A Time for Choosing: the Case For Voting Against the Left

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  • 09/19/2023


We are assured there is a time and season for everything.

Today, right now, we are faced with a time for choosing. It’s not our choice to be born in interesting times, but today is the time to choose sides, direction, and ultimately which way our culture moves.

Every four years, both sides have told us this is the most important election ever. Wolf. They cried wolf. Too often.  Consequently, it’s hard to hear that again. It needs to be recognized there are bizarre consequences to the long march the left has brought our nation. We have been losing the culture war, the left dominating for a long time.

They have overwhelmed us. Taken over the mainstream media. The arts. The universities. Hollywood. Corporate boardrooms. Government bureaucracies. Science. PTA’s. Churches and synagogues. Adding insult to injury, they took over the sports leagues.

All in all, they have inserted themselves into everything. Their greasy greedy paws fondling our culture. Destroying almost everything they inhabit. Unfortunately, their ideology, their world view holds the seeds of malevolence. The last few years have emboldened this ideology. They think they should win without opposition. They ignore how much damage they are doing to us all.


The pretend campaign of shoeless Joe. The Democrat/Media complex in the tank.

The tech giants completely choosing sides, meddling in the election. In our culture. Shamelessness on display. Hubris. Ultimate power corrupting everything it touches.

The unrelenting war on Donald Trump. Orange-man-bad every hour, every day.

The rewriting of history, tearing down statues, the mindless violence.

The out of control cancel culture threatening anyone who dissents.

Critical race theory interjected into the mainstream. Think 1619.

The insane transgender theory of biology considered normal.

The ascendance of “climate change” in the “scientific” community.

Unfettered abortion Ralph Northam style. A giant leap towards infanticide.

The violence of Antifa and BLM. Brazen, excused, branded “mostly peaceful”.

Jeffrey Toobin.

From an article by Jeffrey Toobin in The New Yorker

Point made. Unfortunately, the examples could go on for pages.  Explaining why the left has become so crazed isn’t difficult. They have succeeded in taking the cultural reins of power. The crazies can come out of the shadows, demand to be heard, claim their place in history, and proclaim their time has come. Wokeness rules.

The elephant in the living room: The heart of their philosophy, their ideology, is old, tiresome, problematic, filled with contradictions, virally destructive, ruins nations and cultures in its path, and frankly is evil to its core. Yes, they skillfully dress it up in fancy clothes, polish it, rework it, and present it as wonderful.

But at its heart, it remains the darkness it represents. Described by Jordan Peterson as post-modernist Neo-Marxism.

Back to our season of choice. We are faced with an ascendant hard left. One that wants to be granted the power to reign without opposition. Wants to reach its hand out and snatch away the good things achieved, the great things we have.  Such as our institutions that have bolstered us, nurtured us, and made us the greatest nation on earth. They “know” they are right, everyone else is wrong. This is happening. The election is coming. The left believes they can grab the brass ring.  They think they have set the stage for their triumphant entrance, their coup-de-grace.

They just need to win in November.

And to win, they need to once again hide who they are. They need to hide their agenda. Joe and Kamala rarely mention what they stand for. They hide their anti-Americanism. They hide their contempt for energy independence. They hide their agreement with the green new deal. They hide their pro-Bernie socialist leanings.  They hide their hatred of free enterprise. They hide their lock-down strategies that have hurt America. They pretend Andrew Cuomo is a hero, while ignoring how tens of thousands were killed by him and his fellow (D) governors forcing elderly Covid patients into nursing homes. They hide their uneasy alliance with Antifa and Marxist BLM fellow-travelers.

They are busy hiding everything rabidly crazy they have stood for, focusing only on the personality of Donald Trump. The personality their media friends have mercilessly contrived and repeated for five years.

So what if Trump accomplished all these wonderful things while being savaged by the hard-left? He’s mean-spirited. He Tweets. He’s combative. He’s unhinged.  He’s crazed, incompetent, lies, believes all the wrong things, ravages the planet, hates everyone, including blacks, women, gays, Latinos, puppies, AND kittens.

They will openly do anything, say anything to beat him. They have rallied the big tech companies to their aid, the mainstream media, and have spent countless hours, megabytes, billions of dollars, all to paint the orange-man-bad!

Their target:  Finish the job of transforming the country. To where it is refashioned in their image. To where it is in their control. To where it can be made to be whatever they want it to be that particular day.

Ben Shapiro and Dave Rubin have been strong Trump critics, but they have changed their votes. In their own words:  Because the left has become bat-sh*t crazy.

And when you get both of these to vote for Trump, you might want to consider their arguments. They both know the left is out of control. Quite honestly, we should all know this. This is the rub for most people. We have watched the left revealing themselves, exalting their wokeness, attaching themselves to the most extreme, whacked-out ideas for over four years. There ought to be an asylum for the whole lot of them. Instead, they run Google, Twitter, Facebook, our universities, and much of our corporate world now. And yes, they became a bit crazy. Their hatred has peaked for years and remains there.

If given power, they will do what they’ve always done when taking over the culture.  Destroy it. Put millions of people through Hell. Judging from their actions lately, it will be a special place in Hell for those with who they disagree. Just ask Portland, Seattle, and Kenosha for starters. It will be the French, Soviet, and Chinese revolution all put together.

Blood in the streets.

Okay, I know, some of you are saying: this is just hyperbole.

Have you watched the video of the violence over the past months? No hyperbole here. None. It’s just who they’ve become, who they’ve shown themselves to be.  Intolerant, bigoted, unhinged, violent, toddler-like, shrill, self-centered, self-unaware, and………… just plain crazy.

So here we are, straddling history. With one side totally out of control.

Standing in their way is Donald Trump.

You say you don’t like his personality, his tweeting, or expressions?

I’m sorry, but compared to giving the left the levers of power? Get a grip. It’s not even close. The election is about what the left will bring under the pretense of Joe Biden. And you should care about that enough to vote against it.

Versus the achievement oriented, problem-solving, unorthodox, results-minded, man whose accomplishments are legion. Whose personality you may not like.

Well, it’s that time.


As for me and my house. It’s a slam dunk.


David Prentice has written for the American Thinker, The Epoch Times, UncoverDC, and Backbone America.  He resides in the Midwest.



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