A Radical New President in a Big Hurry

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  • 09/19/2023

Within just a few short days of taking office, Joe Biden has made it abundantly clear he fully intends to crater the Trump economy and sandbag the U.S. energy sector with a raft of new job-killing policies and Green New Deal executive orders.  He’s even being urged by members of Congress such as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer [D-NY] to take even more radical measures by declaring a ‘climate national emergency’.

Very few Americans supported returning the country to dependence on foreign energy sources, rejoining the Paris Climate Deal, or the radical environmental Green New Deal policies. Buyer’s remorse is already surfacing across the country as voters grapple with real world implications of Biden’s policies, such as doubling the federal minimum wage to $15, or killing the Keystone Pipeline project.

It is already becoming obvious there was never any real broad national support for the Democrats radical agenda for the country – or the candidates they put forward to promote it. A stolen election has now led to the country being held hostage to a radical agenda that could never have been voted in honestly. Biden should be coming into office riding a wave of popular support that hands him an overwhelming mandate, if indeed he honestly garnered the 81,000,000 votes from the American public that it is claimed he received.

Eighty-one million voters backing Biden should make him one of the most popular Presidents in history, but the picture that is forming during the first week is of a troubled Biden administration that is resorting to a raft of executive actions precisely because Democrats know there is no popular support for this agenda. If anything, Biden acts like someone who knows his time is short, and he must act fast to get anything done. This seems to be what’s behind the staggering number of Executive Orders he’s been signing.

President Joe Biden signs a series of executive orders on climate change, in the State Dining Room of the White House, Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021, in Washington. From left, Vice President Kamala Harris, Biden, White House science adviser Dr. Eric Lander, and National Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

At the time I’m writing this, Biden has already signed an astounding thirty-seven Executive Orders in just seven days in office.  He signed seventeen the day he was sworn in on January 20, then twenty more over the course of the next seven days. In comparison, former Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald J. Trump signed a combined total of only ten Executive Orders in their first week in the Oval Office. One of the reasons Biden is acting like he’s in such a hurry is likely because he doesn’t expect to be in the Oval Office for very long – perhaps just a month or two.

How Long Until Biden Is Replaced?

It was obvious even during the early stages of the Biden campaign that he would merely function as a placeholder for some other person should he win the election. The person eventually chosen to be Biden’s running mate, Senator Kamala Harris [D-CA] was primarily picked due to her gender and her race, something the Democrats boasted about at the time.

When running on her own against the field of other Democrat Presidential candidates in 2018, Harris failed to garner even 1% of the vote in the early primaries, and quickly dropped out. Many Conservative commentators assume that Harris is former President Barack Obama’s choice to take over from Biden when Biden inevitably steps aside due to a health or age-related issue.

The chief impetus for quickly replacing a fading Biden with a far younger Harris is due to a desire to describe any criticism of this new radical Democratic agenda for the country as once again being motivated by racism – with an added dimension of sexism this time around. Corporate media spent both of Obama’s terms defending his often-execrable behavior by chalking up any opposition to him and his radical actions as ‘racism.’ “You’re only opposing this radical policy because a black man is implementing it!” the propaganda went. That dishonest tactic got tired rather quickly and was one of the reasons for the rise of Trump. But as far as the Democratic party is concerned, it’s a tactic that ‘worked,’ and so they are eager to employ it again, whenever Harris makes her ascension to the throne.

This time they not only get to dismiss and censor criticism of the forth-coming Harris administration as ‘racism’ but also sexism: “You are only opposing this radical new policy because a black woman is doing it. You aren’t making a real point on this issue; this is only your racism and your misogyny talking.” This sort of propaganda was suffering from the law of diminishing returns by the time Obama was forced to hand the baton off to Donald Trump rather than to his hand-picked successor, Hillary Clinton.  They never really understood how they ended up with Trump in the first place. That the Democratic Party, in alliance with Corporate Media and Big Tech has been eagerly engineering a return to calling critics of radical progressive policy ‘racists’ and ‘misogynists’ is utter folly, and they can’t see it.

Most Americans have learned over the past few years that they cannot trust the mainstream corporate media’s coverage of political news and are seeking out alternative sources for information on current events. For this reason, whatever decisions are made in the corporate newsrooms regarding how to they will cover critics of the Biden/Harris administration, it will have a decreasing impact because corporate news is no longer trusted by most people.

Corporate Media returning to the days of snidely calling critics of Democrat radical politicians doing radical things “racists” will only hasten their demise.  It will also lead to the growth of the reactionary political movement that Donald Trump saw forming and moved to cater to.

 The more the elite class in D.C. and the media won’t allow discussion of the nation’s vital political issues from the Right and instead, insist on dismissing those who reject their progressive radicalism as ‘racists’ and ‘misogynists,’ the more out of touch they become, and the less influence they can exert over the rest of the country. And patriots like Donald Trump will rise to counter them every time, because this is a great country full of great people who put America first and no matter how hard the Progressive radicals try, they will never get enough Americans to submit to them.

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