South Carolina State Legislature Introduces ‘The Pushback Agenda’ Against Unconstitutional Executive Orders

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  • 09/19/2023

South Carolina, led by a group of Republican state lawmakers, is in the process of rolling out a comprehensive legislative agenda aimed at counteracting what they consider to be unlawful overreach from Washington, D.C. The state seeks the nullification of "illegal executive orders" issued by the Biden Administration. Leading the effort, in what he and fellow lawmakers call the "The Pushback Agenda," is state representative Bill Taylor of Aiken, S.C. In an email to his constituents in S.C. House District 86, Taylor defined the problem:

"This isn't a Democrat or Republican issue—it's a BIG government, BIG Tech issue. In Washington, the three equal branches of government are a myth. The executive branch showers we lowly 'subjects' with Executive Orders while federal bureaucrats thrust down strangling regulations. The legislative branch (Congress) squabbles among themselves, wallowing in raw politics. The third branch, the federal courts, have become highly politicized and fail to be impartial referees using the Constitution as their guidebook."

As our founding fathers intended, Taylor declared that it is up to state legislatures to push the brakes on a federal government that "bullies its citizens." He added that those intentions call for a limited federal government and strong state governments, saying, "Historically, state legislatures have provided better representation because it's government closer to the people and better understand unique local and regional issues."

Taylor plans to introduce the "The Pushback Agenda" bill this week. It would require South Carolina to "ignore illegal White House executive orders that are unconstitutional." Specifically, it would require S.C. attorney general Alan Wilson's office to "review the constitutionality of executive orders." If they are determined to be "unlawful or unconstitutional, the executive order would be nullified and not enforced" in the state.

The agenda also includes H.3205an updated version of the Convention of States bill that made substantial progress in the legislature a year ago. Taylor described the COS bill as "the needed rebellion without bullets." He said this legislation was provided to us by our nation's founders in Article V of the U.S. Constitution and is the lawful path to rein-in the federal government.

Individual legislatures in the South Carolina General Assembly have filed various bills addressing the many problems facing the state. "The Pushback Agenda" pulls them all into one place. A full listing of the state's proposed legislative agenda is as follows:

  • H.3205: Article V Convention of the States—Rep. Taylor (47 cosponsors)
  • To Be Filed This Week: Nullifying Illegal Executive Orders—Rep. Taylor
  • To Be Filed This Week: Rejecting Lawless Federal Government Actions—Rep. Chumley
  • H.3710: No Right to Keep or Bear Arms Restrictions—Rep. Burns (6 cosponsors)
  • H.3094:Open Carry with Training Act—Rep. Cox (66 cosponsors)
  • H.3450: Stopping Social Media Censorship—Rep. Burns (7 cosponsors)
  • H.3163: South Carolina Stands for Life Act—Rep McCravy (66 cosponsors)
  • H.3491: Citizen and Taxpayer Protection Act—Rep. Burns (15 cosponsors)
  • H.3105: South Carolina Religious Freedom Act—Rep. Yow (19 cosponsors)
  • H.3217: Vaccines are Voluntary—Rep. Chumley (15 cosponsors)
  • H.3218: Voiding Federal Face Covering Mandates—Rep. Chumley (8 cosponsors)
  • H.3597: South Carolina COVID‑19 Liability Safe Harbor Act—Rep. Taylor.
  • H.3698: South Carolina COVID‑19 Liability Safe Harbor Act—Rep. Pope
  • H.3443: Oversight of Governor's Emergency Powers—Rep. Lucas (19 cosponsors)
  • H.3556: Limiting Governor's Emergency Powers—Rep. Taylor (5 cosponsors)
  • H.3410: Absentee Ballot Witness Information—Rep. Long
  • H.3813: Protecting the Electoral College—Rep. Taylor
  • H.3249: Protecting SC's Monuments & Memorials—Rep. Taylor (10 cosponsors)
  • H.3002: Restore America's Foundation Act—Rep. Bennett
  • H.3326: Historical Accuracy—Rep. Long

South Carolina isn't the only state actively introducing legislative measures to nullify "illegal executive orders" issued by President Biden. It joins many other states in proposing amendments to the Constitution that would impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit the federal government's power and jurisdiction, and provide for term limits on Congress and federal judges. 

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said Sunday that the president is 'ignoring' federal law with sweeping executive orders on immigration he has signed since taking office, creating a "huge risk" for his state. Paxton was the first state attorney general to sue the Biden administration on the executive order to open the borders, proposing a 100-day pause on deportations. Texas is seeking a permanent injunction while it argues the merits of the case. The AG of Arizona, another border state, is also suing the Biden Administration in the U.S. District Court in Phoenix over the 100-day deportation memorandum. Paxton noted that Attorneys General across the nation are paying attention as they learn how Biden's sweeping EO's will affect their states and are ready to pushback if needed. North DakotaSouth Dakota, and Nebraska are some of the other states currently reviewing the constitutionality of Executive Orders, a practice that liberal-leaning states have implemented for years. 

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