The Chicom Virus (a/k/a COVID-19) Conundrum

Americans are growing tired of the virus-related lockdowns despite efforts by the Democrat-media complex to keep the fear-mongering going. They are obfuscating virus statistics and insisting on masks, social-distancing, and other arbitrary authoritarian actions that are targeted at keeping the economy shut down through 3 November.

There is much to report on the good news front and virus information should be on this list but somehow isn’t: peace agreements in The Middle East, a new conservative US Supreme Court justice could be just days away, and John Durham indictments are waiting in the wings. Oh, and Americans are getting fed up with the unchecked rioting in Democrat-run cities and states, with overwhelming majorities favoring MORE police and not the defunding demanded by Black Lives Matters Marxists and their enablers in the Democrat Party.

Cynics might think that the Democrats are keeping virus fearmongering going in order to justify keeping the economy shut down for political motives at the expense of their own constituents. The fact of the matter is that the Democrats have been making common cause with the Chinese Communists on the virus front. The Chicoms’ lies and the Democrats’ politicization were detailed back in early May in this article. Nothing has changed in the meantime, other than an intensification of agit-prop from Chicom-controlled media and the legacy US media – with frequent cross-references, no less! To them, the virus story is all about cases, cases, cases. Never mind the declining daily death tolls and the misreporting (over-reporting!) of total death statistics in the US. All geared toward continued fear-mongering to the point that many people are convinced that contracting the virus is a death sentence when the reality is that age and underlying conditions are what are driving the death rates around the world, not simply the “number of new cases” reported breathlessly by the media. The bottom line is this: our nation – and indeed the world – have been whipped up into a frenzy of hysteria and paranoia by the CCP, as aided and abetted by the Democrat-media complex.

One has to investigate credible voices, sources, and experts outside the legacy media to find information contrary to the virus doom-and-gloom reports from the legacy media. And thankfully, a lot of independent reporting is being done. Veritas Medical, a Texas-based wholeness and wellness clinic has been tracking virus-related statistics and treatments since the first US case appeared in Washington state in January. This recent video provides statistical graphs and other evidence that the pandemic is over but, in their words, the “Case-demic” continues. The latter phrase refers to the continuing media focus on the supposedly increasing number of new cases, not the declining daily death rates in the US.

The graphs presented, produced by Dr. Michael Levitt, a Stanford University biophysicist, and Nobel laureate, show a dramatic decline in death rates since April in both the US and Europe. Other graphs show a commensurate decline in hospital and ICU admissions across the US. From the video: “The death rate is a fact; anything else in an inference.” The point is made that breathless media reporting of more cases and more tests are nothing but gaslighting; the declining death rate is what really counts, and that is never reported. There is much more information in that very worthwhile video, including a debunking of the so-called “virus second wave”!

Additionally, this pinned tweet on 10 September from Dr. Levitt’s Twitter page shows that “CDC excess deaths to 29 Aug. are 14% below the baseline as predicted in July. This is the first time since March that delay-corrected death data fell below the baseline. Excess death in the Mar.-Aug. 20 COVID-19 season may be over. A huge milestone!”


Dr. Levitt presents a lot of other useful virus-related information on this Twitter timeline, too, including important information about Sweden, which did not implement a nationwide lock-down but had a comparatively low number of deaths and never got above 60% ICU capacity for virus admissions (and why that was so).

This article from American Thinker on 6 September refers to CDC-generated provisional death count graphs and also opines that the pandemic is for all practical purposes over:

The peak death count for Americans under age 25 was 28 (for the week ending April 11) and has been under that number since.  Only a single death occurred in that age group during the latest reported week, and there were no deaths recorded in the 25–34 age group.

Virus epidemics behave differently from virtually all other diseases.  If you graphed timelines of the number of cancer deaths, fatal heart attacks, and fatal strokes, those timelines would be virtually flat.

Virus epidemics, however, have relatively short time profiles, like what we're seeing with COVID-19.  There's nothing unusual about the fact that the coronavirus death count is dying a natural death.  That should have been anticipated, and it should now be widely publicized.  Why are we pretending not to know this good news?  These facts are easy to find.  We ought to be celebrating as we did when WWII ended.

Isn’t it fascinating that there were almost no virus deaths of Americans under age 25, and yet Democrat-run school districts across the land have locked out children in favor of “virtual schooling?”

But there is much more virus-related information that has been squelched by the legacy media. From Renew America:

The vast majority of individuals tested for COVID-19 have been given what is called a PCR test whereby genetic matter is collected (via swabbing) and then sent to a laboratory. There, the matter is run through a series of amplification cycles that make the virus, should any be present at all, detectable.

Virologists and epidemiologists have long understood that the number of amplification cycles used for a given PCR test matters a great deal. Too few cycles and live viruses may escape detection, leading to a false negative. Too many cycles, on the other hand, will cause inactive viruses and genetic fragments to be over-amplified, thus leading to a false positive.

Guess which scenario has been playing out with regard to COVID-19 tests?

If you said that the number of amplification cycles being used to detect the so-called SARS-CoV-2 virus far exceed well-established scientific standards, you are correct!

The implications are profound! This means that there are MANY false-positive tests being reported. But there are more testing revelations in that Renew America article that is equally shocking:

    • On June 25, 2020, CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield estimated that among persons who have tested positive for COVID-19, those who have no symptoms outweigh those who are sick by a factor of roughly 10-1.
    • Two weeks earlier, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the World Health Organization’s Emerging Diseases Unit observed, “From the data we have, it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual. It’s very rare.”
    • Most recently, CDC reported that only 6% of the people who are being counted as a COVID-19 death was free of any comorbidities (that is, other likely causes of death like heart disease, cancer, respiratory disorders, etc.), while the other 94% had on average not just one, but 2.6 comorbidities!

The article further speculates that “upwards of 90% of alleged COVID positive cases are false; i.e., these persons, including those who allegedly died from the so-called novel coronavirus, never had an infectious disease due to SARS-CoV-2 in the first place.” That is simply incredible, but you would be hard-pressed to see those facts reported anywhere in the legacy media!

The final nail in the “testing coffin” was reported here at UncoverDC way back in early April when the PCR tests used to determine virus positives were first questioned by experts.

All in all, the rise in testing over the summer months equates to many false positives because the PCR test itself is a problem and also due to the excessive amplification cycles used by testers. The inflated number of positive tests results destroy the “Case-demic” statistics noted in that Veritas Media video that the media are using for fear-mongering purposes. Not only is the pandemic over, but there is no Case-demic, too!

Don’t be fooled by legacy media reports of “spiking COVID-19 cases.” Their sole purpose is to obfuscate the truth while keeping the US economy hamstrung by shutdowns. The Democrats are exploiting the virus for crass political reasons while destroying small businesses across the land because they know an economic resurgence hands the November elections to President Trump and the Republicans. It may soon be time to march on Blue state capitols with pitch forks in hand to force Democrat governors to open their states.


Stu Cvrk served 30 years in the US Navy in a variety of active and reserve capacities, with considerable operational experience in the Middle East and the Western Pacific. An oceanographer and systems analyst through education and experience, Stu is a graduate of the US Naval Academy, where he received a classical liberal education. This functions as the key foundation for his political commentary. He threads daily on Twitter on a wide range of political topics, such as the military, foreign policy, government, economics, and world affairs.

Twitter: @STUinSD

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