrity

As I mentioned, I paid particularly close attention to Trump’s list of action items, because on Jan. 2 of this year, a citizen’s committee met at the Idaho State Capitol to recommend minimum standards for fair and honest elections. I attended that meeting in person, and I may be a bit biased, but I think Idaho’s citizen committee offered additional excellent suggestions for ensuring election integrity (which were read into the Congressional Record). In fact, some of these ideas are flat out ingenious.

Know that I’ll be sending this list to Trump for his consideration, but feel free to beat me to it:

  1. All voting processes, other than those needed to preserve the privacy of a citizen's vote, must be open and available for direct observation, with no minimum distance requirements, and audit by agents of the candidates or parties.
  2. All election materials must have a secure chain of custody at all times. Election officials must be accompanied by observers when accessing any election materials. Records of the chain of custody shall be complete and available for audit.
  3. All votes, regardless of voting method, shall be held to equal standards.
  4. Voters shall only be qualified electors that are able to verifiably provide their government issued photo identity before being issued a ballot. Voters who provide false information, including information of voter qualification, should face severe penalties.
  5. As a condition of being issued a ballot, the voter's identity and signature must be recorded in a permanent record (Poll Book).
  6. Original Ballots must have a physical form that allows voting choices to be examined and properly interpreted by the naked eye.
  7. Ballots must have features designed to prevent counterfeiting.
  8. An auditable system for tracking the status of all ballots must be implemented and maintained in the State of origin. The total number of printed ballots must equal the sum of the number of cast ballots, spoiled ballots, and unvoted ballots.
  9. Ballot tabulation must be conducted by two independent and unrelated systems. The difference in totals between the two systems must be less than one half the margin of victory or 0.1% of the vote total, whichever is less. Tabulating machines must only tabulate and not modify ballots in any way, or be connected to the internet.
  10. Before the results of an election can be certified, the ballot counts must be reconciled with the voter records. The margin of uncertainty must be less than one half the margin of victory or 0.1% of the vote total, whichever is less.
  11. Lists of qualified electors must be purged of unqualified persons 180 days before an election. Voter Rolls should be vetted and compared with available government records to identify duplicate or ineligible registrations.
  12. Laws and regulations governing an election may not be changed for 180 days prior to that election.
  13. All election records should be retained and preserved for not less than 22 months.
  14. Voter identification for provisional ballots must be verified, with information provided by the voter, prior to that ballot being counted.

In my opinion, suggestions 7, 8 and 9 alone would severely curtail election fraud, but enacting all these suggestions would pretty much wipe it out altogether.

Rather than pursuing universal mail-in ballots (which practically guarantees fraud), every state in the Union should put in place this list offered by Idaho’s Citizen’s Committee for Election Integrity.

As Trump said at CPAC, we need fair, honest, and secure elections. Combine Trump’s recommendation with this list from Idaho’s citizen committee, and it can happen. And it shouldn’t matter which letter comes after our names. “Regardless of your political views,” Trump said, “this should concern you as a Constitutional matter.


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