The Strong Horse Trump, His Vision For America

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  • 09/19/2023



“When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse.”  Osama Bin Laden

There is a certain truth here. Trump described it in the last debate, about the many Democrats who were coming to him pre-covid, wanting to join him and make deals rather than “resist”. Winning has its consequences.

More important than being the strong horse, the winning horse, more people need to understand the depth of goodness Trump has brought, the accomplishments, and the great principles he has unleashed. There are lots of lists much longer than mine here. They are easy to find, but I want to be more general.

Let’s begin with the under-reported story of the peace that is breaking out in the Middle East. It began with the deal brokered between UAE and Israel. Since then, many others have joined, with Sudan being the most recent. This was not thought possible before now, yet the Trump team brought this about. It’s likely the Saudis will join in, and even possibly an isolated Iran could finally come to its senses.

This is an achievement without parallel, one that has wonderful ramifications for all of us. If he had accomplished nothing else, this would be a greater legacy than the last four Presidents combined. It is that consequential.

Speaking of peace, Trump has also succeeded by beginning no new wars. Barely a hint of one. Afghanistan is being wound down; Trump is succeeding in taming the famed military-industrial complex.  An accomplishment that should please most every American of all political stripes.  He wants America to be great again, but doesn’t want us to be entangled in unnecessary wars, and hasn’t let us become entangled in this kind of thing. Doing that while keeping our military strong is truly wonderful.

Clearly, he wants an alternative universe, where genius in business flourishes, where the free market does its job in lifting humanity to be the best it can be, and where an economy brings strength to an entire nation. This is what he wants: An America that is prosperous, trading, busy at work, busy at the business of business, bringing genius and creativity to the forefront, looking to the future, and rewarding it.

This is what he did with the economy pre-covid.  Unemployment numbers for everyone were staggeringly good.  The best ever for women, blacks, hispanics; for everyone. He accomplished this by taking away silly and onerous regulations that hampered business. He accomplished it through the tax cuts that Democrats deride so often. He accomplished it through new trade deals and bringing back corporate money parked offshore. He accomplished it by lauding the free enterprise system, unleashing it, and as the saying went, the high tide lifted all boats.

It was real.  It was awesome. And if he wins, it will happen again. And we can all rejoice in better opportunity, for each of us personally, and to our neighbors. All of them.

The race issue has come to the front one more time. The horrible circumstance of George Floyd’s death, the ensuing protests that morphed into BLM insanity divided the country once again; Violence, looting, even murder done in the name of racial justice. Quite frankly, the response to all this was awful, threatening to send the nation towards a race war.

Fortunately, Trump has a better answer.

For him, it began with personal friendships, with Kanye West, Herschel Walker, and others. With Kanye West, Trump forged the change in the law known as criminal justice reform or the First Step Act. This was done almost two years ago.  It has saved the lives of many, as well as renewed the hopes of many. It was a long-needed change in the law, one that had been abandoned by the left, used only for their talking points. Trump, the man of action got it done.

If you haven’t heard the speech of Herschel Walker at the convention, please listen. It destroys the ludicrous allegation that Trump is racist, painting a picture not seen often enough. It is a picture of a post-racialist America, an America where Martin Luther King’s dream comes true.  It’s a vision most of us should want, that many have prayed for. And there it was.

America was once the great melting pot. Now, the left wants us to segregate into tribes and factions. The better way: Going forward into where we are judged by the content of our character, not by the color of our skin. Rather than pushing a hatred for one race, and exalting another as BLM does, this gives us hope for a post-racial future. This is the right answer, and it’s a genuine feature of a second Trump term. It is one we should champion.

The phrase was Make America Great Again. And somehow the left wants us to believe this is a terrible slogan, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and ugly. Why they want to cast it in that light is obvious. If America was great and can be great, then the left’s petty beliefs cannot be true, cannot be accepted.

Trump has often said he didn’t start this movement, that he simply joined it. I’d suggest he helped bring the movement to higher ground. And it’s that vision that needs to be pointed to, and solidified, and forwarded. MAGA is an uplifting phrase and if followed, it will bring us to greatness in the finest of ways. If people such as myself, Heather MacDonald, Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Brandon Straka, Richard Grenell, Candace Owens, Charles Payne, can link arm in arm, embracing that phrase, then we will move towards a fully revitalized country.

One that we can all be proud of.

One we can all share in building up again.

It is the vision that Donald Trump holds for us all.  It is for that vision he deserves our votes. It is that vision that should sweep him to a resounding victory in November.  It’s that shining city on a hill described by the early settlers. It was brought up again by Ronald Reagan, then destroyed by the line of Presidents that followed him.

Trump embodies that. It’s who he is.  It’s what he wants for America; for every American. Yes, the man has flaws. He is not a God. He is far from perfect. But neither is he the caricature painted by the left. Not even close. Yes, he tweets.  Yes, he fights for his principles. Yes, he has been mean (mostly to the right people….). Yes, he’s made his share of mistakes. I prefer to describe him as follows: the achievement-oriented, problem-solving, unorthodox, results-minded, man whose accomplishments are legion. Whose personality you may or may not like.

But in painting a vision for a better America, there is no one better. This is the reason to vote for him. It’s compelling, it’s true, it’s right, and it’s good.

Vote proudly FOR Donald J Trump. You won’t regret it.


David Prentice has written for the American Thinker, The Epoch Times, UncoverDC, and Backbone America.  He resides in the Midwest.



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