What the CDC won’t tell you, Dr. John Campbell will: Most people are Vitamin D deficient, but adequate levels of Vitamin D appear to be a HUGE factor in lots of studies having to do with a particular virus. And guess which now-famous Dr. on the national state takes Vitamin D every day?

Any of Dr. Campbell’s videos on Vitamin D are worth watching. Here’s one highly recommended by Daniel: Winter Vitamin D Update

ALSO – A federal judge in Philadelphia ordered an accounting for a grant provided by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg “to help with voting” in Pennsylvania. Where that money went is causing a stir.

Finally, America’s political left is showing its true Marxist colors: Eliminate the enemy. As Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post says, “Burn them down.” According to the Left, anyone who supported Trump shouldn’t even be eligible for a government or a teaching job.


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