On September 29, Director of National Intelligence [ODNI] John Ratcliffe made a stunning announcement in a letter to Senate Judiciary Chair, Senator Lindsey Graham [R-SC].

To say what Ratcliffe revealed in that letter was a massive bombshell is an understatement. Ratcliffe’s letter announced the coming declassification of several key documents that would make a major revelation in the SpyGate scandal.

These documents would clearly demonstrate how even before the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation of the Donald Trump presidential campaign was officially opened on July 31, 2016, both former FBI Director James Comey and former CIA Director John Brennan, and other top Obama/Biden administration officials had been alerted through regular intelligence channels of a plot by the Hillary Clinton campaign to launch a fake Russia-related scandal targeting the Trump campaign.

The media immediately seized on the fact that the ODNI was claiming the forthcoming documents demonstrated two main things:

1) CIA Director Brennan briefed President Barack Obama on the Clinton campaign intelligence on July 26, 2016. This is before the FBI opened its own Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

2) Director Comey received a direct referral of the Clinton campaign from the IC on September 7, 2016.

And true to his claims in the letter, on October 6th Ratcliffe followed through, and the documents were declassified and publicized.

The released evidence includes Brennan’s handwritten notes from his July 26, 2016 briefing that he gave to President Barack Obama and memos between Comey and FBI official Peter Strzok.

Comey Has Just Perjured Himself Again

It was not an accident that ODNI John Ratcliffe’s letter to Congress alerting them to these coming declassifications dropped just the day before former FBI Director James Comey was scheduled to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

When Comey was asked about the IC referral of the Clinton campaign, he played dumb, insisting he had no recollection of it.

Brennan doesn’t have the luxury of playing dumb, however, since ODNI Ratcliffe has his briefing notes from July 26, 2016, and has now declassified them.

When asked by CNN, the network on which he has been hired to appear as an analyst of RussiaGate related issues, Brennan all but gave up the ghost on the cover-up by claiming:

If in fact what the Russians were alleging, that Hillary was trying to highlight the reported connections between Trump and the Russians — and that’s a big ‘if’ — there is nothing at all illegal about that.

We’re now four years into the SpyGate scandal and when it comes out **at last in October of 2020** that Brennan & Comey and all the other top people in the Obama administration targeting the Trump campaign had been alerted in July 2016 that Hillary

Clinton had just OK’d a dirty tricks operation by her campaign to accuse Trump of being a Putin puppet, Brennan is suddenly trotting out what I call ‘Yeah, SO?!’ defense.

Brennan can try this novel defense if he wants, that even **if** it’s true that the Clinton campaign did this and got top federal officials to investigate Trump based on fake evidence, and even if federal officials repeatedly leaked this fake evidence to news media reporters to help hang a target on the Trump campaign’s back, none of this was illegal. I just don’t see him getting very far with this defense when Durham comes knocking.

The Clock Isn’t Running Out Until 2025

The statute of limitations on perjury is five years. Which means the clock just started ticking on the numerous actions of perjury that Comey and Brennan have engaged in just this year.

Much was made of the announcement back in January that the DOJ was declining to prosecute Comey for the perjury he committed under oath back in 2015/2016. That was because the five year limit for prosecution loomed, with the chances of charging Comey and finishing the case by the cut off date was extremely unlikely.

Somehow, I just have this feeling Comey and Brennan won’t have much luck trying to run the clock out until 2025 on what are fairly minor perjury charges in comparison to the other crimes they’ll be charged with.

Full Exposure Comes Before The Hammer Falls

The biggest fallout of these new declassifications is that they completely expose both Comey and Brennan as not only perjurers but also the most corrupt people to ever lead federal agencies.

The declassification lays bare one key fact: the entire time these men were leading both the FBI and the CIA in their enthusiastic headlong pursuit of the Trump campaign and then the Trump presidency itself, they were well aware of the true origins of the RussiaGate hoax. Documentary evidence establishes both men knew it was a deliberate dirty tricks operation launched by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

And they took steps to cover this up. It didn’t leak in 4 years from the silent professionals investigating them and they themselves certainly weren’t going to ‘fess up on their own.

And now they’ve been exposed and all they can do is loudly yell “Yeah? SO?!” as Durham closes in.

“I Question The Timing.”

Of course, a whole plethora of DNC Media Complex articles and stories are already descending in response to the ODNI’s recent declassifications.

But it’s being rolled out too close to the election!” they cried!

Oh, is it?

Gee….that’s a shame….

These corrupt goons in the Clinton campaign, the DNC, the federal government agency headquarters, and the DNC Media Complex working in concert together went after Trump and his family and his friends.

Do you think President Donald John Trump cares about how it looks that this is being rolled out just before the election?

If so you are confusing Donald J. Trump with George Bush, John McCain, or Mitt Romney and you really need to stop doing that.

The conventional wisdom applied to Trump is often wrong, and if media observers persist in trying to apply conventional political wisdom to the Trump administration’s actions, even after five years of watching him subvert those expectations, they will never be able to successfully anticipate him.

This is why they haven’t been able to beat him. And they never will.

And that is a beautiful thing.

ADDENDUM: And right now, just as I’m putting the final touches on this column, news has broken that ODNI Ratcliffe has declassified and released to US Attorney John Durham and his investigators over 1,000 documents.

Right as Brennan was desperately babbling that Ratcliffe was only doing selective leaking to drive a political narrative, Trump ordered the declassification of ALL OF IT.

As in ALL OF IT.

So Ratcliffe has now complied.

These corrupt former Obama officials have spent four years accusing Trump and his team of doing exactly what they did. It is people like Comey and Brennan and Strzok & Rep. Adam Schiff that selectively leaked information to media allies to drive political narratives. It is how they launched the RussiaGate Hoax in the first place.

Note that unlike the previous declassification that was to Senator Graham and the Judiciary Committee, this new batch of over 1,000 documents is being given to the DOJ and to Durham.

Given the pace at which developments are occurring, I had better get this column published before something else drops!


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