The Corporate Media Has Become a Cancer That Must Be Destroyed

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  • 09/19/2023

Op-Ed  By Brian Cates

As we’re watching the mainstream media pretend it declares who wins Presidential elections, it has become imperative that America free itself of this malignant cancer that is poisoning the country.

The partisanship of the mainstream media has reached such a noxious level that I can’t even write about it without holding my nose.

I am watching media journalists on Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS, and elsewhere declare Joe Biden is now the winner of the 2020 Presidential election. They either never took a high school civics class or have long forgotten what they learned there.

I also noticed that the major networks timed this erroneous announcement to interrupt the broadcasts of the first slate of college football games on late Saturday morning when they knew millions of Americans would be tuning in to watch.

That all-trumpets-blasting announcement that Joe Biden had won the 2020 Presidential election *because the media said so* was followed by three straight days of furious gaslighting as the MSM, Democrats and GOP establishment elites all cried loudly for Trump to concede and "unite" the country behind their designated "President-Elect".

It was incredibly irresponsible and abusive to be doing this as votes were still being counted and legal options were being pursued, but when this was pointed out the gaslighters just yelled out their narrative all the louder.

Fox News Betrays It's Viewers

And the most surprising network to enthusiastically engage in this epic gaslighting of the entire country was Fox News. Although the leftward tilt of the news outlet has been apparent for some time now, it was watching Fox's election night coverage that brought it home for millions of increasingly stunned and angry Conservative viewers.

The effects of Fox's blatant betrayal of it's own viewership has become increasingly apparent in the networks ratings over the subsequent six days since election night. Viewers are deserting the channel in droves, finding alternatives such as OAN or Newsmax.

And Fox News immolated itself all for nothing, because by late Monday night of November 9th, the bottom had dropped out of the corporate media's narrative, as US Attorney General William Barr released a public memo revealing the Department of Justice had already started investigations into cases of federal election fraud with more coming. This happened even as Real Clear Politics and CNN were forced to withdraw their calls of both Arizona and Georgia for Biden, moving them into the tossup category and taking Biden beneath the 270 electoral votes needed for victory.

In the weeks leading up to election day, the corporate media’s true nature kept asserting itself as it tried to suppress real scandals and hype fake ones.

Two weeks ago, the mainstream media tried to launch a new fake Trump scandal involving a Chinese bank account Trump had opened and closed before he ran for President.

There was literally no story there, and yet for a week the media labored to create one.  Meanwhile…

The Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal

Someone in the Biden family left a laptop at a computer repair store in Delaware back in April of 2019. It's been revealed that all kinds of national security information was on it and that the FBI has an on-going investigation involving money-laundering based on the laptop's contents.

But because this person who abandoned this laptop has the last name of “Biden” and not “Trump”, the mainstream press tried to furiously downplay and hide the multiple scandals surrounding Hunter Biden.

What’s happened in the past several weeks is that the mainstream media has been making it more blatant than ever that they don’t report news in a neutral fashion anymore.  They are open political partisans who many times descend into pushing outright propaganda.

Of course, they blame TRUMP for having ‘forced’ them to abandon all journalistic standards. But this is not true.

The Scourge of Anonymous Sources

These days mainstream media reporters aren’t so much pounding the shoe leather, knocking on doors and digging for the truth as much as they are looking for anonymous sources that will parrot back to them the narratives they want to hear for the stories they are determined to write.

And Washington DC is all too full of people pretending to have the ‘inside scoop’ who are all too willing to tell reporters what they want to hear.

If a reporter’s anonymous sources are always telling that person what he or she wants to hear so it can be rushed into print, it’s time to raise some serious questions.

No Accountability

Not only does using anonymous sources hide these officials from any accountability when they are passing on fake or wrong information to reporters, it also opens the door for dishonest media outlets to grossly inflate the resume of their clandestine sources.

This is exactly what happened with the New York Times and a minor bureaucratic functionary at the Department of Homeland Security named Miles Taylor.

For months the New York Times deliberately deceived its readers by claiming this anonymous author of an op-ed and then a bestselling book about the “resistance” to President Trump from inside his own administration was a very highly placed official at the White House. It was claimed people would instantly recognize this person’s name if his/her identity ever became public.

Speculative articles appeared all over the mainstream media for months with people guessing who the White House insider could be that was bragging about sabotaging Trump right under his nose. Top Trump people like General John Kelly, Nikki Haley and Vice President Mike Pence were all forced to issue repeated denials that they were “Anonymous”.

Conservative raconteur Ann Coulter hilariously opined that she suspected “Anonymous” was none other than  Trump’s own son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

And after all that hoopla and hype, “Anonymous” ended up being some minor functionary at DHS nobody had ever heard of at the time he penned the infamous editorial.

Mollie Hemingway at the Federalist rightly dragged the New York Times for this fraud that the newspaper deliberately pulled on its readers.

As Mollie so aptly put it in the column’s tagline:

If The New York Times was willing to lie about its anonymous source for their high-profile information operation, imagine the lies they're willing to tell about all the other anonymous sources they use.

Trump Made the Media Stop the Charade

Before Trump ran for President, the bias of the mainstream media was already apparent to any fair-minded observer.

But Trump winning that election caused something to snap inside the mainstream media newsrooms. Even nominally enforced journalistic standards to keep up the pretense of objectivity were tossed out the window. Trump winning the election called for drastic measures, it was claimed.

And so here we are now, with a national news media that doesn’t even bother trying to lie about it or hide their partisanship any longer.  A media that is pretending it has the power to declare who won a Presidential election.

And leading the charge with an absolutely infuriating early call of the state of Arizona on election night was Fox News, an outlet that has now made it crystal clear it is now solidly on the Left and will cover politics with a pronounced progressive bent.

These corporate media people endlessly lament that no one trusts them even as they continue to blatantly engage in the exact behaviors that led to the public into distrusting them.

Nothing unfair is going to happen to the mainstream media once all the massive vote fraud that went on is exposed and Donald Trump is declared the winner of this election.

They did this to themselves with their own deliberate choices.

I don’t feel sorry for them at all. And you shouldn’t either.

Instead of being a benefit to the public, and engaging in a much-needed public service, the corporate media has turned itself into the propaganda arm of a corrupt and radical political party.

Far from being a positive influence in this country, the mainstream media has become a poisonous cancer.

Because the mainstream corporate media has failed so miserably at its job, it is far past the time they were replaced.

And rising new media outlets like UncoverDC and The Epoch Times welcome that challenge.

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