What’s the best way to get the attention of your representatives? Representative Judy Boyle was elected to the Idaho legislature in 2008, and before that she was the Natural Resources Director for Idaho’s Congressional Representative Helen Chenoweth. She knows how busy representatives can be, and how to get their attention! In this excerpt from a longer interview (link below), Representative Boyle tells what to do and what not do to if you want to be heard.

This 10-minute clip is part of a 50-minute discussion with Representative Boyle, which includes discussion on:
– Adams County, Idaho declaring the county to be free of all Covid restrictions
– Homeschooling / Problems uncovered in public schools
– The encroaching socialist / Marxist agenda
– What it means to get involved / How to get involved in local government
– and more!

You can view / listen to the entire 50-minute conversation here:


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