Contact tracing and mandatory Covid testing are preventing people from choosing to have surgery — because they do not want their entire family quarantined for 14 days if the test comes back positive. Even if they KNOW they don’t have Covid, people do NOT trust the tests – nor the government.

In this brief update, Daniel reviews a comment posted by someone who is in a quandary: The person needs surgery, but doesn’t trust the tests NOR the government. As Daniel warned in his previous writings and podcasts, mandatory Covid testing can be used against people to confine them, even when it’s not warranted.

BTW, This topic has gotten the attention of The Powers That (ought not) Be. YouTube determined that this topic is “offensive to some viewers.” Daniel’s most recent podcast on Contact Tracing was flagged by YouTube as being offensive and inappropriate for viewers under 18. You can watch / listen and decide for yourself here:


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