Yes, This Is Really Happening: Trump’s Poll Numbers Are Going Up

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  • 09/19/2023


In the fantastic sci-fi action film “The Matrix”, one of the key scenes involves Morpheus, a mysterious mentor figure, showing a young man named Neo what the Matrix really is.

Rumors abound regarding this mysterious and important Matrix, and Neo has been obsessively trying to discover the secret for some time. Now, having accepted the red pill from Morpheus and the two of them having gone into a sleep state to enter a computer simulation mimicking reality, he is ready to learn the true nature of the Matrix at last!

What Neo is then shown by Morpheus is so horrifying that his mind cannot take it. To be brief, what Neo is shocked to learn, is that much of the human race lives in a fake computer simulated world as their bodies have been turned into batteries to run the machines holding them captive.

Neo violently rejects what Morpheus has shown him, demanding to be let out of the computer simulation and back into the real world, where he quickly vomits and passes out.

Right now, as the leaders of the Democratic Party and the DNC Media Complex [but I repeat myself!] stare in disbelieving horror at President Donald J. Trump’s rising poll numbers, they are coming to understand what Neo felt in that terrifying moment he was confronted with the awful truth.

Yes, as incredible as this news might seem to some people, Trump’s approval rating is ticking upwards in the month of May.

The Hill/Harris X poll found Trump’s approval rating at 51% on May 12. Trump wasted no time tweeting it out himself to his 79.9 million followers on Twitter.

The Gallup poll just found it at 49%, which happens to be higher than where both Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush rated at the same point in their first terms.

Rasmussen is now the only polling company doing a daily tracking poll of President Trump’s approval rating. It also finds him with higher approval ratings than President Obama at this point. On May 15th Rasmussen’s polling found Trump at 49% approval, topping Obama’s 47% from May 15th 2012.

So right now, like Neo facing the truth of the machine world he had been living in all that time, Democrats are looking at these poll numbers and struggling to come to grips with their current desperate situation.

I suspect they’re telling themselves the same things repeatedly.

This can’t really be happening.  This can’t be real. This must NOT be real.

But it is real. And it is happening.

After the twin powers of the Democratic Party and the mainstream media mustered their combined might to throw everything they had in their arsenal at this guy over the past three months, frantically and endlessly selling the narrative that he had completely bungled his CCP Virus response and gotten untold thousands of Americans killed due to his stupidity and incompetence....

His poll numbers are going UP.

And they can’t be going up. It’s impossible. This cannot be.

They look away in disbelief, then look back again. But it’s true. The numbers say what they say.

And just think about this: the economy hasn’t even come roaring back to life yet, as Trump has repeatedly predicted it will. Imagine just how much higher his approval ratings will climb when that happens.

They Wrote A Different Script For 2020

The political elites had set the script 2020 was **supposed** to follow months ago.

The Ukraine impeachment farce was supposed to have weakened this President and made him extremely vulnerable. Then a black swan event of a worldwide pandemic unleashed on the world by China caused a massive crisis.

Democrats and their media allies ruthlessly and blatantly used the pandemic to attack Trump from every direction as he sought to guide the country through an unprecedented national emergency.

You must understand: Trump is supposed to have been destroyed by now, his chances at reelection forever lost.

He’s supposed to have approval numbers in the high 20’s at best, an increasingly unpopular President under siege, despised and loathed from sea to shining sea.

By the time November arrived, Trump was supposed to be dead-on-arrival as far as his chances of getting reelected were concerned.

After impeachment fizzled, the combined might and influence of the top Democrats in Congress, the news media, Hollywood, academia, it was all focused and centered like a laser for one purpose: keep Donald Trump from being reelected.

This is THE most important script the supposedly powerful American Left had ever written. So much is riding on it being followed to the letter. And the pandemic gave them an important chapter in that script, one they labored to take full and complete advantage of when it came to destroying one Donald John Trump.

But the script the elites so painstakingly wrote isn’t being followed. They’re suddenly having to confront that they can’t change the outcome because their powers to shape and influence events has been lost.

To put in the parlance of contemporary pop culture, as Austin Powers lamented in the film “The Spy Who Shagged Me”, they’ve lost their mojo.

It is Donald Trump’s script for 2020 that’s unfolding, and not that of the political elite class.

And there’s nothing they can do about it. Their mojo is gone and it’s not coming back.

They finally were dealing with someone who knew how to rob them of all their illusionary powers and expose them.

By relentlessly trying to destroy Trump...they’ve destroyed themselves.

Brian Cates entered the political arena in March 2012, following the death of Andrew Breitbart. He is currently a political columnist for The Epoch Times and UncoverDC. Brian is based in South Texas and is the author of: “Nobody Asked For My Opinion … But Here It Is Anyway!”

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