Idaho’s immunity legislation would set dangerous precedent – and remove legal protections

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  • 09/19/2023

Idaho's Governor Brad Little has called a special session of the state's part-time legislature, but there are caveats. Only the governor's agenda can be discussed, and he's not allowing any changes to the wording of his proposed bills except MINOR wording changes -- no substantive changes are allowed.

The main reason for the special session is immunity legislation: Immunity will be granted for government entities and organizations if they exercise "good faith," even if their actions cause people harm.

But there's a DANGEROUS backside: if businesses don't comply with questionable government edicts (which may also be unconstitutional), they won't be seen as acting "in good faith," and they'll be left out of receiving immunity - opening themselves up to multiple lawsuits.

This kind of legislation is dangerous for our Republic, and should not become law. In this show, Miste Karlfeldt, Director of Health Freedom Idaho discusses this issue with Daniel.

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Miste Karlfelldt is the Director of Health Freedom Idaho


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