Barr Appoints Third US Attorney to Investigate SpyGate

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  • 09/19/2023

United States Attorney General William Barr just appointed a third US Attorney to examine another branch of the massive and ever-growing SpyGate scandal.

Before we get to John Bash (US Attorney for the Western District of Texas) and what he’s been tasked by the Attorney General to investigate, let’s recap the other two investigations being led by US Attorneys that we already knew about:

In May 2019 Barr assigned John Durham, the US Attorney for Connecticut, to investigate how the RussiaGate Hoax was started at the FBI under James Comey and Andrew McCabe.

Durham has been tasked with discovering how:

  1. the FBI went about launching a counterintelligence sting targeting the Trump presidential campaign and
  2. the FBI bluffed its way to a FISA warrant that was granted and got renewed three times when it’s become increasingly clear there never was any evidence to support the FBI taking either of these actions.

Then in January of this year, Barr tapped the US Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri, Jeffrey Jensen, with going into the Washington DC US Attorney’s office as a Special Investigator. His task was to review the FBI and the Mueller Special Counsel’s handling of the false statement case targeting Lt. General Michael Flynn. I gave a review of all the strange twists and turns in this fascinating case in this column right here at Uncover DC

Jensen suddenly surfaced on April 24 to hand off sealed documents to Flynn’s defense attorney, Sidney Powell. Ever since those documents Jensen found inside the DC US Attorney’s office were unsealed, it has been one bombshell revelation after another. This has been going on for the past month.

Acting ODNI Richard Grenell, who just departed from that post to make way for the incoming John Ratcliffe, then got in on the act by suddenly declassifying and releasing several key SpyGate documents, including, at last, the Flynn/Kislyak phone call transcripts from December 2016. The transcripts showed exactly what many SpyGate researchers and investigators have long known: nothing.

There was literally nothing for the FBI to be interviewing Flynn about, as the entire “Logan Act” excuse was bogus from the start. The new disclosures lay bare the fact that a strategic leak of classified information was made to the Washington Post’s David Ignatius to hang a proverbial target on the General’s back.

A coordinated media pressure campaign immediately sprang into existence and built for two weeks before Andrew McCabe finally unleashed the hounds. He sent FBI agents Peter Strzok & Joseph Pientka to sit down for their ‘friendly interview’ with Flynn at the White House.

Attorney General Barr very publicly appointing Bash to examine all the unmasking’s of Flynn’s name by various Obama-era officials tells me that we’re now about to see the DOJ make the revelation at last of just who it was that made that criminal leak to the Washington Post.

The Mueller Special Council Joined A Criminal Conspiracy Already in Progress

The notes of former FBI Counterintelligence Director Bill Priestap, along with other documentary evidence declassified and unsealed in the Flynn case, now make it crystal clear- from the start the officials involved in this case knew it was about entrapping an innocent man.

But what about the Mueller Special Counsel? Did they know what the FBI had done?

The answer to that question is a resounding "yes" Recall where Special Investigator Jensen found these recently unsealed documents that exposed the plan to frame Flynn?

Jensen found them inside the Washington DC US Attorney’s office that the Mueller Special Counsel was working out of as it prosecuted this case. Every one of the documents bore the official stamp of the Mueller Special Counsel.

So, yes. Every member of the Mueller team knew about this. Bob Mueller had to know. So did his chief lieutenant, Andrew Weissman, the prosecutor who was directing most (if not all) of the Special Counsel’s strategy in the cases it was pursuing. The lead prosecutor of the case against General Flynn, Brandon Van Grack, must have known.

There is no way looking at these same FBI documents that everyone can now see that crack litigators like Mueller, Weismann, and Van Grack could fail to spot the obvious truth: that the FBI was framing this man. The FBI’s own documents and notes tell the story. There was no reason to keep the case open, so a criminal leak was made for strategic reasons to give the FBI an excuse to go have a ‘friendly interview’ with him.

The real purpose of the interview was to entrap Flynn in the appearance of improper conduct and then use that to get him fired from his job as President Trump’s NSA.

And Weismann and Van Grack had to have seen this.

So, from the moment the Crossfire Hurricane team handed off this false statement case to Weismann and Van Grack, and they took it and agreed to prosecute it, they were joining a criminal conspiracy. This is why when Devin Nunes says criminal referrals are going to be made involving members of the Mueller Special Counsel, he’s not bluffing. With three US Attorneys now digging into this SpyGate scandal, it is going to become increasingly difficult for the mainstream media to continue spinning the damning evidence that continues to surface.

This Wednesday morning, former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is scheduled to begin testifying to the Senate Intelligence Committee. The chairman of that committee, Senator Lindsey Graham [R-SC], has said the committee intends to vote on whether it will issue subpoenas to major SpyGate figures the following day, on Thursday, June 4.

That means a lot is riding on whatever it is that Rosenstein says the day before.

Whatever happens, SpyGate is not going away anytime soon.

Brian Cates entered the political arena in March 2012, following the death of Andrew Breitbart. He is currently a political columnist for The Epoch Times and UncoverDC. Brian is based in South Texas and is the author of: “Nobody Asked For My Opinion … But Here It Is Anyway!”

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