Present were lawyers for the Trump campaign: former New York City" } Trump Legal Team Outlines Evidence of Election Fraud in 2020 Presidential | | Present were lawyers for the Trump campaign: former New York City"/>

Trump Legal Team Outlines Evidence of Election Fraud in 2020 Presidential

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  • 09/19/2023

President Donald Trump’s campaign hosted a press conference at the Republican National Committee in Washington, DC, on Thursday. The President tweeted, “Important News Conference today by lawyers on a very clear and viable path to victory. Pieces are very nicely falling into place.” 

Present were lawyers for the Trump campaign: former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Trump Campaign Senior Legal Advisor Jenna Ellis, attorneys Sidney Powell, Joesph DiGenova, Victoria Toensing, and Boris Epstein.  

The Presser came after a week of reports of discrepancies in hand-recounts in Georgia, threats of intimidation against Republican members of Michigan’s Wayne County Board of Canvassers, threats against lawyers working for the President questions about the Dominion voting machines used in 28 states. 

To start 

Giuliani, began the press conference, describing a "pattern" and a "plan" of fraud and/or irregularities that took place in big Democratic cities in various states to steal the election. He said it is obvious to experienced prosecutors like himself that repeating patterns, like the ones their investigations have revealed, suggest a conspiracy where instructions to apply the same tactics came "directly from the party, or from candidate Biden. They picked the places they could get away with it."  

Giuliani referenced the report by former President Jimmy Carter, and James Baker, which concluded that mail-in ballots were most susceptible to fraud or being taken advantage of. It was not necessarily fraud on voters' part, he said, rather the tactics used by election officials, often breaking state election laws. He emphasized the lack of signature authentication that took place in the 2020 election and says that is why "recounts in places like Georgia will tell us nothing." They are not checking the signatures. 

Giuliani then spoke about problems with "curing" votes. He illustrated the situation in Pennsylvania where voters in Trump heavy districts, who made an error or forgot to put their ballot in a security envelope, were not given the opportunity to “cure” or fix the error. Voters making the same mistake in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia were called to come in and amend them. This violates the Constitution's Equal Protection claim, and affidavits by voters, signed under the threat of perjury, confirm this unequal treatment. Lawsuits on these claims are currently making their way through the courts.    

The main challenge with lawsuits on these claims is that courts can deem them moot unless there are enough votes affected this way that would affect the election outcome. Giuliani claims that they have affidavits to support the claim that 682,770 votes were not inspected correctly in Pennsylvania—Biden’s lead is 69,140 votes here. If found “outcome determinative,” the Supreme Court will likely hear the case. 


Giuliani then cites sixty affidavits that support his claim that observers representing Republicans could not watch the unsealing and inspection of ballots from the areas they were required to stand in. He says three of the affiants saw Biden ballots being processed three times and that there are one-hundred such witnesses in a case pending in Detroit. Again he states they have enough challenged ballots to flip the state. In Wisconsin, 60,000 votes in Milwaukee county and 40,000 in Madison county were not properly applied for under state law. For Georgia, Giuliani said a major lawsuit is coming "tomorrow " on detailing fraudulent double voting and vote changing. All these problems were magnified by that fact that a lot of votes were counted on Dominion machines used by Communists in Venezuela to fix elections. 

Sidney Powell

Attorney Sidney Powell says she has clear proof of software fraud relating to the Dominion system. She alleges a "massive" influence of "communist money" in the election, including software development in Venezuela. She spoke about a witness who created the Hugo Chavez government's software and argues that he recognized the same pattern in the United States: The software flipped votes from Trump to Biden.  

Powell says the algorithm programmed into the Dominion system weighted Biden and Trump votes differently to help the former and hurt the latter.  For example, it may have been programmed to count Biden votes as 1.25 value, and Trumps at 0.75. One of the telling signs for the affiant was that Trump votes had been coming in at such a high rate on election night that there appeared to be a need to shut-down, and reconfigure the machines to tally enough Biden votes to beat the Trump margin.    

In addition to the witness who developed Dominion software, Giuliani said that they had completed three vote analysis projects, which Powell then noted confirmed that it is "beyond mathematical possibility" that these votes can come in so heavily for Biden as they were counted.” She says their analysis shows “Dominion injecting votes into the system.” 

Powell acknowledged that a Dominion server was seized in Germany but said she does not know if it was taken by "good guys or bad guys." She mentioned Democrat members, like Carolyn Maloney, Elizabeth Warren, and the state of Texas, who had been saying Dominion systems were problematic and insecure for years. 

Giuliani claims that there is enough evidence from irregularities in various states to overturn the election even without the Dominion allegations. He says it is also a national security matter, with ties to Venezuela and to the largest Democrat donor George Soros.

Jenna Ellis 

Jenna Ellis spoke to allegations from the media that the Trump campaign has not provided any evidence of fraud or irregularities big enough to change the outcome. She says the media should treat this press conference as the campaign's “opening statement.”  Ellis urges them to investigate and examine their lawsuits and claims, as proper journalists should. Indeed, note the investigatory role of the Philidelphia Inquirer in the vote-buying/fraud scheme, which saw an election outcome turnover in 1994.    

Still, CNN did not show the press conference.  

At the moment, questions are being asked as to whether the current votes in the states of Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, and Michigan will be certified. Local Republican officials in these states are not satisfied that the results are accurate and fair as they stand. Court cases and recounts are continuing


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