Anatomy of a Patriotic Trump Supporter

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  • 09/19/2023

By Gigi Bowman


As a child, I remember staying home from school to watch the Watergate hearings, so I must have been fascinated by politics at an early age. When I was old enough to register to vote, I joined the Democrat party because they were the party of "people who cared," so I was told. How do so many new voters get indoctrinated into this way of thinking?? Shall we talk about public school education? Anyway, I think one of my first votes was Jimmy Carter in 1980? Somehow, I don't remember paying attention to politics much after that. It was all peanut farms and Billy Beer and a president with lust in his heart, so I backed off. I know I voted for Clinton. I wasn't paying attention, just going along. I actually liked Michael Moore flicks...

And then a major occurrence changed my life, and sometime after that, someone gave me the movie "American Freedom to Fascism" by Aaron Russo, and I woke from the dead, found Ron Paul, and spent the next 10 years of my life living and breathing freedom and liberty by gathering the masses and running events.

I learned a lot from the father of liberty. My head was an encyclopedia of rights, wrongs, and how I and my brethren must save us from the end of America. I started an organization called Liberty Candidates, where I tried to get Ron Paul supporters and liberty lovers to run for office. I had a good 5-year run. There is even a book out there somewhere. And then the 2012 election came. Ron Paul and his supporters were cheated out of an election, and many of us closed up shop. In a sense, we gave up, and all went on our merry way to try and figure out how to defend ourselves from the oncoming globalists that Ron Paul and people like Niki Raapana in her book The Anti-Communitarian Manifesto had warned us about.

Ron Paul had told us to infiltrate the Republican Party, but I was turned off when Rand Paul endorsed Romney over his own father, and I felt no kinship with the Tea Party who were pretty much protesting with signs that seemed pretty racist to me. Let's just say they were not fans of Obama, and rather than just voice opinion, there were plenty who went about it in ways I didn't want to associate with. But also, for some reason, being a Ron Paul Revolutionary as it was called, I seemed to be somewhat of a leper to both the Republican Party and Tea Party. I still to this day, don't get it, but I was a "man without a party, "... and then I joined the Libertarian Party.

I don't usually just join things...I have this inane need to lead and run things, so I became part of my local chapter and eventually went on to become part of the county board and at one point even became 2nd vice-chair of the state party. I ran for NY State Senate as a Libertarian in 2014, which was a disaster and where voter fraud was hammered home to me though I had experienced it in many forms throughout the Ron Paul elections of 2008 and 2012...but this time, it was personal. After not winning and receiving 0 votes according to Fios TV News, (apparently I hadn't even voted for myself), I continued to go to meetings and noticed how some also brought up at meetings that it was OK to have sex with children if the child consented or an animal. I kid you not... This was the part of the freedom’s that libertarians spent their time squabbling over at coffee klatch meetings. Master debaters, I always called them. I never was completely libertarian --I was Ron Paul libertarian. I was pro-life, and the party members were divided on this. I was for closed borders, and most of the libertarians were for open borders. I was part of a puzzle and I didn't exactly fit.

As life would have it, in 2015, my husband retired, and I left the state and moved to the freer state of Florida. I was excited to begin my political adventure in a new place but promised my husband I'd take a year off. I did. And then I went gung-ho once again by joining the Libertarian Party of Florida where I was able to get a real party affiliation. In Florida, the Libertarian Party had ballot access. I became a delegate for the Libertarian Party election of 2016 and was excited to begin again to make a difference. Well, that didn't last long.

I left the Libertarian party because I had watched as they sold out when they made William Weld, globalist, their VP Candidate in the 2016 election. At this Libertarian Convention, one of my former Liberty Candidates actually stripped down to a thong and started a protest dance on the stage. It was over the top. He had his righteous reasons, but I didn't need it at that moment because I was literally in a pool of tears crying that the party had sold out to the former chair of the Council on Foreign Relations task force of the North American Union --which Mr. libertarian himself, Ron Paul, had warned us about time and time again. This was a task force that wanted to take down borders between Mexico, Canada, and the United States to form one Union with one monetary system sans sovereignty of any of these nations. A version of the European Union. And the Libertarian Party ignored this in favor of a "winning team." Add to this, William Weld went on to endorse Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election? The day I left; I even made a video of myself burning my Libertarian Party of Florida voters' card which I had just received in the mail. Needless to say, it was a very short-lived affiliation.

Donald Trump had won the nomination. I joined the Republican Party. I heard what he was saying, and in my heart of hearts, the things that drew me in were that he loved America, and he was not a politician. I had seen him flirt with running for Governor of NY. Over the years, I had watched him make some grand statements about Obama's birth certificate and his incremental change of stance on gun control, which confused me. Still, I never in a million years thought I would see him as the nominee for President of the United States. And he promised many things that were somehow affecting me in ways that I was confused about, like illegal immigration and the federal reserve.

Still, I also saw he was leaning libertarian on many things, including peace with other nations and less taxation for the American people. But what really drew me in was how he had managed to bring so many people from different party affiliations together. Republicans, Libertarians, Democrats, Independents.... he was a businessman and a human being. Not a politician. And he was giving us his heart and soul in his speeches and showed how much he cared. No, he was not polished, and he had his own style that was matter of fact like ordinary folk. But what really drew me in was he had his own money, he owed no one a thing, and he promised not to take any money from special interest. This was a reason to give him a chance. Never mind that he was running against someone none of us trusted who had blood on her hands from Benghazi, and then the Wikileaks started to drop, and oh boy..... it really became us vs... the powerful elite at that time, and Trump was on the side of us.

He won. We all won. We had more money in our pockets, we had no war, the stock market was doing great, and life was humming along...

And then came the pandemic. I won't go further explaining the last year or so since this occurred because it's been hell for most of us. And now we are sitting here at the edge, wondering what the next few days are going to bring. We've had to deal with Spy-gate, Russia-gate, Kavanaugh-gate, Impeachment-gate, and now we're onto Supreme-court-gate, Pence-gate, big-tech-anti-free-speech-gate, and impeachment-two-gate --featuring Capitol-Hill-gate.

So here I am. A Patriotic Trump supporter in the end. They have taken it all away. Everything I learned from Ron Paul. Everything I fought for as a libertarian standing up for liberty and freedom, fighting the onset of globalism, and standing up for America and her sovereignty. But I come to realize there is one thing they cannot strip from us...

Donald Trump brought 75 Million people together, and we love our country, and no matter how much they want to take us down, we know we will find a way to take it all back. We know it in our hearts. We are the entrepreneurs and the hard-working patriots who, with our souls and prayers, will not be left to whimper. We will overcome all of this with our ingenuity and our ideas and imagination and resourcefulness. With our stamina and inventiveness. With our creativity and insight. We are patriots. We are our founding fathers, and we are Americans. We love our country, and we love God.

I will overcome. We will overcome. We are patriotic Trump supporters.

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